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This is because the kind of person who orders a custom bike is also the kind of extremely fussy person who is highly unlikely to remain satisfied with any bike for a long period of time. The truth is, when it comes to forever bikes, frame material and provenance are both minor details. For the most part, if built competently and treated by its rider with a reasonable amount of care, a bike made from any of the more common frame materials will easily outlive you.

Get ready for the Bike Everywhere Month Challenge, happening May 12222!

Secondly, you must be patient. Bike Snob Mercilessly disassembling cycling culture. Eben Weiss. You can only transcend it. Facebook Icon. Twitter Icon.

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See More. And the time I tried to kick a stick out of my front wheel while going along but ended up getting my foot stuck in the spokes and somersaulting along the road, makes me shake my head and laugh at how long I held on. I cycled at university. And I hire bikes to sightsee on most holidays.


Last Christmas I even rode through the snow up an Italian mountain. I cycled everyday while pregnant, then when my kids were toddlers I rode with them in a trailer and now, excitingly, they ride their own bikes. And they say exercise has been shown to boost self-esteem, reduce depression and anxiety, more effectively than medication, and alleviate and reduce the risk of dementia. While a study reported in the Harvard Business Review shows that the stress-reducing benefits of exercise can help you manage your work life balance by making you productive.

But how else does cycling win over other forms of physical exercise?

The only way to see

When in major cities, such as London, the fact you can use cycling to commute is a huge factor. Two thirds of Londoners list public transport as the most stressful part of living in the capital. I have zero commute stress. Recently the iconic British folding bike brand Brompton teamed up with the Stress Management Society to show how commuters who cycled to work were 40 per cent less likely to be tense in the first hour of work than those who drove or took public transport.

Cyclists are in control of their own journey and feeling in control, alongside the benefits of exercising will dramatically decrease the stress of a commute. For me cycling made living in a phenomenally hectic city such as London not just bearable but actually very pleasurable. Some facts and figures about the positive effects of cycling :.

Chris Bradley, a sports psychologist at Loughborough University tells me one clear benefit of cycling over other physical exercise, such as a gym workout, is that you do it outside.

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Unlike swimming or running you have less restrictions on your speed, so you can experience the adrenaline of going fast and that can be quite addictive. Plus you get the emotional satisfaction of completing tough rides. It helps you stop thinking about normal life. Research is increasingly showing that keeping fit while pregnant can make you less likely to experience problems in late pregnancy and labour.

And though doctors often caution against sports in which you might fall and harm the baby, I found cycling during both my pregnancies a massive benefit to me physically and especially mentally, with the distraction it provided playing a massive part. My mile round commute across London was easily the most enjoyable part of my day.

Then as now I loved the sensation of pedalling and freewheeling around the urban space. I also love how meditative that experience is; the way it forces you to be centred in the moment. Click here to cancel reply.

Riding Electric Bicycles Boon To Health And Not Cheating, Confirms Literature Review

Leave this field empty. My wife and I are going to have a lot of spare time over the summer, and we really want to do an activity that is both fun and healthy. It would be great if we could find some trails that are specifically for biking so that we can get in shape while enjoying the sights of nature. The urban bike magazine.