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Ninety days in the Indiana Penal farm. But for the sake of relief I found reason to believe that I was a victim because the cops were always after me. It was not my fault! I seemed to forgive myself, but yet that annoying hole in my stomach only grew larger. As my drunken misadventures continued throughout my twenties and thirties I would seek solace from my bar room buddies, and they would agree with me—I was just an unfortunate victim having bad luck.

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I believed that, too! Yet that cavity of the stomach grew evermore annoying and painful. The truth is painful, but so long as I could drink on a lie, I could find some comfort, at least while drunk.

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I believe that an alcoholic cannot drink on the truth; an alcoholic can only drink on a lie—and I was an expert at believing lies. Consequently, save for brief moments, that guilty pain has disappeared. Thank you God!

February 29, A cycle of abuse can result in liver damage, pancreatitis, and coronary heart disease. But alcoholism is also a mental disease. Besides contributing to dementia, about a quarter of chronic users will deal with psychiatric problems, namely anxiety and depression.

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These issues can make it difficult to focus on day-to-day activities and relationships. For that reason, alcoholics often have problems in their jobs and marriages.

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Therefore, it is not only the alcoholic who suffers at the hands of their addiction. Friends and family members feel the impact, too. Family members of alcoholics may not feel loved or important anymore because suddenly the addiction comes first. Financial problems and mounting stress take their toll on families dealing with the illness. For these reasons, alcoholism can cause a great rift in families as relatives struggle to understand the addiction and overcome their resentment toward its effects on their loved one.

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Because of the collective impact, therapists like to include the entire family in the treatment process. To better understand the role that forgiveness plays in coping with alcoholism, two studies were undertaken by researchers at Johns Hopkins University.

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However, the second study revealed that a strong family bond softened those blows, leaving relatives to be more understanding and forgiving to the nature of the disease. The results of the study suggest that forgiveness may aid family members in developing more effective coping strategies as they support their loved one through the recovery process.

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A very inexpensive yet indispensable guide for anyone struggling with a loved one's addiction. Chapters on intervention, what to expect from rehab, and information on how addiction impacts the family. Johnson Model The Johnson Model of Intervention is a confrontational approach to drug and alcohol intervention that was introduced in the s.