Manual Health Reforms in South-East Europe (New Perspectives on South-East Europe)

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Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book Over the last two decades the countries of South East Europe have engaged in far-reaching reforms of their health systems. Show all. It is a very timely update, especially on health reforms in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Reforms are put in the perspective of their past within Yugoslavia, the upheavals after the country's disintegration and the differences and similarities with the former Semashko systems in the region.

Pages Aktar, A. Ed , Ozkirimli, U. Publishing With Us.

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Book Authors Journal Authors. New Perspectives on South-East Europe.

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South-East Europe presents a compelling agenda: a region that has challenged European identities, values and interests like no other at formative periods of modern history, and is now undergoing a set a complex transitions. It is a region made up of new and old European Union member states, as well as aspiring ones; early 'democratising' states and new post-communist regimes; states undergoing liberalising economic reforms, partially inspired by external forces, whilst coping with their own embedded nationalisms; and states obliged to respond to new and recurring issues of security, identity, well-being, social integration, faith and secularisation.

This series examines issues of inheritance and adaptation. The disciplinary reach incorporates politics and international relations, modern history, economics and political economy and sociology. It links the study of South East-Europe across a number of social sciences to European issues of democratisation and economic reform in the post-transition age. It addresses ideas as well as institutions; policies as well as processes. It will include studies of the domestic and foreign policies of single states, relations between states and peoples in the region, and between the region and beyond.

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Health Reforms in South-East Europe

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