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Like all other forms of prospecting, bad cold callers are easy to spot. And that will make you successful. Rejection is a necessary part of all sales activity, from prospecting through close, inbound and outbound. The hardest thing about my job is not knowing whether we can help someone. Actionable Takeaway 3: Run a practice call with your colleague and have them shut you down in the rudest way possible.

Actionable Takeaway 3: Rewrite that section of your script until you stop getting rejected. Actionable Takeaway 5: Analyze your sales calls. Specifically , listen to the answers prospects give to your open-ended questions. The better the question, the more they talk. Actionable Takeaway 7 : Share your learnings with your manager and other reps who are struggling.

Setting your expectations correctly and constantly learning as you go will put you years ahead of the average salesperson. There are so many tools available to the modern salesperson that you should never have to suffer through tedious, inefficient sales activities again. ConnectAndSell — I use their service to avoid everything I hate about cold calling manually dialing, navigating phone trees, waiting on hold, talking to gatekeepers, scheduling follow up.

I just get placed into live conversations with my prospects right when they answer. Just about every single sales productivity tool in the world plugs in with them. If you are using another CRM, never fear. There are standalone versions of many products, plus you can use Zapier to connect disparate systems. Be sure that you are only adding companies and contacts to your prospect list who you believe you can help.

Actors use scripts for most of their work. Yet somehow not all television shows and movies sound like a bunch of robots beeping at each other. Step 1: First, memorize your introduction and value proposition. Did I catch you with two minutes? Step 2: Then, write out open-ended questions that will unlock your conversations. When you ask these, you have to be prepared to listen , not just wait for your turn to talk again.

Step 3: Next, come up with clear answers to common objections. Our closers are great. Imagine having an analysis of all opening pitches based on how much revenue they brought in. Your entire team could be optimizing their call and email messaging to fill their funnel X faster. Get someone else to pretend to be the buyer.

Actionable Takeaway 1: Look at activity records of those prospects who have purchased. What days are they most likely to answer the phone? Spend your time on those days focusing on high-quality prospects. Hint: InsideSales found that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to have a conversation on the first dial. Most prospects are in the office from about 9am-5pm, with a break for lunch somewhere from — Calling around lunch, or towards the end of the day can improve connect rates.

Use other times to plan, prep, write new sequences, and tweak your script.

Multi-level Marketing Master Tips

But you do need to make an ask. When you do, set clear next steps so both you and the prospect agree on how to proceed. Getting your prospects agreement on next steps, and even letting them adjust and give feedback early can make a big difference in deal flow. You are not average. So, master the art of leaving an effective voicemail. That you can help them solve a problem you know they face? Or maybe you just want them to know who you are. By choosing just one message to deliver, you can avoid leaving rambling, long voicemails.

It also helps when you need to leave a 2nd, or 3rd or 4th! Step 2: Next, write your scripts. You should have a few scripts ready, each of which communicates a different, specific message. Step 3: Leave your messages. This is where execution comes into play. Here are some important things to keep in mind:. Do some testing and continue to improve them! Leaders of emerging industries have been calling for an end to the cold call for years — everyone from social sellers to inbound marketers.

Like any sales skill, it takes a lot of sustained effort to master. Just click on any link to be instantly transported to the script, or feel free to peruse them all below. The first two examples are from Bill Good, a premier marketing trainer for financial advisors who has amazing resources and more scripts on his site.

His scripts target prospects for retirement planning, which due to its complexity is a harder market to prospect for with cold calling. In this first example, Bill lets agents know what he likes and dislikes about the script — which he obtained by asking tons of agents to submit which script worked best for them. Why I like it: Qualifies quickly. Have your personal finances been affected by the recent market downturn? IF NO: Are you comfortable with your current investment roadmap? YES: Thank you for your time. NO: Would you be open to discussing what would help you be more comfortable with your financial roadmap?

NO: Thank you for your time. Would you be able to meet with me [when], [where]? NO: Would you be interested in meeting to learn how to get your financial roadmap back on course? I have some important information on what's called a tax-free municipal bond fund. Have you ever heard of one of these before? Could I send you some information on it? Tell me, when in the next 6 months, do you expect to have some money available to invest or re-invest?

Fair enough? I'll send it out to you right away. Is that correct? I am calling to describe an opportunity I currently have for investors who are not happy with their current CD rates. What could you do with that money?

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What I would like to do is to have the opportunity to meet with you to review your current situation, to give you all the facts and figures. We can discuss it together, and then you can decide if any changes are necessary. Would you be open to meeting with me on this? That's okay.

Would you be open to receiving an e-mail newsletter from me that describes strategies you can use to be debt free and truly wealthy? I'll just need your e-mail address Would you consider your mortgage protection or your supplemental retirement program more important? Great, I'm glad to hear it. You're smart. If you don't mind me asking: What kinds of retirement plans do you have? Are you currently contributing to your retirement plan on a monthly basis?

Thad, who runs his own call center of insurance agents and telemarketers, shares his script for calling for Final Expense:. Would that be ok? What I would like to do is swing by for 10 minutes and go over all the pricing and details with you, would that be ok? Get all the objections and rebuttals in writing and use them every single time word for word. Be short, sweet and to the point.

The reason I ask permission is because I want to talk with people that want to talk to me. You go thru more calls, but you get more quality, versus bullying them into a conversation or appointment. We are different. Because we have been doing this a long time, we just want to introduce ourselves, talk a little bit about Social security, Medicare, and Medicare Supplements, and that is all.

I am an independent Medicare Supplement consultant in town. I work with all major Medicare Supplement plans and can provide you with comparisons of benefits and prices from each company. There is not a fee for the service and I can drop the comparison off, introduce myself and answer any questions you may have. Would morning or afternoon work better? Joshua Stacy, owner of ListShack one of the top data vendors we surveyed in our article about sales data lists , had this to say about cold calling for Medicare Supplements:.

This lets you avoid mispronouncing their name, asking for the wife when the husband is answering, and a list of other problems that come from disjointing the conversation right off the bat. On this point, it can be a matter of preference; some folks that consistently buy lists from me insist on getting first names because they call specifically looking for that person.

That tends to have more to do with the T65 and business lists than FE or most others. Has anyone talked to you about that before? You need to hit on a hot button and have a serious conversation starter. Just asking about the level of satisfaction is remarkably unremarkable. The point is that regardless of what they say outside of eat dirt and die you have a comfortable flow to the conversation.

Building a script around a comfortable flow of conversation is the only way to make them work. Talking at people or asking obscure questions will consistently fail, especially in the B2C world. This script and the following financial planning scripts are from financial advisor Dave Kinder, who shows us the value in asking the right questions:. Do you have a quick minute to talk? Do you think it might be worth getting together for about 15 minutes to talk about it and see what you can do about it? I get to meet you, you get to meet me, and we can then both decide if it makes sense for us to move forward together.

How does that sound? These are powerful scripts because they are simple and direct. Of course, to do this, you'll have to actually have a plan for the "minute preview. My name is DHK. Is this a good time to talk for a quick minute? Just ask if they can think of any way you can be of help. Move on. If they say , there may be some serious issues and they may not be a good prospect. If they say , that's the 'sweet spot' because things are ok, but they would like some improvements. Let me ask you this: After reading this, have I evoked an emotional response?

Does it matter if you have other advisors or other policies? This script is by one of our book collaborators, Thomas Massey, and how he approaches qualifying prospects when cold calling:. Robert calling. Hey, I just wanted to give you quick update to what's happening with your Medicare. You do have a Medicare Supplement plan, correct? It only takes a few seconds to find out, I just have to ask you a few questions about your plan.

Great, how old are you, Mrs. Great, well I appreciate your time, Mrs. Jones, I am going to have someone from my office drop off your information package next week. Are any of these a concern for you? Simon Yule shares his script that generates additional commissions by mentioning other products he cross-sells:. Hi, Mr. What records? Have you received your award letter from Medicare? Is morning or afternoon better for you? If yes, be sure spouse will be there If no Is there anyone who helps you make your health care decisions?

Will that person be there tomorrow? Have you had the chance to do that yet? At this point I do a little fact finding, solidify the appointment by having them write it on their calendar, asking for directions and a gate code if needed. I only call T65s that are months out, it takes me an average of about 1. Another agent by the name Windi relays his turning 65 strategy that incorporates direct mail to increase rapport and marketing touches:.

14 Expert Cold Calling Tips & Techniques To Help You Win BIG in

Their response usually tells me what my next step is. I sit down with you, go over how Medicare works, and how the supplements work. I am an independent broker, so I can get you prices on any of the companies you may want to go with. Are you a morning or afternoon person? They always say yes. In the next section, we will go over 20 tips to help you successfully cold call, and we will also disclose even more scripts within those tips — so be sure to go through them all!

In this section, we will go through 20 hand-picked tips that will make your cold calling exponentially more rewarding, both in the number of leads you generate and how you approach the task of cold calling. Another useful tool for cold calling is a CRM. Keep in mind that some dialers have a complimentary CRM attached to them, while others have one available for an extra fee. Check out our blog post on the top data vendors for insurance agents for more info.

Younger retirees you can call after this but older people in rural areas just don't seem as "with it" as it gets later in the day. With working age folks, I have better luck at am and after pm. Fridays seem worse than most days, particularly for working leads. Saturdays are pretty good for everyone. Here is a tip I got from a life insurance training school: There are hours in a week. The 2 hours during which more people are home and likely to answer the phone are from 4 pm to 6 pm on Sundays.

They recommended setting up 12 appointments, or 2 per day, all during those 2 hours. If you live in an area where there are cold winters, you can usually have good luck reaching seniors during the day, since they don't like going out in bad weather. I have the best luck reaching people on Saturday mornings or Sunday evenings. As for the follow-up calls, I teach agents how to use a one card system. Once they have made all 4 calls with no success, the card goes into a drip file.

We send an email, monthly newsletter, etc. You should start with all of them. Part of cold calling is just working the numbers. It can change, too. Just pick up the phone and start dialing. Sure, some seniors get tired in the evening, but by using that logic, there is never a good time to call. Some seniors are like teenagers and want to sleep till noon every day too, make sense? For senior products, earlier is better. The first time is the best. Saturday mornings from noon are usually fine too. While some agents believe that the timing of when you call matters, there are other agents who feel that just making the calls is more important than deciding which hours to call, because no matter what — some people will be home.

Truth is, all day. Don't call past 8 pm, or on Sundays; that tends to piss people off from my experience. Call whenever you have the chance. The ultimate goal is to get as many people on the phone as possible when dialing —that way you don't blow your brains out after an hour of dispositioning your call as "no contact," Who is your target market? Typically, you can get a senior on the phone between 10 am-3 pm After breakfast, and before dinner.

I don't believe that TIME is really the key here, but more so the number of dials that you make throughout the day. But the main goal is to just keep dialing to get as many people on the phone as possible. Instead of using round times, use 15 or minute increments before or after the hour. Right up there with public speaking, making cold calls can be a huge obstacle for budding agents to overcome.

Listed below are some ways of dealing with your cold call reluctance and putting cold calls into perspective so that you can be more productive with your time. The sales training site MTDSalestraining. At the heart of the fear of cold calling is that usually the salesperson puts too much weight or importance on the value of a single telephone call. The thought process, though mostly subconsciously, goes something like this:. To be successful and have all the things you want, you have to close lots of sales 2.

To close lots of sales, you have to close one at a time 3. Before you can close one sale, you have to do a successful sales interaction 4. Before you can complete a successful sales interaction, you have to have an appointment 5. The next telephone call is to make that appointment 6. Therefore, if I fail at this call, I lose everything! The sales person believes that everything depends on this one call, and since he or she has no real control over the call or what the prospect says, it creates a horrible feeling of anxiety, depression and hopelessness.

To overcome this fear, you have to put the cold call in its proper perspective. Geoffrey James, a frequent sales author on Inc. I believe the biggest fear we have in cold calling is being rejected. But if we can adopt a mentality that we are professional sale people and that there is no such thing as being rejected, things become a whole lot easier. What's the easiest way to this mentality? Realizing that your whole goal is to present yourself as a professional. You are there to build something - not sell something. If the prospect does not want to build a relationship right now, then you can build it later.

Therefore, there are no rejections. Another cold call blogger, Danny Wong, talks about his way of dealing with the fear:. Pipedrive, a popular sales CRM that we reviewed, shared this tip for dealing with cold calling:. Use 'AAA' before making every contact via telephone or in-person. Take out a piece of paper and pen and pick up the phone and dial one lead.

After the call ask yourself a couple questions. Did anyone yell at me? Was anyone rude? Am I still alive? On a scale of how bad was it? Can I make another call? Do that for a few calls. What it will show you is that reality isn't as bad as the thoughts in your head. The first 2 calls, you have two minute conversations. Fluke, I know, but look at the clock. Only 9 more hours to go to get through those 98 more dials!

Stomach churning yet? OK so I guess you can figure out that I don't recommend that approach. Here's what I suggest: 2 hours, twice a day. Every freakin' weekday! Pick your hours. Between 8 am and noon, and then between pm people straggle in from lunch and 5 pm. You should follow your market.

If your market is available from pm, guess where you should be. And where you should NOT be--building lists, playing with your website, anything but calling.

Final Thought

Whether you feel like it or not. Well then, I have no hope for you. Anyway, look at it. An end that is in sight at the beginning. After the first couple of dials, the first hour blows by. Concentrate on the consistent filling of your pipeline. Talk conversationally. You do this by not giving a rat's ass about the outcome of any specific call.

Ask questions. Know your business and build a reason to get together based on their answers. So just go with the flow. Not insurance.

You are not, I repeat, you are not selling. Your goal is not to get someone interested. You are not trying to convince someone of anything. All you are doing is exposing people who ARE interested. If they are, they become a lead. If they are not interested, you let them go and you move on. Where this tip differs from the previous one, is that this whole tip is centered around a preparatory dice game to put into perspective what it means to make cold calls. This is rather long but a worthwhile read if you suffer from cold calling reluctance:.

Here's another excerpt from my new "sales adventure" novel. Sophia the coach is helping Luke the financial advisor get on the telephone and make some appointments. This is a couple pages longer than my usual newsletter, but it reads fast and there is lots of good info here. I say a reason not to make a call.

Then you repeat the reason out loud after me and then roll your dice. You roll ten times. Write down how many appointments you get. Got it? Repeat after me: 'I don't feel like prospecting today. Do the dice care what you are thinking before you roll them? Number Seven: 'Prospecting takes too much time. Let me ask you a couple more questions to make my point. Can you roll the dice correctly? Quick smile. You have no idea how people are going to respond until you make the call!

Do you get it? Can you feel it? Have you ever had calls not go very well? You just push any three numbers of your choice They think something went wrong with the phone when they hear the three beeps. That gives you a way out. Stay in a good mood. Enjoy making calls. Have fun making calls. If you get an 'attitude' on the other end, you bail. I was going for a smile and got one. Having fun with Sophia made all this worthwhile somehow. I was trying to ignore that fact that I could be making a total fool of myself in front of her at any moment. A little concerned that the guy on the other end might yell at me and tell me to 'go to hell.

We shut out all past experience. Totally ignore the past. If I give you three fingers, you push three numbers and bail. Can you do that? If I totally blow it, will you still love me?

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The only way you can blow it is to quit. Well, I have learned a lot about how to help people maximize what they are doing with their conservative money and I wanted to tell you what I am doing. I am spending an hour with people. I will teach you as much as I can in that hour about what smart people are doing with their money. Answer your questions. Typically, I can make or save people thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. I can give you the information and if you like, you can pass it along to your advisor. I am mainly on an educational campaign at this point. Let me buy you a cup of coffee, spend an hour with me and let me see if I can give you some ideas that will make you money.

What do you say to that? I finished up the call with John and set the appointment for next week. I was ready to get some feedback from Sophia. I liked everything about that call. I especially liked how you handled his response that he already had an advisor. Very smooth. If the guy makes an appointment with me, there is room for me.

Prospecting Principles

There are a few people who will pump you for information and actually take it to their advisor. Especially if the relationship is not that strong with another advisor. I know that guy from hockey. I just have a problem getting myself to sit down and make the calls," I said. We will work on that. We can cure a lot of the resistance that you have by changing how you think. You will be able to make all the calls you want to make. Learning how to overcome this resistance will help you in other areas of your life as well.

It is a powerful skill to master. Hopefully with the previous two tips, you have enough confidence to make your cold calls. Standing in a power position— feet apart, hands on hips— for two minutes is an effective cold calling strategy that will:. Sitting up straight rather than slouching can help you feel in control and wipe away feelings of nervousness.

Smiling can help put you in a more comfortable and relaxed disposition, and also increase the amount of rapport generated with prospects over the phone:. While it may seem silly at first, recent research suggests that wearing a smile — genuine or not — brings certain benefits that can help reluctant cold callers:. Bonus benefit: Allowing your internal emotions to reflect on your face intensifies them, so punctuating your cold calling pitch with smiles can make you feel happier throughout the day.

Another collaborator from our book gives us his take on smiling while talking over the phone with leads:. People, especially strangers, listen to the inflection in your voice more than anything. Most are perceptive and will easily pick up if you are nervous or unsure of yourself. One thing I do on almost every call is stand up after I dial.

It relaxes your diaphragm and allows you to come across as more relaxed versus sitting down. I also smile when I am talking. I even use a playful attitude, especially when they initially engage me in conversation. Some people are just hard to crack. But most of them, especially the T65 folks, really are looking for someone to explain how Medicare works. Most of them have never purchased health insurance and they just need someone to take the time to listen to their questions and offer honest answers. If you do that you will never have to sell or close anyone. They will just buy from you.

Makes life so much easier. Another way to smile while you dial is to put a mirror on your desk and smile at yourself while making your intros. Perhaps one of the most interesting tips, in regards to cold calling research, is the effect of not sounding scripted when you make your calls. Sure, you want to have a script, but the ultimate goal is to digest and absorb your script until you can recite it from memory. Below is the research found on Forbes about the effect of genuineness when contacting complete strangers:.

I wanted to take a closer look at this prevailing industry belief that scripted introductions contribute to the success of unsolicited calls. Every excerpt averaged 10 seconds in length and consisted of brief introductory statements from the caller i. Each study participant rated the caller on 12 different personality characteristics including whether they were friendly, genuine, confident, professional, competent, scripted, and knowledgeable.

I asked participants to rate caller characteristics using a scale from one to six. Because I knew whether or not each call excerpt was ultimately successful in getting the person on the other end of the line to take a survey, I knew I could define which of the twelve personality characteristics contributed to the success of a call. Successful and unsuccessful call introductions received the same average ratings for most characteristics.

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For instance, both unsuccessful callers and successful callers were given an average rating of 3. This demonstrated that caller personality characteristics had little or no bearing on the success of the call. In fact, the only factor that was statistically significant in determining whether a person would take a survey was whether or not the caller sounded scripted. Geoffrey James, in his Inc. One final, important note: Do not read the script, under any circumstances. Instead, practice the script as written, and then practice it from memory — so that the words emerge naturally, as if you just thought of them, the moment you began speaking.

This is what great stage actors do. Also, when you ask a question as part of the conversation, stop and actually listen to the customer. This is about having a conversation, not about getting the words out of your mouth. Or do you have to look up their info as they start barking questions at you wondering why you called? While some agents would rather just call back that person when they eventually pull that information up, most agents would rather just block off their time to handle call backs.

Think Advisor contributor and aforementioned sales trainer, Bill Good, recommends the same:. Allocate a different block of time for your call-backs. During this "Pipeline Power Block," you only make follow-up calls. Sectioning off your calling and call-back times can help you focus and keep the momentum going, instead of rotating and diving in and out of different activities. According to Braveheart Sales , it takes cold call attempts to get ahold of someone; so if straight-up cold calling proves too difficult for you, try some of these tips to warm up your next cold call and minimize the rejection:.

Cold calls do work, but it can be a tough grind for some people. My strategy for 10 years was:. BTW, great exercise! Real Name please? This either got someone laughing or ended the call real fast. Sometimes someone firmly said, "not interested," to which I politely replied, "thank you, sorry to bother you," and hung up. But this quick, easy to deliver, and straight to the point script worked for me and my personality. And it quickly weeded out those who were not interested, so I could quickly move to the next call dialing for dollars.

The more you "try" or work to convince, the more desperate you sound on the phone, and the less success you have. If someone says "no" in a firm way, I say, "thank you, sorry to bother you, have a good night. This generated about 8 quotes per day, which I worked on sending out the next day by mail. I sent out about quotes a week. My closing ratio was about 1 in 8 or 1 in So, this generated about apps a week of which probably settled. BTW the average commission per phone call whether I actually spoke to someone or not - busy, got no answer, voicemail, etc Why overpay for insurance?

The table below shows how inexpensive term life insurance can be. Just compare these rates against other term policies, bank mortgage insurance, employer group, and association plans - and stop wasting your hard-earned money. Effective August 1, 2XXX:. Dover, DW here with the W agency here in town.

I called to see if I could have your permission to send you out a free gift along with a little info about my company? Thanks, I have your address as Great, thank you for allowing me to introduce myself. I like to set the table with a note or letter. The note always gets read and you will stand out in a crowd. Then call and say:.

May I meet with you for a few minutes this week? Insurance is sold in person. The phone should be used to get in front of people. So, will sending pre-approach direct mail help you warm up your calls or is it a waste of money? I continue to be baffled by those who cut off possibilities with a semantic twist. Your mind. Your prospect does not make those distinctions. The real issue is controlling your message. The real issue is being able to communicate with a prospect so that they understand and resonate with what you have to say.

The real issue is about having the skill necessary to communicate with a prospect under any circumstance. Another hotly contested method is whether you should even be preempting your introduction with any of the following phrases:. Besides using these phrases to increase rapport, the other use is to pique interest or curiosity as explained in section 4 of this article. I never ask how their day is. But I do ask if they have a few minutes. Sometimes they do. Sometimes not. Sometimes it is a stall.

Regardless, I plow through and either get a commitment on a call back or I flush them and move on. You have two options: Interrupt While some agents believe you should preempt your intro, other agents feel this is simply a numbers game and to just get on with it. I used to ask, "is this a convenient time to talk? Might as well start off with some pleasantries before hitting them over the head with your pitch. Also, they will never treat you with any more respect that you show.

This first script is from Mitsu Fisher ,. If you use this script, you will instantly convert your call from cold to warm. I know it looks too simple to work or even to make much of a difference. The first thing that happens is that your prospect hears your name and company. Immediately their defenses fly up. They are now on guard and trying to figure out how to get rid of you as quickly as possible without being too rude. The next thing that happens is that they hear the most powerful part of the magic script. It also shows respect for the prospect and their time.

This changes everything. Perhaps the most famous cold call trainer, Ari Galper, believes that pre-empting your introduction by asking for help is perhaps the best way to break the reflexive way people respond to being interrupted by a telemarketer. Once you know what problems you solve, you also know exactly what to say when you make a call.

Maybe you can help me out for a moment. No pitch, no introduction, nothing about me. I just step directly into their world. Just ditch the last names, as Joshua Stacy relayed above in Medicare Supplement cold calling script 2, and as Todd Daviso recommends here:. This may seem like a no-brainer, but when it comes to building relationships over the phone, using as many ways as possible to build rapport helps increase your chances of developing a lead.

This is further explained by CallCentreHelper. Use words that your caller uses in their conversation, especially any adjectives — the words they use to describe something. They have chosen to use the words, so they have a relevance to the content, an alternative word may not have the same meaning for them.