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Tom Butler-Bowdon success classics. Many members experienced dramatic turnarounds: unexpected raises, promotions, debts paid - yet what struck Ponder was how many people wondered whether it was 'right' to seek prosperity i. Ponder responded to the first question by making a distinction: Mammon is wealth that is worshipped for its own sake; it is wealth without God.

Prosperity thinking, on the other hand, puts God first as the source of our supply.

Top 7 Basic Rules for Financial Prosperity

She agreed that Jesus had told a wealthy man to go and sell everything he had, but it was because he was still attached to his riches; he did not yet recognise God as the source of his supply. Following is a sample of her ideas.

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You can, therefore, literally see your way to success. When you create prosperous images from scratch, don't be 'reasonable', think big. Project thoughts of increase onto others, and you will find that they do prosper in health and monetary terms. Send positive thoughts to those who you are in conflict with, and watch them soften their stance. That this could work may at first seem incredible, but is simply an extension of the 'speaking well of others' that you were taught to do as a child.

Ponder tells of a man who "dared to write out hundreds of times how he wished things to be, rather than fretting about how they appeared at the moment. Desires are healthy, Ponder says - they are like God knocking upon the door of our mind, the means by which we can develop our full potential. You cannot expect to be successful, Ponder says, when you "idly drift in a stream of small events and small expectations. You must be specific about what you want and when exactly you would like to achieve it, because the fuel of the imagination is detail. There is a phrase, 'Fortune favors the bold'.

Life does seem to clear a path for those who know what they want. Nature respects purpose. Other very important reasons to Pay Yourself First:. Keep track of all your expenses. At present, the best and simple way to do this is by writing in an excel all your expenses and then putting this excel in onedrive. In this way you will have the excel everywhere you are mainly either at work or at home so you can quickly update it. This rule is again understood poorly. Three aspects will clarify this:. Learn to invest and actually, invest. What investments should you have:.

In investments is good to learn all that you can about compounding effect. This is related to how money grow when you invest on the long term. Besides this, there are two very important rules to consider in investments:.

Top 7 Basic Rules for Financial Prosperity

An investment is something that makes money to you. Very few people actually understand this. People say: the best investment that I could ever make is to myself. Then they go and buy all kind of stuff for themselves like clothes, subscriptions to gym, food, training etc. If you say you invest in yourself, but you do not produce more money or you do not produce money at all , then you are not investing in yourself. When you pay for a training an online course lets say and in the next year your income is not growing, then you did not invest in yourself. That training will always remain a cost for you, it is not an investment.

Before you make an investment, you need to be able to say approximately how much increase in your cash you expect this to bring you. Otherwise, it is not an investment, it is only a normal cost. In the medium to high-risk investments always only invest the money you are willing to loose. Never invest the money that you are not willing to loose when dealing with investments that are evaluated as having medium to high risk.

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  8. Manage the risk and keep it as safe as you can keep it. Invest less. Then you can invest more, but only if again you are willing to loose your next investment. Always keep track of your net wealth. Make a monthly computation for example on 20th of every month of your net wealth. Net wealth equals assets minus liabilities.

    To better understand net wealth consider the following formula: the current value of all things that you own you need to check if you are able to sell your properties if there is a market for your items minus all your debts. Because prosperity is the accumulation of wealth. Wealth is actually net wealth. When you create mental pictures of health, wealth and happiness, you are not trying to change the laws of nature, but instead fulfilling your unique promise to bring these things into being.

    According to the law of attraction, whatever you put your attention on through thought or desire becomes reality. Deciding to elevate your mood or feeling in each moment is vital for increasing your vibration, which in turn attracts things, people and feelings of a like vibration. If low on funds, praise and bless whatever you have, and imagine it growing larger.

    Blessing what we have and blessing what others have puts the law of increase into motion. Gratitude is the key to an abundant life, because it puts us in a state of mind that attracts even more of what we are grateful for. Love, appreciation and thanks are the essence of prosperity. It is right to become a giver, but we must also learned to be good receivers. The foundation of a prosperous life combining material wealth, health and mental well being is personal character, formed from self-control and cultivation of virtue.

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    Definiteness of purpose is essential to the success of the wealth creator. A clear purpose enables you to see setbacks as temporary, banishes fear and doubt, and inspires the help of others. Putting in a extraordinary effort with no guarantee of gain is the basis of most great fortunes. Whatever you do, provide or create, make sure you do it in an outstanding way. The fear of failure or embarrassment is the greatest obstacle to achieving wealth. Fear puts a brake on action, yet if you are not willing to fail you will forever be bound in circumstances that involve little risk.

    With little risk there are only small rewards. It is easy to blame people or events when things are not going smoothly, but the enlightened wealth creator seeks only to learn in every situation.

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    Thinking big is the basis of all great enterprises and fortunes. We are constantly thinking, therefore it takes no more effort to think big instead of small. Wealth flows to the person who has a high toleration for uncertainty or disappointment. Handle disappointment well, and you will make more attempts to achieve your goals.

    By the law of averages, where others have given up you will succeed. Wealth-minded people do not try to avoid risk or complexity.

    Do You Want To Be Rich? Think Like A Jew

    They even embrace large problems because they know that solving them can produce great value. Providence moves all for the person who determines to stick it out, doing that they can to make a venture work. The half-hearted achieve half-success or failure.

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    4. Choose your vocation wisely. The seed of entrepreneurship is a wish to be in control of our own destiny. If you think you see the future, act on it. Hunches based on in-depth knowledge are usually right.

      Reaching Life Goals

      If something captures your imagination, chances are it will capture that of others too. Everything that you see around you, someone has made a fortune from it. On entering any new field or an industry, aim to really shake it up and provide new value.