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With clonic spasms averse to light and company visions as if persecuted Hyoscyamus. Exaltation and melancholy, alternate Stramonium. Evening, indisposed to everything in the Sulphur. Anger, ailments from, also fright Arnica, bad effects of violence and Bryonia, :. Fear of death, thinks she is going to die Actaea rac. China, of dogs and other animals at night of death, fears to go to bed Lachesis. See Arsenicum. Pulsatilla, Baryta carb. Grasping of hand towards nose, ears, etc. Gastric symptoms from cerebral irritation. Erroneous ideas thinks she is some one else moves to edge of bed to make room imagines animals are lying near her, which she fears she may hurt during ;.

Hurried manner; desire to do something, and yet :. Singing followed by weeping and loud screaming, with gasping for breath Hypericum. Changeable disposition, jesting and laughing, changing to sadness ing. Indisposed to everything, work, talking or motion, evenings Sulphur. Inclined to dwell on unpleasant things.

Likes to dwell on past unpleasant occurrences: Natrum mur. Ideas, flow slow Carbo veg. Idleness through the afternoon, does not really get to work;. Indisposed to exertion of any kind Colchicum. Hesitates at trifles, timidity Graphites. Peevish: Aconitum, Alumina, Calcarea carb. Anger, with habitual malicious spiteful disposition after anger, chilliness, alternating with heat, vomiting of bile and thirst.

Great laziness and aversion to occupy oneself: Nux vom. Petroleum, inclined to be, and scold Helonias, Iris, Capsicum, offended easily disposed. Jealousy: Apis, Hyoscyamus, Lachesis, Ignatia. Jaw hangs down, hands and feet twitch, eyes. Lose themselves, well-known streets seem strange, way home too long forgets on which side she lives Glonoine. Mania, following disappearance of neuralgia Actsea rac.

Cantharides ; cannot bear to be alone, runs about rage or proud, haughty Platinum , or merry exaltation Stramonium. Music causes weeping and trembling of the.

Mirror or anything bright excites convulsions Stramonium. Mental symptoms appear after physical symptoms disappear, and vice versa Platina. Mental excitement": Tartaricus emet, Camphora. Aconitum, Ailanthus, Ambra, Anacarnit. See Lith:. Anacardium, Sulphur, Lithium carb. See Nitri ac. Viola od. Absence of mind: Aconitum, Agnus, Ammonium carb.

Bovista, Cannabis ind. Absence of mind thoughts wander from their object and dwell on images and fancies Arnica, ;. Recollection difficult: Anacardium. Destructive mood Mercurius prot. Weeping, gloomy fears to go to sleep Nux mosch. Sentimental Psorinum. Dulness with every headache; worse from bodily exertions; better from cold washing from mental occupa-. Imperious manner, scolds, Sighing, depressed, sleepy.

Pupils dilated in coma and spasm Stramonium, Gelsemium. Physical suffering, not the least anxious in midst, in threatened suffocation. Reprimanded, on being, pupils dilate immediately: Stramonium. Stubborn, inclined to find fault and scold Nux vom. Screams in meningitis and hydrocephalus howls violently Ipecacuanha. Sings involuntarily on hearing a single note sung, laughs at herself, but sings again Crocus.

Stupid, unconscious Stramonium. Spasms, coma, later snoring, unconscious Snoring Stramonium, Opium. Shunning everybody, quiet Thuya. Swallowing difficult of liquids Stramonium. Scrupulous about least thing Thuya. Silent, but if irritated scolds, calls names :. She does not speak a word declines answering questions likes sympathy Arnica.

Talkative, then mute Belladonna. Answers short Cicuta. Reluctant answering Mancinella. Gives answers wholly irrelevant to questions put to him: :. Unwilling to answer; says yes or no with difficulty; pulse very small and frequent: Sulphuricum ac. Disinclined to talk, worse on waking in the morning Thuya. Passes quickly from one subject to another Lachesis. Intellect confused, replies incoherently: Valeriana. Omits words, writing or speaking while writing: Benzoicum ac, Rhododendron, :. Writes wrong words or same word twice Calcarea phos.

Makes mistakes in writing Cannabis sat. Says one thing for another when speaking Cannabis sat. Chooses wrong expressions or misplaces them China. Says words not intended, forerunner of apoplexy Cannot find the right word Dulcamara. Haunted by a disposition to suicide: Capsicum. Inconsolable anxiety, even to suicide compelled to jump out of bed wants to destroy himself, but lacks courage Fretful. Anguish about the heart, even to suicide Pulsatilla.

See Belladonna, Helleborus, Silicea. Wishes to drown himself: Silicea, Rhus tox. Thinks himself well Kreosotum. Talked to, cannot bear to be Hyoscyamus. Trifles make him angry :. Thinking, Thoughts, etc. Oxalicum ac. Thoughts which he cannot get rid of they constantly reappear :. Short time seems too long to her Nux mosch. Exaggeration of duration of time and extent of space; a few :. Whines, but knows not why Hyoscyamus. Wild feeling in head Lilium tig. Weeping mood, dejection, anxiety Actaea rac. Weeping, excessive, and lamentations over trifles trembles; does not know what to do :.

Spongia, Sulphuricum disposition to feels like crying all the time, but crying makes her worse all. Desire Kobaltum. Borax, Illicium, Mercurius, Nux vom. Arsenicum, Phosphorus, Graphites, tubercles and vesicles, painful yellow bright tip and edges red : Mercurius iod. Leptandra down the centre , Lycopodium and cracked , Mercurius sol, Nux vom. Blue: Carbo veg. See Tip and Edges. Apis dirty, dry , Belladonna with red edges, or two white stripes , Gelsemium red margin , Petroleum and a dark streak along edges , Stra-.

Arsenicum red edges , Cantharides red edges , Chelidonium yellow, with red margin , China dirty , Chininum sulph. Darted out: Lycopodium and oscillating to and Darting: Aranea dia. Denuded: Cuprum ars. Oxalicum ac, Sulphuricum ac. Cyclamen from blisters , Dulcamara paralysis , Gelsemium, Hyoscyamus paralysis , Kali brom.

Drawing in Castoreum towards throat, also jerking. Drawn: Arsenicum together , Plumbum to the left , Tarantula :. Edges, blisters on Apis, Capsicum stinging , Carbo an. Plumbum, Pulsatilla, Zincum. Aconitum, Belladonna forepart, also cold :. Hydrocyanicum ac. Psorinum tip , Sanguinaria Veratrum vir. Flabby: Chininum sulph. Foul Arsenicum, Cannabis ind. Froth, covered with Plumbum. Fungoid surfaces Benzoicum ac. Furred Arsenicum thickly , Belladonna and dry or white palate ,.

Green Nitri ac. Gray Arsenicum, Belladonna, Chelidonium, Mercurius :. Hanging out of mouth Stramonium swollen. Hard Argentum nit. Anacardium, Belladonna, Carbo veg. Dulcamara paralysis , Hyoscyamus paralysis , Kali brom. Sulphuricum ac. Immovable Aurum met. Alumina must scratch , Castoreum 5 p. Castoreum towards throat, also drawing. Knotty Carbo an. Lame: Dulcamara, Euphrasia and stiff" , Hydrocyanicum. Aconitum, Arsenicum, Colchicum, Croton tig. Mezereum, Rhus ven. Milky Antimonium crud. Motion, constant: Aconitum, Opium, Stramonium pale difficult.

See Difficult To Move. Helleborus, Lycopodium to and Antimonium tart. See Trembling. Aranea partial , Belladonna, Baryta carb. Apis stinging , Capsicum stinging , Belladonna burning , Lycopodium, Nux vom. Gelsemium veryHydrodifficult , difficult, can cyanicum ac. Helleborus dry , Hyoscyamus, Kali bich. Natrum ars. See Strawberry margin. Rhagades: Magnesia mur. Rolled around in mouth: Nux mosch.

Root aching: Sulphur worse towards evening , brown: Paris a. Phytolacca, if something had lodged there Benzoicum ac, Lycopodium. Rough: Alumina, Anacardium as a grater , Angustura, Argensensation, as. Aconitum middle , Alumina, Ptelea, Thuya. Dulcamara, Laurocerasus dry , Lycopodium smoking , Mercurius sol. Hydrocyanicum ac Aconitum in middle , Apis, Belladonna forepart , Natrum mur. Aconitum, Apis, Arsenicum, Croton tig. China when talking. Drosera right side , Ipecacuanha. Ignatia when talking, or chewing.

Bryonia Alb- Bryonia- Bry: Homeopathic Remedy For Practitioner Part1 (Synonyms, Generalities & Mind)

Glonoinum left in a spot , Mercurius burning , Natrum carb. See Edges. Slimy Chelidonium, Psprinum thick, whitish-yellow slime. Smarting Baptisia, Calcarea ost. Fluoricum ac, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Mercurius corr. Chamomilla, Secale projecting from mouth and forcing it between the teeth , muscles Argentum nit. Lachesis, Mercurius. Spots: Arsenicum burning like fire , Cuprum ars. Sticky: Berberis, Carbo veg. Lachesis and black , Laurocerasus and swollen, left side , Lycopodium and dry, a. Aconitum, Apis, Eupatorium purp.

Aloes fine, from behind forward, in under part, when moving it , Baptisia, Calcarea ost. Glonoinum, Helleborus, Kalmia, Kali bich. Aconitum, Actaea rac, Apis, Belladonna, Calcarea phos. Lycopodium, Mercurius sol, Merstiff , Oxalicum ac. Thrust backward Opium See Oscillating. Aconitum, Alumina, Secale painful , Zincum. Tip, blotches, purple on brown Dioscorea and sore, worse a m. Mezereum, Phosphorus. Arsenicum, Belladonna light , Cyclamen with burning blisters , Fluoricum ac. Cuprum acet.

Tough mucus on Phosphoricum ac. Psorinum deep , Silicea on right border, eating into it, and discharging much pus. See Covered With Ulcers. Unctuous Opium. See Greasy. Lycopodium burning , Manganum acet. Weakness, paralytic Belladonna. White Aconitum, yEsculus, Agaricus a. Glonoinum no coating , Nux vom. Cina, Fluoricum ac, Mercurius iod. Wrinkled Calcarea phos.

Bearing down, constant, strong retained placenta Secale. Burning in uterine region, alternating with pains in the limbs, :. Cramplike affections during pregnancy Millefolium. Cutting pains through abdomen labor pains distressing and effectual Phosphorus.

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Distended Aconitum, China. Peritonitis, pelvic, menorrhagia accompanying puerperal, excessive heat, anxiety, tendency to syncope, red formation of pus face, especially of one cheek :. Apis, Argentum nit. Aconitum, Actaea rac, Apis, Arnica, Asarum europ. Threatened with breathing rapid bruised feeling. Compare also hemorrhage Hemorrhage.

Aching when empty, must compress with hand Borax. Atrophy: Conium, Kreosotum, Nitri ac, Nux mosch. Bleeding easily; cancer mammae, with sharp, lancinating pains: Phosphorus. Bluish, with blackish streaks: Lachesis. Hepar s. Graphites, Cancer :. Discharge of clots of milk and pus Rhus tox. Distended painfully with milk Actaea rac. Dwindling away: Conium, Kreosotum, Nitri ac, Nux mosch. Hardness: Apis, Bryonia, Carbo an. Heavy: Bryonia. Herpes on breasts of nursing women: Dulcamara. Induration: Cistus can.

Helonias, Silicea. Aceticum ac, Actaea rac, Pain: Apis, Argentum nit. Actaea rac, Apis, Arsenicum, Calcarea phos. Mercurius, Pulsatilla, Sanguinaria, Silicea, Zincum. Conium, Zincum. Croton tig. Swollen, with pain from nipple to scapula shoulders, neck, of chest, muscles with rheumatic pain to :. During convulsions, puerperal Hyoscyamus. Blood and water ooze from navel of newborn Abrotanum. Breasts very tender to touch Chamomilla. Breathlessness of newborn Aconitum, Opium.

Convulsions of newborn Camphora. Fever of newborn: Aconitum, Camphora. Marasmus of newborn Aceticum ac, Argentum Icterus of. Moles and varicose protuberances on the heads of. Ophthalmia of newborn Aconitum. Pale, newborn Aconitum. Pulseless, newborn Purplish, newborn Aconitum. Refuse mother's milk Calcarea phos.

Umbilicus open, urine oozes through Hyoscyamus. Urine retained Benzoicum ac. Varicose protuberances or moles on heads of infants :. False; expulsion of moles promoted by: Cantharides, Ferrum, Kali carb. Cuprum met. Flatulence, as if stomach would burst with wind uterus remains unconafter delivery, with labor-like pains tracted Nux mosch. Jaundice during pregnancy Nux vom. Nausea: Aceticum ac, Actaea rac, Anacardium, Antimonium crud. Sensitiveness of vagina and external parts, interrupting labor: Platina.

Alopecia of lying-in women Calcarea carb. Big feeling, before puerperal convulsions Gelsemium. Burst, sensation as if head would, with suppressed lochia :. See Mind, Mania. Aceticum ac, Apis, Arnica, Aurum met. Prolonged, as consequence of abortion or labor ceasing and flowing again frequently. Hysterical spasms interrupting labor-pains Magnesia mur. See Convulsions. After labor, should not be given during lying-in, except in high potencies: Iodium.

Aconitum, Pulsatilla, Secale. Fingers spasmodically flexed, pain in limbs, alternating with in left. Heat down thigh, numb aching in left ovary third month of pregnancy: Podophyllum. Lameness, which seems to arise from a sense of weight and pressure into pelvis; during pregnancy: Aloes. Lancinating from hip to foot, worse touch and motion Bryonia. Languor in all limbs Calcarea phos. Pain indescribable, like gnawing stiffness, in sacrum and hipbone, down over whole thigh, worse when standing last months of pregnancy Ledum.

Phlegmasia alba dolens Belladonna, Hamamelis, Ledum, Pulsa:. Sleep, limbs go to mammae indurated, burning pains Silicea. Stiffness of pelvic articulations on beginning to move, during pregnancy Rhus tox. Twitches and jerks from uterine hemorrhage China. Varicose veins Hamamelis. Weariness in all limbs Calcarea phos.

Repertory to Hering's Condensed Materia Medica | Human Leg | Knee

Watery, mixed with small clots Actaea rac. White, milky milk suddenly suppressed Pulsatilla. Fear of death, and predicts the time: Aconitum. Forebodings, sad feelings, labor progresses slowly from, and labor-pains feeble Hallucinations, after. Unconscious convulsions Belladonna.

Wander about house, wants to during pregnancy Veratrum alb. Mouth, foaming at in convulsions Belladonna. Exhaustion caused by protracted labor Caulophyllum. Lassitude, great, precedes puerperal convulsions :. Diarrhoea during pregnancy, worse riding Petroleum. Albuminous: Gelsemium, Glonoinum, Helonias. Amniotic fluid prematurely discharged Belladonna. Atony, passive, oozing from relaxed uterine vessels prolonged lochia Caulophyllum.

Discharge of bloody mucus from during pregnancy Hour-glass contraction of: Chamomilla, Cocculus. Anxiety about the praecordia, heart beats quicker and stronger; fear of death. Agaricus Anxious sensation of pressure. Ambra Anxiety at the heart, causing oppression of breath:. Arnica Violent attacks of anguish. Arsenicum alb. Palpitation of the heart, with anguish. Aurum met. Great anguish, coming from praecordial region, driving him from place to place palpitation.

Frequent attacks of anguish about the heart, with tremulous fearfulness. Palpitation, with great :. Palpitation with anxiety, followed by trembling weakness, particularly of the calves. Anxiety about the heart. Causticum Oppression at the heart, with lowness of spirits. Cocculus Palpitation of the heart from quick motion and mental excitement, with dizziness and faintness. Colchicum Violent palpitation, with anxiety. Crocus Anxious palpitation of the heart. Anxious feeling about the heart.

Gelsemium Fears that unless constantly on the move her Cantharis. Kalmia Anxiety, with palpitation. Kreosotum Anxiety at the heart. Lachesis Anxiety about the heart hasty speech restless. Lachnanthes Anxiety about the heart, with stitches. Fears he has heart disease. Mercurius Palpitation, with fear, worse at night. Weakness at the heart, as if life was ebbing away. Awakens :. Veratrum alb: Violent, visible, anxious palpitation, with fainting.

Anxiety: Aconitum, Agaricus, Ambra, Ammonium carb. Camphora, Cannabis sat. Heartburn intermits when thinking of it Oxalicum ac. Stitches about the heart, sometimes synchronous with the pulse, with anxiety and oppression Spigelia. Worse mental excitement Cocculus. Worse mental emotions Nux vom. Aceticum ac. Very weak and small. Aconitum Small, intermittent, irregular; quicker than the beat :. Pulse 45 between attacks of vomiting feeble.

Beat sometimes omits often unchanged. Arnica Intermittent, feeble, hurried, irregular, fluttering. Arsenicum Heart beats more rapidly and stronger when lying :. Cannabis sat. Very weak, frequently almost imperceptible. Cantharis Very variable at times intermittent, feeble, scarcely. Capsicum Irregular, often intermitting. Thread-like, weak and small intermittent. Chamomilla: Frequently very unequal, and then for a time weak. Mezereum At times intermittent. Irregular intermission of beating :. Rhododendron Heart's beat stronger.

Irregular, trembling or imperceptible. Ruta Unchanged. Full, hard, strong irregular small and spasmodic, sometimes double and very quick , with quiet ;. Tabacum Imperceptible, small, intermittent. Thuya Violent pulsations in the evening. Heart beats loud, strong suddenly increases and gradually decreases below normal irregular,. Strong: Bismuthum, Rhododendron, Spigelia, Stramonium. Mercurius, Mercurius cor. Hard Aconitum, Hypericum, Kreosotum, Plumbum. Soft: Belladonna, Manganum acet, Veratrum alb. Camphora, Mercurius, Opium, Rhus monium. Spasmodic: Bismuthum, Stramonium, Zincum.

Aconitum, Agaricus, Argentum met, Borax, Cactus grand. Aloes, Aurum, Sepia. Regular but sometimes weak and trembling Platina. Intermittent: Aconitum, Alumina, Argentum met. During three beats the apex strikes only once Aconitum. Hard beating of the heart Heart beats stronger Rhododendron. Laborious action of the heart. Worse lying Mercurius. Worse lying on left side: Mercurius, Natrum mur. Worse from exertion Argentum nit. Worse after dinner Sepia. Worse noticing the beating of heart: Argentum nit. Becomes slower, small, irregular. Agnus cast. Slow and weak.

Aloes Slow in the afternoon. Changing from slow to rapid every few Agaricus. Pulse 45 between attacks of vomiting. Capsicum Slow, intermitting. Cepa Slow and hard. Colchicum Full and slow slow and feeble. Colocynthis Less frequently slow and weak. Slower than usual. Very uneven and irregular, sometimes rapid and sometimes soft and slow, but constantly soft and weak. Mercurius Slower by day; when slow it is weak and trembling. Mezereum Frequent in the morning, slow in the evening. Nitrum Slow in the morning. Slower in the morning.

Ranunculus buib. Rhododendron Slow and weak. Sarsaparilla Slow in the morning. Secale Generally slow and contracted at times intermittent and :. Slow, soft and weak. Slow in the morning; increased by wine. Irregular Agaricus, Digitalis. Intermittent: Benzoicum ac. Thread-like: Aconitum. Aconitum, Cantharis. Suppressed Secale. Unusually slow Apocynum, Cannabis ind.

Afternoon Aloes. Day: Mercurius, Muriaticum ac. Alumina, Ambra, Ammonium carb. Lycopodium, Magnesia mur. Apis Hard, small full and strong. Arnica Full, hard. Small weak. Cepa Frequent and full. Chamomilla Small, but tense. Chelidonium Small and quick :. Iodium Large, hard rapid, but weak and thread-like.

Ipecacuanha Weak large and soft. Kreosotum Weak and small soft and trembling. Full, hard. Ranunculus seel. Full, but soft. Rheum Only a little accelerated. Summary of Pulse Characters. Regular Aceticum ac. Irregular Actaea rac, Alumina. Intermittent: Benzoicum ac, Helleborus, Hepar :. Alumina, Iodium, Ipecacuanha, Tabacum. Hepar sulph. Strong: Aconitum, Apis, Asarum europ. Hyoscyamus, Mezereum, Nitri ac, Nux vom. Thread-like: Iodium, Arsenicum. Double beat Agaricus, Cyclamen, Phosphorus. Tremulous Calcarea carb. Trembling Antimonium tart.

Quicker than beat of the heart: Arnica, Rhus tox. Bounding in intermittents Caladium. Large and small beats intermixed Alumina. Changing from slow to rapid every few beats Antimonium crud. Suddenly increases and gradually decreases below normal Veratrum vir. Towards evening Causticum. Throbbing in the veins Clematis. With beating in the bloodvessels Ignatia. With distended bloodvessels Pulsatilla. At night with excited pulse: Natrum carb.

While sitting Magnesia mur. Lycopodium, Muriaticum ac, Natrum carb. During day slow: Mercurius, Muriaticum ac. During heat: Secale, Ruta. After eating: Lycopodium. By walking: Glonoinum. Affected by alcohol: Rhus tox. Abrotanum, Aconitum, Anacardium, Baryta carb. Abrotanum With general heat and distended veins on the :. Strong pulsation of the blood in the whole body, but especially about the heart, increased by every. Conscious pulsations over the whole body and outpressing in the hands and arms would burst through the vessels.

Sarsaparilla Ebullitions of blood and protruding veins. Loud, strong, with great arterial excitement. With heat Abrotanum, Petroleum. With oppression about the heart Aconitum, Petroleum, Plumbum, and palpitation Petroleum. Feels the beating of his heart to his head while lying. Rapid walking Plumbum. During heat Zincum met. From coughing blood Millefolium. Ambra, Ammonium carb. Muriaticum ac, Natrum carb. Aconitum: With a feeling as if boiling water was poured into the Spigelia, Spongia, Staphisagria,.

Increased by sudden muscular exertion. With anxiety, also at night, or after meals. With anxiety, followed by trembling, weakness,. Can bear no pressure on throat or chest must sit up or lie on the right side; numbness of the left arm; ;. With anguish on going up-stairs. On rising, on moving about quickly, with heat :. With weakness and empty feeling of chest, and at the same time fulness in pit of stomach. While sitting, so that he has to hold on to something. Violent hammering after every quick or violent.

Sulphur When going up-stairs or when climbing a hill.

With or without fear or anxiety. Tabacum At night, tight across the chest, with angina pectoris. Tellurium With throbbing through body and full pulse, followed :. With pressure on the chest as if a lump lay there, or as chest was stuffed up Ambra. With contraction of the epigastrium and a weak feeling. Stannum, Spongia, Sulphuricum ac, Thuya, Veratrum alb.

After emotions of mind Sepia. From mental emotion: Argentum nit. From mental excitement Cocculus. From mental exertion: Staphisagria. From protracted study Nux vom. After grief Phosphoricum ac, Pulsatilla. From fright Pulsatilla, Stramonium. From chagrin Pulsatilla. From joy Pulsatilla. With involuntary flow of tears: Ammonium With blindness Veratrum alb. With obscuration of sight Pulsatilla. With unconsciousness Actsea rac, Cactus. With weakness Illicium, Mancinella, Oleander, Sanguinaria.

With throbbing through whole body, and lowed by sweat Tellurium. With rush of blood to the face Cinchona. With rush of blood to the chest Phosphorus. With redness of the face Agaricus, Cinchona. With paleness and cold body Camphora. With stitches: Hepar sulph. With fine stitches in the heart and left half of chest: Hepar :. With soreness in the region of the heart Baryta carb. With numbness of the left arm Actaea rac, Lachesis.

With tightness across the chest Chelidonium, Tabacum. With congestion of the chest Thuya. With empty feeling in chest Oleander. With difficult breathing Ammonium carb. With asthma With suffocation Spongia after midnight. With cold sweat Ammonium carb. Followed by sweat: Tellurium. With cold face, hands and body Camphora. With cold hands: Cinchona. With cold legs Veratrum alb. With trembling Cicuta, Lycopodium.

Repertory to Hering's Condensed materia medica

With trembling of limbs Coffea. With trembling of hands Ammonium carb. With trembling of calves Calcarea phos. Camphora, Stramonium. With excessive and bloody sputum Millefolium. With blood-spitting Ferrum met. With nosebleed Graphites. With angina pectoris Tabacum. With dyspnoea at the approach of the menses Cactus.

With amenia, chlorosis Pulsatilla. With hysteria Nux mosch. With a kind of gurgling about the heart Belladonna. With murmurs instead of the regular sounds Stramonium. With contracted pulse Secale. With suppressed pulse Pulsatilla. With small pulse Arsenicum, Asafcetida. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7.

Published by Read Books, United Kingdom Language: English. Brand new Book. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork. Seller Inventory AAV More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Published by Andesite Press, United States This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.

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Published by B Jain Publishers About this Item: B Jain Publishers, Condition: good. About this Item: Condition: New. This is Brand NEW. Seller Inventory Bjain Published by Fite Press About this Item: Fite Press, Language: eng Volume: c. Published by Franklin Classics About this Item: Franklin Classics, New Book. Shipped from US within 10 to 14 business days. Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ Published by Franklin Classics Trade Press Condition: Acceptable. Seller Inventory mon Item may show signs of shelf wear.

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Seller Image. A systematic treatise on materia medica and therapeutics with reference to the most direct action of drugs, by Finley Ellingwood, M. With a condensed consideration of pharmacy and pharmacognosy. A systematic treatise on Materia medica and therapeutics, with reference to the most direct action of drugs, by Finley Ellingwood,. With a condensed consideration of pharmacy and pharmacognosy, by Prof. John Uri Lloyd,. Volume: c. Condensed materia medica, by C.

Korndoerfer and E. Condensed materia medica by C. Hering Reprint Hering, Constantine,