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The progress my son made was tremendous and he ended up being a straight A student in Algebra. He has done an amazing job to provide engaging lessons, that ensures our son masters content. He is always extremely prepared and provides timely communication regarding our son's progress. We are appreciative of his support and are confident that our son will be successful in his math courses. She struggles with the math concepts and he is able to connect the dots for her in a way that helps her retain the knowledge in math class.

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She looks forward to her tutoring sessions each week. The best part is that her grades are improving each week. He has been an exceptional teacher. She was struggling the first semester to the point of wanting to drop the class. We looked to the school for tutor assistance with no real results. Then we found Tutor by Design. After the first session, everything just started clicking and she turned her grade from failing to a B for the year. Each six weeks her knowledge and confidence improved. Aaron would have the class lessons ready for her by viewing the teacher's website.

No time was wasted during their sessions. He was always prepared and answered any questions she had. He was accommodating to our schedules and was attentive to her way of learning. We definitely recommend Tutor by Design and wouldn't hesitate to use his services again in the future. Aaron's tutoring techniques and excellent bedside manner really helped Theo to learn the material and succeed, where school tutorials and other special education services had failed him. Theo was struggling to manage his ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome symptoms, and we were on the fence about whether the cost of private tutoring was worth the investment, but one look at Theo's changed to positive attitude and improved Math skills proved to us that Aaron's program was well worth it.

Highly Recommended. Aaron is a fantastic tutor! He's done a masterful job helping my middle and high school kids really understand some complex math problems and theories so they can apply them at school. Aaron goes above and beyond by reviewing each teacher's lesson plan for the week and comes prepared to each session with highly relevant and individualized focus areas.

It's great for me to see my kids have those "aha" moments and get excited about math!

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Well qualified, trusting and fun!! Aaron started working with our son over a year ago and it's been a great experience for the whole family. I first reached out to Aaron because I wanted him to help with my 12yrs old son in Math. My son has always been an A or B student but Math has always been his weakness. Math has never been my strength either so his dad has been tutoring him as needed. As the math coursework got harder, I saw how frustrating it was for my husband to tutor my son.

I also saw how deflating my son felt when dad was trying to drill into his head the new concepts. I knew the relationship was not helping either of them and I need to seek outside help and quick. When we first met Aaron, I knew it was going to be a good fit. Not just for us but also for my son. I knew that for a teenager to enjoy being tutored, I had to to find a tutor that was well qualified but also someone that can connect and build trust with my son.

Aaron was able to instantly connect with my teenager on a level that my husband and I could not reach. He's able to teach my son new concepts, keep him engaged and he can do it while still making my son laugh and smile. We've been with Aaron for over a year now and my teenager still does not complain when he has to go see Aaron every week. It's like the ONE thing that he does not complain.

Do you think I don't know that you roll your eyes when I call? Trust me, I would rather be the fun mom, the awesome mom, the mom that everybody likes. But my son can't afford that mom, so I am the mom who gets him what he needs.

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It takes an awful lot out of me, and some days, I don't greet you at the door with a lot of energy. What you might think is crabby is really just empty. Your training should have included how much this therapy costs. I'm sure it didn't, but I'd like you to understand the sacrifices we are making to pay for all of this. You are worth it, I have seen it with my own two eyes, but it means we cut and save.

Instead of a vacation, we pay for medical bills and insurance premiums. I work from bedtime to 2 a. So I can be a part of my son's progress. I wonder if you know that placing this responsibility in someone else's hands is terrifying. You are tasked with seeing my child's potential, and reaching through thorns and brambles, through cuts and scratches, and bringing all that potential to the surface. You are tasked with nothing less than changing my son's life. This might be the most important thing you ever do. I want you -- no, I need you to understand this.

I need you to understand that every morning I wake up and hope for a breakthrough, and that every night I go to bed worrying about my son's future. This is a lot of weight to carry.

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I have handed you a small portion of that weight. I need to know that your shoulders are strong enough to carry it. Also on HuffPost:. Early-morning writer, adoptive mom, special ed lawyer, gifted complainer about Phoenix summers,.

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Real Life. These children NEED our help so badly however with this years budget cuts and higher expectations, there is no way they will be able to be helped the way they need it. In fact, they are actually getting less help. To those people who make all the thoughtless decisions on education because of ignorance, it shows how you "truly" care about our future leaders of this country. I would love to know how to teach a child, no wait, 23 children I teach first grade to 7 years of age who are seriously below grade level requirements for all subject areas, BY OURSELVES, to read and keep up with the push for higher expectations on standardized testing scores You are doing a major disservice for our kids by making poor decisions.

There is little problem in teaching children to read, the challenge is to teach them to LEARN from reading Here is how to learn about this: The Storied But Untold Content of Content Area Literacy to all aspects of InstructionOne of the best stories never told is the cornucopia of solutions to educational problems that are can be harvested from the quarter acre of the Educational field called Content Area Literacy.

The fertility of CAL methodology is easily demonstrable. Using the CAL Solutions suggested in the Figure ahead, for example, would cause most any teacher, language arts to math, to be able to know some of the best ways to accomplish many of the fundamental goals detailed. Representative CAL Solutions 1. Assessing and improving student skill in handling the various "language redundancy patterns in the prose," or language style characteristics of the various disciplines. Be able to assess and quickly instruct students in how to more efficiently and effectively use the particular textbooks of their various content classes.

Know how to take virtually any textbook and make it more accessible to all students in most any heterogeneously grouped class4. Teach students how to form a mind focusing purpose for reading a particular selection in a manner that imparts strategies for performing this crucial task for them. Prepare a reading and discussion lesson on a piece of text that simultaneously teaches question raising, question answering and many of the fine points of instructional conversation, and in the process overcoming the sometimes vague irrelevancies and disconnected discussion that a class can lapse into.

Design a quick pullout and promptly back to class system that within as little as weeks teaches and trains very needy students in the fundamentals of decoding, word recognition and analysis. Utilize a teaching method that with one slight tweak of teacher behavior can convert even workbook or computer-based exercise activity into a more generative — positively disposed and more analytical and strategic levels of reading and thinking. Know how to impart both interest in words and the acquisition of a vocabulary that within one semester could yield significant gains in virtually every area tested on typical scholastic achievement tests.

Conduct very brief and frequent exercises in writing from multiple perspectives which creates multiple and poignant written conversations and with a minimum of teacher reviewing of papers. Teach for creative outcomes effortlessly, and often by just explicitly asking for it. The professors, administrators and teachers who can provide the means and methods of satisfying just the obligations and solutions found in this Figure would instantly be distinguishable from even the most naturally talented but uncertified persons who would claim the privilege of being called Teacher.

Ironically, the answers to these and a host of related technical questions can be found in most any solid Content Area Reading textbook, and could easily be woven into the many "Leadership" programs that now dominate doctoral studies throughout the nation, but are very light on pedagogical science. Anthony V. For those students who are having difficulty in learning to sound out words, an excellent resource is Words Their Way or Word Journeys.

A child's mistakes in spelling shows you what they are slowing down on when they read. Don't view it as spelling, view it as a window to their mind. Look at their specific errors and identify what level of decoding a student has mastered. Whatever a student has mastered will come out in their spelling.

Next, after finding their specific level, teach the child to "feel" for the sounds in their mouth. What do you use to make the sounds? Your lips? Are the sounds voiced Buh or unvoiced Puh? By teaching a child to feel instead of just listen, you will help them move forward, especially those students who are not auditory learners.

Good luck. If your son is reading at a Grade 4 level, make sure he is also comprehending, deeply, at a Grade 4 level. Some children can "decode" many years above their age, but cannot really understand the deeper meaning of a Grade 4 text, things such as character behaviour, inferences and author's message. If his writing is weak, it would be worth it to read Grade 1 and Grade 2 books and look at the writing and how the author is putting things together.

My daughter is having difficulty reading, I love the tips this article gives could you give any examples of books that have the hight percentage of words that can be sound out by an early reader. I will really appreciate any suggestions. My son is in first grade. He is on a fourth grade reading level and low in writing. Where should he be mid year in writing? Just an idea! Each child is different. When is your child most alert? After breakfast? You know your child best. Hi Tessi,I understand your problem, private teaching is sometimes expensive but you can go to youir public library and check out progams for the computer that will teach phonics and computer games that will be fun to learn the sounds of words.

There are also many schools have free summer school based on need that are totally free. Good Luck and first grade is just the start My son is having dificulty in reading because of his hearing problem when he was in kender garden, but now his okay after the operation.

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They advice me to put my son on summer program for reading but is so expensive we cant afford so im traying to find a way that i can teach my son in home that is effective. Thank you. I walk down the halls and see first grade written work posted in the hallway with misspellings crossed out and the correct word written above.

Is this ok to do? It seems to "violate" their work when I see all the cross-outs. Thanks you. Steven - My suggestion is to find a strong phonics based program such as Hooked on Phonics. We are using it with our daughter who is very bright but is not being taught phonics at school. The program takes 20 minutes a day and we all find it enjoyable. Our experience is that you will have to work with her yourself since the schools, even very good ones, are overburdened and you cannot turn the issues over to them.

My daughter lost her hearing at 2. She now has Cochlear implants in both ears. Problem is she still speaks and understands on a yr old level. Now at age 7 she is about to enter public school and has yet to grasp the concept that letters have sounds. She memorizes words. She is quite good at it but it presents a problem in reading new material. Question: how do we get the school system to lead us into this area of learning with her and what special training will they provide, and are required to provide? I want her to be sucessful in this area as she is behind and needs special help.

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Thanks,A Concerned Father. I am a third grade teacher but I also a Ph. Continue with your articles that are beneficial for students and families. Author Interviews Meet your favorite authors and illustrators in our video interviews. Book Finder Create your own booklists from our library of 5, books!

Themed Booklists Dozens of carefully selected booklists, for kids years old. Nonfiction for Kids Tips on finding great books, reading nonfiction and more. Skip to main content. You are here Home. First Grade Instruction. By: Learning First Alliance. When it comes to reading, the nine months of first grade are arguably the most important in a student's schooling. Related Launching Young Readers series.