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Simple Chaim (Legends of the Lamed-Vav Book 1)

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Birchot ha'avot, birchot Moshe, Birchat kohanim Yes, of course, all brachot come from G-d, but He channels them through tzaddikim who follow, and therefore represent, His will; this helps us identify who "He" is. See sefer Hachinuch on birchas kohanim. There is also a concept of even birchat hedyot.

I don't understand this one yet, but we I trust that for this - as for all genuine Torah concepts - there is an explanation. The rest -- anyone could claim them. The hilarious part about it is that every word of the "ad" even Rav Eliyashiv's "appraisal" of Rabbi Slifkin that "he could be one of the lamed vav tzaddikim! I love it! By all means run it.

Those who get it will love it too, and maybe some who don't will be roped in The earlier version of the post this morning had Darwin's picture without the photoshopped shtreimel. You'll regret it. After giving out Brachot for 72 hours non-stop - and the line is no shorter - you'll wish you'd never thought of this.

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  4. Make sure to get a good Gabbai Rebbe, the way your writings saved me and so many others from going OTD can truly rival the greatest of Hassidic legends. I am so looking forward to saving holy crumbs from your Five Towns tish. Unfortunately there is a certain amount of darkhe ha Emori sorcery making its way into Judaism;just listen to this person advocating necromancy!

    I don't agree that he is advocating practicing necromancy--this is admittedly an anti-Maimonidean position as per Hilchos Avodah Zarah, , that these occult arts are actually effective, and can give partially true information, but the Torah nonetheless forbids them. Does any one realize that Rebbe Nosson Note was thrown into the Kivshan Haesh, and emerges hurting but unscathed?

    Though some people would advance this post as evidence that I was indeed scathed. I first read you books in the home of a Jerusalem mekubbal. I don't know if he'd bought them on purpose of just had them, but we both agreed that we felt great Yirat Shmayim and appreciation for Hazal in everything you wrote. Imagine my surprise and dismay when I discovered that not everyone shared my perceptions. But as for me, I thank you for a great service and job well done. While you point out some interesting, if debatable issues in this and the previous blog, you do so with a sledge-hammer, thereby losing the desired effect.

    My point is, A camel is "a horse designed by a committee" Eh, you guys do realize the "Rebbe" in the pic is none other than Darwin, right? No way you're right that is Darwin! Nice job photoshopping the shtreimel, I did not recognize him!!! I'm embarrassed by how long it took me to figure out what this whole thing was.