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The real role of the CSO is to be that communication link to the board room.

Point-Counterpoint: When should we start caring about debt?

To which I say, huh? You want to take issues as granular as patching and security alerts to the board? And CIOs are sacrificing security — the lack of which, as the past few weeks have shown, can get them fired — in favor of reliability? Their job is provide both … to handle more than one thing at once … like networks and databases and application development … and so on. We want to be the first people you call with security questions, not the last ones.

Equally important, he insists, is the need for IT to understand potential threats in each area. If he reported to the equivalent of a CEO on the board, it would be Gov. Rick Snyder. Now, Snyder was once an executive vice-president with computer manufacturer Gateway, and unlike most governors, has IT experience. But is that where decision-making should reside?

In the city of Galveston, Texas opted out of Social Security; allowing the city workers to receive retirement and disability benefits through personal accounts. The next example goes to the Chilean government which has completely privatized Social Security. In a study, it was seeing benefits averaging 75 percent greater than the prior publicly funded administration.

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Their system offers benefits for partial disability that helps disadvantaged people remain in the workforce! The U.

2019 Changes to Social Security

Destitute people aside, a very disturbing report from the Tribune News Service, posted June 30, in the AARP Bulletin Today, alarmingly states that the Social Security Administration is paying millions of dollars in benefits to dead Americans and says that other old people are at risk of losing life saving funds because they are being incorrectly recorded as being deceased. Federal investigators, last year in California, found Social Security recipients on record as dead when they were very much still alive.

Representative Jim Costa D-Calif. The report notes that other congressional offices have periodically faced the identical issue. Other individuals told investigators that they needed proof for the local SSA offices that they were, in fact, alive before their benefits could restart! In April of , 6, Social Security beneficiaries whose master files had them classified as dead someone, certainly alive had been cashing the Social Security checks until The assessment now can be seen as a system that was crafted for all the right reasons, but, without variation, is influencing people to maximize its utility by irrationally rewarding families who turn over their elderly members to public care and penalize, through taxation, those families providing informal care.

Moral considerations notwithstanding, the unsustainable economic impact upon our nation will not long endure without non-partisan political agreement that we have a good model for social security but the one we have now is in dire need of reformation.

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Biggs, A. The Promise of Privatization. Rebinding the Generations. Social Security Benefits: Application in Divorce. Doyle, M.

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Social security audit finds dead people getting checks. Social Security Online: History. Levy, R.

The Lock Box and Other Delusions. Liberty State Park. The New Colossus. Our Documents. Social Security Act Sloan, A.

Waters, M. Large corporations and even the U. The Common Core State Standards have called for increased rigor and levels of critical thinking in the classroom, and students need to develop digital skills to function in the world. What better way to achieve these goals than to turn hacking into a problem-solving endeavor? This is exactly the type of lifelong learning skill we want them to develop and apply with purpose.

Besides, regardless of how many layers of security we install, the complexity of the passwords we require for profile removal, or the control we think we have over devices, our students will find the loopholes. Adults are afraid to touch buttons that will have unknown consequences.


Students are not. Adults take great pains to bar all the doors. Students will point out the window that we neglected. The key to what happens next lies in our response as educators. Do we treat hacking as a heinous evil and punish students for their curiosity and problem-solving prowess?