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Any of the following situations may trigger a temporary return to, or worsening of, the symptoms of post-acute withdrawal syndrome:. There is little in the way of specific therapy for PAWS. Mindful Awareness Practice is likely to be helpful as well. In review, neuroplasticity is the phenomenon whereby during the development of a new maladaptive behavior, such as the repeated use of a mind-altering substance, the repeated and habitual use of the substance leads to changes in the brain.

Neuroplasticity also aids in the reverse process, which is good news. Once you have become abstinent from the mind-altering substance via your new behaviors, thoughts and feelings, the brain will rewire itself back to, or nearly to, your pre-addicted state. Thus, it is likely that PAWS is due to that very rewiring of the neural circuitry. Remember, neurons that fire together wire together. PAWS is just a temporary set of symptoms, which you can accept, knowing that it is merely evidence that your brain is healing.

Bill Abbott and Suzy W. Thankyou VERY much for taking the time to write this article. Articles like yours give me a better opportunity to acknowledge, accept, and stay the course. I am 5 months and 9 days sober. PAWS started for me 2 months 10 days. Symptoms are now not as intense and different symptoms come and go however, I am far from happy and have a constant underlying sunkeness feeling inside me of depression, ground hog day, everyday the same.

Recovery from this is at snails pace. I had never even heard of this syndrome. Now I might have an explanation for some things I have been asked about.

Feeling Like You Are Going Crazy - Anxiety Symptoms

Or at least a place to start learning. This sounds like an enourmously difficult diagnosis to make. Thanks for bringing this to more attention. I have relapsed due to PAWS as I was not aware of the condition and thought the feelings were my new normal and I struggled living with that. I had acute withdrawals for much longer than most but now have daily symptoms to those you described above. Some days are better than others but mornings seem to be the worst.

I do wish there was more attention given in researching and understanding PAWS as this seems like the hardest part as it seems like there is no near term end in sight. Thanks again. Thanks for the response. Keep up the great work! Hi this is very interesting, I have 10yrs sober as of May. Is it possible to still have PAWS? Thankyou for any information.

Feeling anxious at times is perfectly normal and actually a sign of good health

Off of heroine 15 days without sleep my body is shutting down, how long will this last? Please help. I have been through short as well as long term PAWS. There is a rainbow at the end of this phase of recovery. To anyone suffering this condition…. Thank you for taking the time to shed light on this subject. The physical symptoms are pretty much gone except for not being able to sleep.

All I think about is how much better I would feel if I could get some Dilaudid! Thank you for this information. I am 26 days clean, after 15 years of heavy opioid use. I, too, am all alone out here. But, I am certain that this too will pass. I actually slept for almost four hours last night. PAWS sucks. Besides not sleeping, I am easy to anger and really want to hit something. I am about 30 days off of 25 years of heavy oxy. I broke my spine and the pain is unbearable but opiates were screwing up my brain.

I am also in PAWS and cant sleep much and have zero strength in my legs and energy. Its a worry and often I wonder if I should just go back on the oxy? I wont but I cant keep up my large property and live alone. Its a worry for sure Stay strong brother. Anxiety, heart racing, panic attacks. Paws explains so much. March 15 was my last day in detox coming off opioids again from 12 years of using.

This was the first time in 12 years I went to a supervised detox facility. I wish I went sooner. Totally skips the 1st week of hell! I went right to a addiction recovery center by me. On the 25th of March I still tested positive for methodone which was used for detoxing. It is staying in my body longer than usual. Not sure why. I am experiencing all levels of PAWS except suicidal thoughts.

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Is it cheating or going backwards if I switched to suboxone??? Thanks for reading. Methadone takes at least 30 days to detox from because it goes deep into your core, even into your bone marrow. Clonidine was my best friend detoxing from methadone, but then I learned it was my enemy. You gain a physical dependency on that as well, if taken longer than 2 weeks.

It took me another 30 days to wean myself off of that. And those withdrawal symptoms are like no other because it increases your blood pressure. Many times, mine sky-rocketed till I was almost in hypertension. After detoxing for over 60 days total, I lost nearly 20 lbs, but quickly gained it back once my stomach returned to some normalcy. Now, I feel anxiety the same time everyday, feeling depressed over my weight gain, but have no motivation or will to do anything.

My energy is completely drained. The tiredness and no energy is killing me. Will I ever want to work and do stuff again???

Then at least 6 months to a year of paws withdrawal. I was given suboxone at very high doses by a doctor who was an idiot, so I just weaned myself down. I would ask her to lower dose and shed send in the same max dosage, so I had roughly 2 years worth of them saved up at the low dose I was at.

I ended up leaving the clinic abruptly and entered a med mj program, which did help, but made some symptoms worse occasionally. Fast forward, I weaned myself down to. However, I had begun feeling withdrawal symptoms even while taking the suboxone long, long before that, so it was either let my body recover, or face the prospect of almost daily withdrawal symptoms on a substance that was supposed to eliminate them. I cant stress th is enough.

Any longer than maybe a month or two and your body just becomes addicted to that instead. You can use it for a few weeks just tot get you through while lowering the dose, then just jump off. Do not become complacent and stay on it just because it seems to help. It has long term consequences, and I found it killed my sex drive and made the world seem less bright and vivid. While you wont necessarily feel paws while on it, it definately kills any pleasure you may feel in life. While paws sucks, it is temporary. This is all temporary. Keep telling yourself that. And going back just for a small relief is only setting yourself back.

Living with the Fear of “Going Crazy”

I learned this the hard way! Also, the methadone is not staying longer than usual. It has an extremely long half life of I believe 2 or 3 days and therefore can take 5x that to exit the body completely. You would have to look it up and do the math. It is considered by many to be the most risky and worse of the two maintenance meds to start and get stuck on. Thank you so much for posting this article! I was on prescription opioids for only about 8 months, but, at times in the hospital was on dilaudid every 4 hours, Percocet every 4 hours, and a fentanyl patch.

I weaned off of the pain meds or so I thought after lowering the dose to four 7. I discontinued use about 2 months ago, and felt fine until about a week ago. I returned to work, and I am having the worst time concentrating, and tasks that were once routine now give me extreme anxiety. Thank you again! I captain doing benzos for 27 years. I never knew it would be so detrimental to my health my mental health. Almost a year ago my house burned down with everything I own inside. It was the most devastating day of my life. And then the nightmare started. Literally living out of plastic shopping bags.

In less than 2 weeks I have to find another place to live, my options are running out. I want to go to sleep and stay that way until this whole thing is over. Can you go to ER for depression? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Jeanette, if you are feeling hopeless you must talk to your doctor immediately. As for your insurance problems, you need an attorney.

It CAN get better! I am in so much pain and have had multiple anxiety attacks at work already today all before noon. I was placed in the hospital once for telling someone I wanted to kill myself at the same time I told her that, truthfully, it is something I would NOT do but I needed to let her know my feelings she was my therapist but she said she was required to report it and now I have a file with the state which will disclose that at any time. But wanted to. Just wanted to end this…. Nothing is gonna be same again. Hi Savana, if you need someone to talk to, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at any time by calling We wish you well!

We wish you lots of of luck! Amber, my heart goes out to you especially, because my daughter is also 15, and I have been that age too, of course, last century. It honestly means a lot to me that maybe at lest someone understands how I feel and can relate, i pray that I can return to my happy state of mind soon.

I thought I was strong. I thought I was smart…turns out it was all artificial. She just makes it based on what evolution gave her. I apologize for rambling and not making sense…I just wanted to get this thought out. Thanks for this forum and thanks for reading. I feel the same as a lot of people on here, I can honestly say i wish i was dead but dont feel suicidal its weird. If i wanted to kill myself there is tons of ways, i have never acted on them but every night i go to bed and pray i dont wake up in the morning,.

Been suffering terrible anxiety and depression since my husbands death 10 yrs ago — trying to take care of everything — the last year or so it is worse — feeling exhausted all the time no matter how much sleep I get, pain everywhere, thinking negative , lost weight. I am in a state in which I am dead inside already. Nothing seems to bother me anymore.

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I did wrong on my own and there is no light I can see. Javi, I understand! I no longer could function.

My mental break caused my son to move out of state because he could no longer watch me destroy my life. My husband was in the process of divorcing me. I felt nothing. You doctor, your friends and family too. Even if your not suicidal; there are many online support groups- seek them out!

Believe it or not… there is light! And no matter what wrong you have done… forgive yourself.

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I send you much love during this struggle. But I am alone , lost , scared to do some every day life things for myself , scared of succeeding scared of failing!!!! Nobody seems to care , not my brothers, sisters, not my children!!! I had one chance at happiness and God took him from me my fiance was killed 2 years ago!!! I feel as though many of you are talking about me. I have felt this way most of my life. This past year I got help with therapy and medication but still I find myself thinking it would be so nice to just not wake up in the morning.

For many many years I lied to myself and others that I was okay, that the fact that inside myself I did not feel how I should was nothing to worry about. I kept going on and playacting at being the person I was expected to be, the loving wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, coworker etc. Then my husband got sick and things just kept getting worse after that. For 4 years I tirelessly helped my husband, children and family to keep going on day after day.

Then one day I reached a point where I just could not go any further. Its been hell ever sense and most days I feel alone in a daily battle to keep myself alive. My whole life is falling apart. Husband without a job. I work my behind off and do extra, help colleagues that struggle.

Saw my doctor and he just doubled my mees. Not helping. I feel totally overwhelmed by everything and feel like crying all the time. No medical aid means treatment is impossible. No way out. Hi Jasmine, thank you for you comment. Do you have a parent, teacher, doctor or other adult that you can speak with?