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This will require a mechanism that brings together representatives from the policy law enforcement intelligence and diplomatic areas ensuring a common approach to address the problem. In his conclusive statement Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos supported these views and said: If decisive and coordinated EU action is not taken the flow [of migrants] will continue.

The European Commission is determined to take action. Avrampoulos joined Comodini Cachia in calling for more coordination and solidarity from EU member states. He also stressed the need for more cooperation with Turkey and African countries and urged Member States to step up their efforts to enforce EU asylum rules and resettle refugees. During this debate MEPs also discussed the new routes used by smugglers the role of the EU border agency Frontex legal channels of migration to the EU and a comprehensive approach to migration. Spanish police say they have arrested two Cameroonian migrants on suspicion of killing up to 10 other migrants by pushing them from a boat into stormy waters in a fight over a prayer session.

The two were arrested after several of the 29 survivors of the African migrant boat crossing to Spain from Morocco told how a fight broke out when a Nigerian religious minister began praying that the boat would not sink police said.

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The Cameroonians blamed the worsening weather on the pastor police said. The pastor and other Nigerians praying were among those allegedly pushed over board. Police say there were some 50 people on the boat but that around 10 other migrants also died when they fell into the sea on December 3. President MarieLouise Coleiro Preca focused on poverty migration and international terrorism when she greeted ambassadors accredited to Malta for the exchange of New Year Greetings today.

She said the economic situation continued to show signs of cautious recovery last year. A solution must be sought urgently to this social scourge that is affecting the wellbeing of one in four Europeans and 1. Turning to terrorism she regretted that during bloodshed continued to spill in Libya Syria and Iraq with conflicts in the latter two giving rise to the emergence of the Islamic State.

One consequence had been the increase in the number of migrants. In her address the President condemned violence "from Gaza to Syria; from Iran to Afghanistan; from Pakistan to Libya; from Ukraine to Nigeria and now in Paris horrific scenes pools of blood human slaughter that terrify and sadden all those who believe in human dignity. She looked forward tot he Commonwealth heads of government meeting in Malta this year hoping this event will lead to a roadmap that will kick start the shaping up of the Commonwealth of tomorrow hat have an effective voice and be a useful catalyst to influence change.

Referring to the terrorism in Paris President Coleiro Preca said this was an attack on freedom and on democracy. Records revealed by Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela show that a whopping asylum seekers managed to escape from the Safi and Lyster Barracks detention centres between and Abela was responding to a series of parliamentary questions by Labour backbencher Anthony Agius Decelis pertaining to detention centres between and the final full year under a Nationalist administration. The tabled papers show that irregular immigrant escapes were recorded in that same time period the largest getaway being on 4 May when 43 immigrants all made a dash for freedom.

Interestingly a significant plummet in immigrant escapees was recorded in the numbers dropping to 12 when compared to the escapees in The escape numbers remained relatively low in and Abela said that no records could be found regarding how many escapees were eventually caught and returned to their detention centres. However the records definitely indicate that the vast majority of irregular immigrants who attempted to flee their detention centres succeeded in doing so. Indeed only 46 asylumseekers were foiled in their freedom attempts between and with none at all recorded in and In response to another parliamentary question Abela revealed records showing that disciplinary steps were taken against 44 detention service officers between and most commonly for absenteeism leaving the workplace and insubordination.

However no information on disciplinary steps taken against officers involved in violence against asylum seekers was tabled. This the home affairs minister told parliament was because no records were ever kept over cases of alleged violence against irregular migrants by detention services officers. Moreover no records were ever kept of any disciplinary action that may have been taken against such officers in the past. This means that no recorded information of allegations made against detention service officers investigations that may have been carried out and the outcome of said investigations.

The report carried out by retired judge Geoffrey Valenzia painted a grim picture of the conditions in detention centres and shed a particularly bad light on the track record of detention service officers. The inquiry revealed that Kamara had successfully escaped his detention centre only to be recaptured by detention service officers who proceeded to handcuff him dump him inside a steel cage at the back of a detention centre van and brutally beat him to death. According to forensic expert Mario Scerri Kamara died from a heart attack as a result of blunt trauma.

According to the former head of the detention services the soldiers that were deployed at the detention centres were the worst of the worst…soldiers refused by the army. Lieutenant Colonel Brian Gatt shockingly admitted that such soldiers included an officer who had usury problems and another who had been charged with shooting at a yacht during training. I had a sergeant in Hal Far who used to prey on migrant women entering their rooms during the night and taking a woman back to his office with him Gatt told Valenzia.

Even condoms were found in the room. The inquiry found that there was a kind of inappropriate relationship going on between some members of staff and migrant women being detained. It could have been consensual but given the context you question this consent…how real it is… because they are detained and there is a soldierdetainee relationship which renders the relationship inappropriate. Even this particular sergeant was never suspended but simply transferred to another section.

It also revealed that the detention services were severely understaffed especially with regard to female officers stationed with migrant women. At the time there was only one female detention service officer. This meant that male officers would walk straight into female migrants taking a shower for the head count and accompany pregnant migrants to hospital at times and sometimes even stay with them while they were being examined by the doctor.

It is one of the most constructive and thorough reports to date joining so many other reports in unequivocally condemning a policy that seeks to deprive migrants of their very humanity by locking them away out of sight out of scrutiny and out of human rights protection the eight NGOs said in a joint statement. Yet we are not shocked at any of the statements or findings in the Valenzia report. We are not shocked to read of sexual relations between a small number of Detention Services personnel and detained women.

We are not shocked because we have been witnessing such incidents for several years. The MOAS migrant rescue mission is still millions of euros short of being able to set sail again but major benefactors could help get the show on the road by May. Founder Chris Catrambone told Times of Malta that a number of possibilities were being considered. In the mission was completely funded by Mr Catrambone and his wife Regina. We have shown that operations like this can be done and can be done with a certain level of success. Although wary of commenting further as he did not want to scare potential donors away Mr Catrambone said one possibility being explored would be partnering up with other major humanitarian entities.

In fact Mr Catrambone said he had aspirations for the mission to branch out and see more newer boats carrying out wider operations. We need to give people dignity when they reach our backyard. The Migrant Offshore Aid Station operated for the first time last summer using a 40metre ship equipped with two camcopters and a professional crew including rescuers seafarers paramedics and humanitarians. Our focus is on saving lives and on giving survivors the dignity they deserve. We provide even the most basic forms of aid like blankets and baby formulas to the survivors of these terrible wrecks Christopher Catrambone said.

One boy an elevenyearold was sent to face the journey alone because his parents could only pay a oneperson passage. Among several difficult rescue operations Catrambone said on one occasion there had been people — crew excluded — on board the Phoenix. She called for a successful holistic approach to migration where any approach must start with saving lives.

Inaction risks further tragedies in our seas. EU States cannot shirk their responsibility just because they are not geographically in the Mediterranean she said. Zammit Dimech recently appointed spokesperson on migration reiterated the call for a European solution: Too many people have lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean.

This is a European issue that requires a European solution. As a privatelyrun mission MOAS needs to raise funds to continue its operation. Although it is currently not in operation the team is working hard to raise funds. Our focus is on raising funds and finding the necessary partners to be able to ensure sustainable operation this year. Men had residence documents issued by Italian authorities and availed themselves of their right to free movement A police raid early this morning at 6: 30am led to the arrest of eight irregular migrants who were living out in the open in Hal Far using the huge asbestos pipes that have been for years out in the nearby fields as their shelter.

Police said that the men had official documents issued by the Italian authorities and had travelled to Malta via catamaran from Sicily. Because they were living close to the Hal Far open centre it is understood that the migrants living at the centre may have also provided them with food. Five men were of Ghanian nationality and two others were Togo nationals.

Another man was a Spanish national. Their documents were verified by the police. They are currently in police custody. The recent announcement that this year the Maltese government will be launching a national policy on the integration of migrants is very welcome. The commemoration aims at increasing awareness of the phenomenon of migration as contemporary movements represent the largest movement of individuals if not of peoples in history. Indeed in our time one person in seven is an international million or internal migrant million. Not all of them escape lifethreatening conditions but many of them do.

Having faced ever new and challenging situations during its millennial history the Church knows that migration poses fresh challenges not only on account of its magnitude but also for the various social economic political cultural and religious problems it gives rise to. This role includes the duty to make efforts to ensure that the dignity and the centrality of the human person is protected to actively promote more creative and concrete forms of solidarity acceptance and protection and to encourage effective dialogue between peoples.

With this in mind the Church continues to strive to understand the causes of migration to work towards overcoming its negative effects and to maximise its positive influence on the communities of origin transit and destination. As the surge in the number of recent conflicts has produced new waves of asylum seekers and displaced people there is an increasingly urgent need to intensify the efforts to promote a gradual reduction in the root causes of migration that cause entire peoples to abandon their homelands.

States and their people cannot risk becoming indifferent to human tragedy Forced migration due to persecution conflicts terrorism and other tragedies takes the form of fleeing for salvation often involving dangerous or lifethreatening journeys which may nonetheless offer the only option for reaching a country where protection and the possibility of a dignified life can be found. The Church is therefore appealing to States to respond effectively to the recognition of the need for protection to restore human dignity to those who need it and to treat the causes of forced mobility by cooperating in a spirit of international solidarity.

In the social doctrine of the Church the theme of human dignity derives from the recognition that all human beings are created in the image and likeness of God. Religious ethnic social or cultural variables citizenship or lack of it do not change this fact that gives any individual an inherent and immeasurable worth and dignity to the point that each human life is considered sacred. Emigration when it is a response to the need of survival from extreme poverty and hunger from threats to life from generalised violence and similar conditions cannot be prevented. States and their people therefore cannot risk becoming used to or indifferent to such human tragedy.

The principle of human dignity implies that the vital needs of the person have to be assured. Pope Francis said that migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity. They are children women and men who leave or who are forced to leave their homes for various reasons who share a legitimate desire for knowing and having but above all for being more. In this context the recent announcement that this year the Maltese government will be launching a national policy on the integration of migrants is very welcome.

Such a policy should prove to be another important step in the solidarity response our small nation has endeavoured to design build and sustain over the past years to provide international protection to those who need it and reach our shores. Another 20 reported dead and thrown at sea during crossing. The migrant was among a group of eight who were transferred to Mater Dei Hospital. Three of the migrants were in critical condition.

A spokesperson for the health ministry has also confirmed that ebola tests carried on three migrants at Mater Dei Hospital came back negative. The third result was confirmed late in the evening. A dinghy carrying 87 subSaharan migrants arrived at Haywharf this morning at around 10am after it was intercepted by the Armed Forces of Malta off the coast of Malta. The migrants who are claiming to be from Burkina Faso Mali the Ivory Coast and Guinea are all male and are believed to have departed from Libya before being intercepted off the east coast of Malta.

According to information relayed by the migrants the dinghy had originally been carrying around people on board but 20 are feared dead. In a tweet Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the dead are said to have been thrown at sea during the crossing. Addressing a press briefing this afternoon at Mater Dei Hospital Charles Mallia Azzopardi who heads the Ebola Response Unit explained that even though the risk of Ebola is extremely low all precautionary measures were taken. Azzopardi explained that 84 migrants have been quarantined at Hal Far detention centre to be treated for Ebola.

An additional three migrants have been hospitalised where they were certified to be suffering in critical condition due to severe dehydration. They were also tested for Ebola. Mallia Azzopardi explained that Ebola screening was carried out after one of the migrants declared that he is from Guinea. In addition he explained that authorities could ignore claims by the migrants that 20 others had perished.

The migrants who arrived this morning at around 10am after spending an unspecified amount of days crossing the Mediterranean Sea appeared weak as they disembarked off the AFM vessel. Despite arriving at Haywharf at around 10am safety precuatons meant that the disembarkation had to wait until 30pm. For the first time since the deadly Ebola outbreak across West and Central Africa the migrants were screened by health authorities. AFM personnel wore full Ebola protective suits while a decontamination tent was also set up. A spokeswoman for the home affairs ministry underlined that these were only precautionary measures and that there was no cause for alarm.

Members of the media are also being kept away from the ordinary safety distance as a precaution. Migrants were provided with blankets and water while on board the AFM vessel. An AFM vessel has towed the migrants' dinghy to shore while additional vessels have been deployed in search for any bodies in the area. AFM personnel remained in constant contact with the Italian military and the health authorities on safe distance procedure. The AFM had been monitoring the situation for the past hours and after ongoing communication with their Italian counterparts it was decided that due to their safety the migrants should be brought to Malta.

A migrant has died at Mater Dei Hospital hours after being rescued this morning. The man was in a group of 87 migrants picked up from a drifting dinghy some miles off Mellieha. Three were found to be in critical condition having swallowed sea water after suffering dehydration. They were rushed to hospital where one of them passed away. Another five migrants were also taken to hospital for urgent medical care. The migrants all men said their group had originally consisted of people but 20 perished during the voyage.

No bodies were found on the boat or at sea. They said they started their trip from Libya and had been at sea for days. After rescue by a patrol boat the migrants were taken to Haywharf the AFM maritime base where they were received by AFM personnel in biohazard suits because of the risk of Ebola. Disembarkation started about three hours after the patrol boat arrived with officials having awaited the arrival from Mater Dei Hospital of a decontamination tent which was set up purely as a precaution.

A Health Ministry spokeswoman insisted that there was no cause for alarm. The migrants have now been moved to Safi Detention Centre where they are being held in quarantine monitored by the AFM and public health authorities. Those in hospital were immediately tested for Ebola. The tests were negative. Ebola has a threeweek incubation period and the risk that the migrants carry the disease is low especially considering that the migrants spent time in Libya before heading over to Malta the spokeswoman said.

The rescue was the first in several months and came at a time when the number of migrants in detention had slipped to a low of just At one time there were over Concern on petrol prices increases by 10 points Despite a lull in migrant arrivals before last Thursday concern on immigration has risen by four points since November. Despite decreasing numbers immigration has overtaken traffic which was the top concern in the November survey.

Respondents were asked to mention the two main problems facing the country. The biggest percentage point increase over November was registered by respondents mentioning petrol prices as a major concern. Concern on petrol prices is just two points lower than that on the cost of living. Despite the absence of any boat arrivals in the past months concern on migration has gone up by eight points since March The survey shows that concern on traffic has gone down from the record levels registered in November but remains substantially higher than in March.

This suggests that most Maltese do not consider unemployment much of a problem reflecting statistics showing an increase in employment figures. Concern on the environment mostly on development issues has remained stable at five points slightly higher than in November but three points lower than in March Labour voters are more likely to be concerned about traffic and immigration but are less likely as PN voters to be concerned with petrol prices. Immigration tops the concern list of both PN and PL voters. Concern on traffic is also six points higher among PL voters.

One reason for this could be that PL voters are less likely to mention problems which can be blamed on the government of the day. Problems like roads traffic and to a certain extent migration are not directly attributable to the present government. But the percentage rises to 18 points among PN voters. This suggests that PN voters are more susceptible to PN propaganda on this issue. Respondents with a post secondary level of education those who continued studies after secondary level but did not go to university are the most likely to be concerned by rising petrol prices.

Martina | Radio Kaos Italy

Disgruntlement among this category may be bad news for the government. For it was within this category that a major shift towards the PL occurred before the general election. Methodology respondents were contacted by telephone between Wednesday 7 and Tuesday 13 January. The survey was stopped when a quota sample was reached. Respondents were told that MaltaToday was conducting the survey. Its results were weighted to reflect the age and gender balance of the population. Respondents were asked how they voted in the and elections. The minister referred to the recent terrorist attack on the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli and said that instability in the Mediterranean led to a threat to European security.

The ministers also discussed migration flows particularly in view of the challenges posed by the emerging trend of smugglers using larger vessels to transport migrants. Mr Abela emphasised Malta's role on the issue of irregular migration starting from search and rescue and stressed the need for EU states to work together including in the return of irregular migrants.

He also underlined the need for relocation of beneficiaries of protection. The ministers agreed to intensify the implementation of already agreed measures while also identifying additional measures that would contribute to the fight against terrorism. The training is aimed at facilitating social inclusion and employability and it will focus on teaching residents how to use the internet prepare a CV and look for jobs. Education projects within the Open Centre had started over four years ago and they included courses in Cultural Orientation English Language First Aid and Food Handling and Hygiene which aimed to provide migrants with the necessary skills to enter the workforce.

Dr Ahmed Bugri Managing Director of FSM said: The Marsa Open Centre is a transitory place for asylum seekers and refugees needing temporary assistance until they are able to move in the community and access mainstream services. Bugri said that the centre which has a bed capacity of residents is focusing on offering residents with the necessary support including educational courses and health and psychological support to be able to integrate with society. The FSM believes that education is an important tool for the personal development empowerment and social inclusion of migrants into Maltese society and in Europe at large he added.

Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth Jose Herrera said that integration for good quality of life is "essential". He added that it is a two way struggle with society and the government being obliged to do their best to integrate migrants into society and migrants needing to try their best to follow courses to enter society. We need to look into the respective niches of our society and address these on a case by case basis in order to address their individual requirements.

Our immigrants are but one niche which we are targeting. Italy's Mare Nostrum operation which ended some weeks ago had served as a deterrent to terrorists wanting to enter Europe by posing as irregular migrants Italy's under secretary responsible for intelligence Marco Minniti told a parliamentary committee yesterday.

Mare Nostrum had been blamed by critics in Italy for encouraging the flows of migrants from North Africa and increasing the risk of Islamist terrorist being among them. Ansa however also quotes a report appearing in unidentified Libyan media saying ISIS is focusing on Libya as a means to get to Europe among irregular immigrants.

ISIS is reported to have said If we can take advantage of this channel the situation in these countries will turn into a living hell. The report has yet to be verified as authentic. Executive Director Kenneth Roth urged governments to recognize that human rights offer an effective moral guide in turbulent times and that violating rights can spark or aggravate serious security challenges. The shortterm gains of undermining core values of freedom and nondiscrimination are rarely worth the longterm price Roth said.

The horrific attacks of January 7 to 9 in Paris on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo police officers and people in a Kosher supermarket that left 17 people dead heightened concerns about terrorist attacks in Europe as well as new counterterrorism measures that restrict freedom of movement association and expression. The antiSemitic nature of the supermarket attack a subsequent wave of Islamophobic violence in France and rampedup rhetoric from rightwing parties in a number of EU countries underscored rising intolerance in Europe and its manifestation in violence and discrimination against Muslims Jews and other minorities Human Rights Watch said.

A May gun attack at a Jewish museum in Brussels that killed four people was part of a disturbing pattern of antiSemitic violence and hate speech in the EU in Other EU member states criticized Italy for rescuing tens of thousands of boat migrants in the Mediterranean. Its massive naval operation was replaced by a much more limited operation by the EU external borders agency Frontex at the end of the year. This raises concerns that the death toll in will surpass the estimated people who perished in the Mediterranean in HRW said.

While the EU is a key humanitarian donor to the Syrian crisis with the exception of Germany it showed little willingness to resettle significant numbers of refugees from Syria. Asylum seekers generally faced significant gaps in protection including substandard reception conditions in Italy Greece France and Bulgaria and routine detention of migrants and asylum seekers including children in some cases.

There were reports throughout the year of summary returns and excessive use of force by border guards in Bulgaria Greece and Spain. Computer literacy courses are being offered to migrants living at the Marsa Open Centre in a bid to help them enter the local job market. The courses are being coordinated by the Malta Communications Authority in collaboration with the Foundation for Shelter and Support of Migrants which runs the Marsa centre.

Ahmed Bugri who heads the foundation said some students were currently participating in ICT courses which ranged from a basic introduction to IT skills to advanced ecommerce. Computer literacy Dr Bugri said was an essential tool for helping migrants enter the Maltese work force and improve their quality of life. This he added would ultimately benefit Maltese society at large. Educational programmes at the Marsa centre started four years ago and include courses in cultural orientation food handling which is aimed at helping migrants enter the tourism sector and English language.

We all have the responsibility to help migrants form part of our society. This needs to be reinforced if the situation is to improve he said. Dr Herrera was making a call for renewed efforts to educate migrants on what it means to be Maltese in an attempt to bridge the gap between Maltese society and the migrant population. I am sure that if we teach migrants about Maltese culture — what it means to be Maltese who our forefathers were what a festa is how our political system works and so on — we will bridge the gap that is stopping many migrants from integrating he said. Dr Herrera was speaking during a press conference unveiling new computer literacy courses being offered to migrants at the Marsa Open Centre.

Home Affairs Minister calls for integrated approach to counter terrorism. Abela emphasized the need for more information exchange between member states and the better use of existing tools to rapidly trace firearms. He also referred to the recent terrorist attack that occurred at the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli Libya highlighting the need for an integrated approach to counter terrorism.

Instability in the Mediterranean leads to a threat for European security he said. Abela said Malta was open to discuss necessary actions on the Schengen Code but no rushed decision should be taken. Over lunch ministers discussed migration flows particularly in view of the challenges posed by the emerging trend of smugglers using larger vessels such as ships to transport migrants. The recent terrorist attack on the Corinthia hotel in Libya reminds us of the fragile situation in this neighbouring country. The Maltese ownership of the hotel marks an additional level of proximity Agius said.

Above all he pointed out how this would undoubtedly have an adverse effect on Malta. El Senussi also pointed out that Malta is a sincere friend to the Libyan cause and can promote solutions thanks to its credibility Agius said. The issue of terrorism within and outside of our borders has also been tackled by the Maltese MEPs. PN MEP Robert Metsola suggested that a new passenger name record system would help increase citizen safety since this would lead to a higher degree of harmonisation and sharing of information between Member States.

During the January debates of the European Parliament plenary session Dalli said that whilst the EU has at times focused a lot of energy on its Eastern borders such focus came at the detriment of relations with its Southern neighbours. She said that it was is time to reverse these trends to promote a better wellbeing for the Libyan citizens. Some people are believed to have been displaced as a result of the ongoing conflict. With particular reference to Libya MEPs commended the UNchaired Geneva conferences as a positive first step that would hopefully lead to the reconciliation between the different factions present in Libya.

Whilst political debates are of outmost importance the peacekeeping initiative led by the United Nations is also highly significant with Italy agreeing to spearhead such an initiative under the guidance of the United Nations. The Maltese EP office said that improved conditions in Libya would also impact Malta Italy and other Mediterranean countries due to the relevance that this crisis has on immigration. A strong government and legal enforcement force is necessary to nip the rising of a new phenomenon that of ghost ships.

With ghost ships hundreds of migrants are being forced on boats which are no longer seaworthy and are allowed to drift in the Mediterranean without any crew present to guide these boats towards a safe port. Lebanon reinforces restrictions with new visa rules Today marks the day where new restrictions come into force for Syrian refugees.

The unprecedented move by the Lebanese government means that Syrian refugees will have to fulfil certain criteria in order to be given a visa and enter the country. Before this move Syrians were automatically allowed to stay in Lebanon for up to six monthsThis step is aimed to curb the influx of refugees into the country with the registered refugee population standing at a whopping 1. There are a further unregistered refugees who will be greatly effected by these measures.

It is in fact unclear exactly what these new restrictions will mean for Syrians already in the country and for unregistered refugees. The United Nations High Commissioner for refugees has expressed concern at the lack of clarity of these new rules. Groups supporting and opposing the antiIslam group have held rival rallies across Germany The Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West" or Pegida have held protests throughout the country since back in October and their rallies have gained both popularity and supporters over time.

The group has been condemned by senior German politicians and it has also garnered counter demonstrators who favour a message of peace and tolerance. The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has condemned the group however the group seems to be gaining in popularity as time goes by. A poll of just over people carried out by German magazine Stern revealed that a shocking one in eight Germans would join an antiIslam march if Pegida organized one near their homes.

The organiser for Pegida Kathrin Oertel has said that the country has once again been plunged into an era of political repression: "Or how would you see it when we are insulted or called racists or Nazis openly by all the political mainstream parties and media for our justified criticism of Germany's asylum seeker policies and the nonexistent immigration policy?

Photo: Reuters Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday she had a duty to protect the right to demonstrate in Germany regardless of the issue and offered federal security support after an antiIslam march was cancelled because of a terrorist threat. Police in the eastern city of Dresden banned all outdoor public gatherings yesterday including one by the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West Pegida a group that attracted people to its rally last week.

The weekly Pegida demonstrations began last October as a local protest against the building of new shelters for refugees and have been growing in size. However countermarches have taken place across Germany with far larger numbers and Merkel has condemned the group in unusually strong language as racists with hatred in their hearts. But at a press conference yesterday she defended the right to protest: Such a precious principle has to be protected. That is why everything will be done German Chancellor makes statement after antiIslam march was cancelled following threat She offered federal help if requested to the regional state authorities who are responsible for policing.

Pegida leaders said yesterday they would not allow themselves to be muzzled and would plan a rally for next week in conjunction with security officials. Security authorities said last Friday they had specific warnings of a risk of militant attacks on central railway stations in Berlin and Dresden. The leader of a German organisation against the perceived "Islamisation" of Europe stepped down after online posts surfaced in which he used derogatory language to refer to refugees and posed looking like Adolf Hitler. It followed German media publishing the comments where he called refugees "cattle" and "filthy" and a photo showing him with a Hitler moustache and hair combed over like the Nazi Fuehrer.

Mr Bachmann did not comment directly on the picture but apologised for the antirefugee comments which he made online in September a month before the group staged its first protest. The group has staged weekly demonstrations in the eastern city of Dresden that reached their peak last week drawing people.

This week's planned rally was cancelled after police said authorities had monitored a Tweet calling for one of the organisers to be killed. PEGIDA's spokeswoman Kathrin Oertel said the Hitler picture had been satire but Mr Bachmann's comments about refugees and others he made about German politicians had not "contributed to the trustworthiness" of the group. Bild newspaper quoted Mr Bachmann as saying he had posted the Hitler picture on his Facebook page apparently some time ago as a joke. If it was a joke nobody was laughing. A protest staged by a separate group in the eastern city of Leipzig met violent counterdemonstrations yesterday.

Police said some among the counterprotesters tried to break through barriers protecting the route where about supporters of the group calling itself LEGIDA were marching. Reviewed April 10, via mobile. Fantastic and authentic. Date of visit: February Ask katjas about Trattoria Catania Ruffiana. Thank katjas. Reviewed April 9, via mobile. Oh dear! Ask Mikey about Trattoria Catania Ruffiana. Google Translation. Report response as inappropriate Thank you. We appreciate your input. Reviewed March 30, via mobile. Excellent italuan. Date of visit: March Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Marc Sway. Twenty Ten: Greatest Hits. Una Estrella en el Cielo. Kalle Moraeus. Vinagre y Rosas. Viva Elvis: The Album. Volodos in Vienna. Arcadi Volodos. Wake Up! Watching You Think. West Coast Seattle Boy. Work It Out! Brandi Carlile. Rey Ruiz. Connect Set. A Change of Pace. Musik Wegen Frauen. Joachim Deutschland. Natalie Bassingthwaighte. Amandine Bourgeois. Mi Sonora. Charles Plogman. TV Dance Eksplozja. Gigi D'Alessio. Wolfgang Petry. A Dueto. A Good Thing. Gino Vannelli. A L'Origine. A Touch of Evil: Live. Judas Priest. Africa: The Best of Toto. Alborada do Brasil.

All I Ever Wanted. All I Want for Christmas. Kenny Chesney. Alles Fox. Amante de Lo Ajeno. America The Beautiful. American Saturday Night. Amor del Alma. Hans Zimmer. Apollo 3. Aspects of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Marina Prior. Aussie Aussie Aussie. Bachata Classics 1. Bachata Mex. Bachata Pa' la Raza ' Bachata de Amor, Vol.

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Bachatas en Ternuras. Alex Bueno. Battle Studies. John Mayer. Jordin Sparks. Beethoven Virus. Best Ballads. Cyndi Lauper. Best Trance Tunes, Vol. Jacques Dutronc. Best of MC Mario. Best of Soul Eater. Between My Head and the Sky. Fleetwood Mac. Blue Cave. Hoodoo Gurus. Boleto de Entrada. Brad Paisley Christmas [Video].

Brits Buona Pace. Cor Veleno. Grupo Encanto. Cartoon Rock!! El Hombre Linterna. Casi Angeles. Teen Angels. Celebremos Juntos. Children's Classics, Vol. Christmas Is. Mark Harris. Christmas in the Heart. Christmas with Boney M. City Homicide: Music from the Hit Series. City Lock [Single]. Mat Kearney. Mika Urbaniak. Code Geass Complete Best. Como Siempre. Como Te Atreves. El Gringo de la Bachata. Rui Reininho. Con Alma de Chamame. Con Alma de Chamame [Disc 1].

Con Alma de Chamame [Disc 2]. Bette Midler. Corridos Arremangados. Corridos Pa' La Raza. Los Razos. Corridos Sin Nombre. Conjunto Primavera. Corridos de 5 Estrellas. Corridos de Alto Impacto. Corridos de Alto Mando. Corridos de Cinco Estrellas. Corridos de Cuates Pesados. Corridos del Cartel. Crusty Demons: Beyond the Apocalypse. Cry Baby: The Ultimate Collection. Janis Joplin. Cuban Reggaeton 2. Da' Zoo. Daiquiri Blues. De Regreso Al Son. Ismael Miranda. De Volta aos Bares ao Vivo. Dead End Countdown.

Deca Dance. Dejame Sonar.

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Domisiowe Piosenki Na Lato. Dora's Christmas [Video]. Dora the Explorer. Dos Clasicos. La Mafia. Down to Earth. Yuna Ito. Duetos []. Duke Pandemonium. Marmaduke Duke. Duman I. Duman II. Easy Does It. Leona Lewis. El Mas Completo. El Mundo Gira. Voz a Voz. Elephant Princess [Soundtrack].

Elephant Stone. The Stone Roses. En Bellas Artes. En Vivo con la Plebada. En Vivo, Vol. Es un Secreto No se lo Digas a Nadie. Maldita Nerea. Esencial de Gloria Trevi. Gloria Trevi. Esencial de Los Trovadores. Espacios del Alma. Noemi Luz. Esperando Verte. Essential 80's, Vol. Essential Dance Hits, Vol. Essential Disco Fever Lounge. Essential Magic Moments. Attaque Estas Seleccionada. Este Ritmo Se Baila Asi. Esto Tiene Boom Boom. Zone D'Tambora. Eu E O Tempo. Everybody Knows Pt. John Legend. Exitos de Jorge Celedon.

Jorge Celedon. Experience: Live from New York. Jan Vogler. Falling Down. Feel Good 80s. Wes Carr. Fever Ray. Fiesta Latina [DVD]. First Step. Flight [Original Soundtrack]. For Our Heroes. For Your Entertainment. Forever Friends. Forever Friends: Thank You Mum. Gavin DeGraw. Free Tempo. Friends [Blu-Spec]. Yoshio "Chin" Suzuki. Fuerza Natural. Gustavo Cerati.

G3 Live in Denver. Galaxy [Blu-Spec]. Garden Shed [Blu-Spec]. Gente Peligrosa. El Compa Chuy. Ghost of a Chance. Gintama Best. Give It All Away. Theo Tams. Give Up the Ghost. Glee: The Music, Vol. Gli Album Originali. Vasco Rossi. Go On. Godskitchen Polska Gold-Greatest Hits. Deep Purple. Gold: Greatest Hits. Grace Around the World.