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warts and all

Fr William Grimm International July 10, Legend has it that when his portrait was being painted, Cromwell ordered the artist -- Sir Peter Lely -- not to use the flattering conventions of portraitists of the time. The portrait survives, and indeed it does not flatter Cromwell: there is a big wart on his chin. It is probably true that Lely was told by Cromwell to paint an honest picture, since he would not have done so without specific orders. When painting rulers in those days, an artist with an eye to future jobs would usually make his subjects look much better than they actually were.

warts and all

It is less sure whether the words attributed to Cromwell are an actual quote, but it is said that his instructions were: "Paint me as I am, warts and all! Every person, every institution in the world has warts, unattractive aspects of one kind or another. The Church is no exception.

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Gospel Reflection with Father Bill Grimm When the Lord calls us, it is because he wants a response in action from us now.

Indian cardinal reinstated but financial restrictions remain Cardinal George Alencherry was removed after some priests claimed his selling of church land cost archdiocese millions. They show up on your fingers, your face, your feet and even your family jewels.

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Every Halloween, they also tend to show up on your front porch, as part of a traditional witch costume. Those bedeviling skin bumps known as warts have plagued human beings not to mention pigs, horses and cows for generations. In fact, the ancient Roman physician Celsus wrote about three different varieties of warts including genital in 25 A. Transmitted from person to person, often through a break in the skin, warts can be picked up like any common virus, although many people have a natural immunity.

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We think there is some genetic predisposition where some people can fight off the wart better than others. Some cause cervical cancer, skin cancer and genital warts; others are responsible for benign skin warts. Most wart sufferers have verruca vulgaris, or common warts, which usually grow on fingers, hands, knees and elbows and are easily recognized by their cauliflower texture and dome shape.

Other varieties include verruca plantaris plantar warts which grow on the bottom of the foot and can be quite painful; verruca plana flat warts which are smaller, smoother, and more numerous and are usually found on the legs and face; periungual warts which grow around or under the nail, and filiform warts, which typically appear as a single long stalk, often on the face.

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But Hema Sundaram, a Washington D. As a result, old women were viewed with fear.