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In , this young painter from Marseilles, executes Ossian singing [fig. His brush, which copies the fresco technique, seeks to exceed the norms established by Jacques-Louis David. Its dimensions, clashing colors and the new subject in itself make this painting stand out in the Salon, and cannot be described as nothing more than primitive by all the critics, sometimes even too crudely primitive.

Many criticize and question this picture that could endanger the classic artistic trend rapport? The danger of this painting is palpable for the contemporaries. By trying to imitate the primitivism of the poems, Duqueylar wanted to merge different styles together. The original of , known through the engraving of Normand [fig. The copy dated from , which is apparently bought by Bernadotte and goes to Sweden, by the play of acquisitions, is the one that is closer to the spirit of the original canvas [fig.

When compared to the engraving of Normand, few differences can be detected. Though, when the same picture is confronted to the one in la Malmaison, there is clearly a deep gap of time between the two. In the older one, the brush seems wilder and rougher, giving a primitive edge to the figures, and a great movement to the overall composition, translating rather well the turmoil that France was facing.

Also, a more acute knowledge of Ossian is shown, as for example, Fingal the warrior on the right with his head in his hand, has only one wing to his helmet as in the texts of Macpherson. On the contrary, the picture in Malmaison, supposedly executed between and , though I do tend to see in this one, a later touch that can be seen in Hylas and the nymph of for instance, is more polished and tedious, giving the impression that it pales in comparison to the other one which is more passionate. But it is interesting to compare two other pictures that represented the same theme.

Both are entitled the Melancholy. If the figure of the bard playing his harp to evoke the ghosts of his past is common in the ossianic iconography [fig. Colin], some painters choose other prominent figure to represent this primitive melancholy. Indeed, Elizabeth Harvey, an English-born painter active in France, around , presents at the Salon of Malvina crying for the death of Oscar [fig.

Uthal d'Étienne Nicolas Méhul

In the manner of the symbolic figures depicting melancholy, Malvina is shown in a profound state of stupor and deeply slacked? Despite the presence of her comrades and their efforts to give her back the desire to hunt or to sing, Malvina does not react to her entourage and succumbs to the despair of having lost her lover. The artist chose a clever way to hide the architecture of the towers by placing a wall that lets us see it through a window. But the originality of the Nature depicted here is the site that is in the right corner of the picture. The sublimated and primitive Nature accentuates the feelings of the virtuous heroine, crying on behalf of his lover.

Melancholy and nostalgia are intrinsically linked to Ossian, as stated previously: more so than any other themes, the ever presence of death, through the fantasmagoric evocations of the dead, can be explained, after the Revolutionary days, as a funerary homage. This trend of rendering, during approximately 30 years, a communication with ghosts through dreams and music cannot be minimized, but must be, on the contrary, understood as the reflection of a particular generation that needed to express its feelings, without a real political impact, with the too great implications of politics in art.

Ingres was a fellow comrade of the sect since he came to the studio of David in For a young boy, the discourses of Maurice Quay must have left a deep impact. The first one can be explained by Ingres visiting the Salon of and the second one because he possessed an engraving of Ossian evoking the ghosts on lake Lora by John Godefroy [fig. Is it due to the fact that Ingres worked anew on his canvas when he was older, that this painting seems cold and strange?

The strange primitivism of this canvas changes the subtle ossianic ghosts to antique sculptures looking at Ossian. In this case, even if Ossian is presented as a sleeper, this does not hinder the feeling of Melancholy that is deeply associated to his figure. Indeed, just as in the state of melancholy when the body is totally deprived of movement, the state of sleep is also revealed by the slackening of the whole character. Not only is the bard totally cut from the world, which prevents him to see the ghosts of his beloved relatives, from now on he is introvert, immured in his dream, but more so he shuts himself away in melancholy.

He is both Nature itself facing the last days of rest before a thorough industrialization and Man weeping on the last days of a world bound to drastically change. All concurred to make of Ossian an emblematic figure of the Eighteenth century and beginning of the Nineteenth century. The revolutionary turmoil that storms in France exacerbates this vision of an Ideal Savage: he is both emblematic of a society lost in front of the annihilation of a world that she considered unchanging and just as Ossian, this generation is blind to the future that spreads before her and can only mourn the deaths, caused by the political and social upheavals.

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He was a popular, legendary singer.

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Antoine, the main character, hears the news of the death of the mayor of his hometown, whose career had been tarnished a decade earlier by a scandal. The story follows a young single Algerian woman and her round trips between France and Algeria. Algiers, In , Ryad, a student in Paris, feels nothing but indifference towards literature.

On a trip to Algiers, he is tasked with removing books from some premises, under the watchful eye of old Abdallah. Aboard a Peugeot or a sailboat, on a bicycle, bus or TGV, two friends embark on funny road trip through France and its culture. France has just declared war on England. So Louis Fronsac is surprised - and worried - when a gray eminence from London asks him to find a jewel belonging to the Stuarts. Should he accept? It is a trap set by his enemies? Jmiaa, a prostitute in Casablanca, lives alone with her daughter.

Laurent doesn't want to return to his childhood village where he doesn't have very good memories. On arrival the tension is palpable and will continue to grow. The extreme right comes to power and the narrator's universe flips into a confusing Manichaeism. Mohamed, an old Algerian living in Paris, finally decides to return to Algiers, his hometown. He convinces Rachid, who arrived in France at the same time as him, to accompany him.

Both discover a country that has profoundly changed. He put a bomb that never exploded in a factory in Algiers in Fernand Iveton was the only pied noir to be guillotined during the war of Algeria. Prix Goncourt du premier roman Prix Alain-Fournier ; Prix du premier roman Shell lives alone with his parents at a petrol station. One day his parents decide to place him in an institute for special needs children.

He then escapes home to go to the "war seen on TV" to prove himself to the world. The narrator meets an ex-boyfriend on the street. From there they start a new relationship. A text in dialogues which could be a play. Psychological thriller. Seeking some consolation through therapy, Gabriel gets to know an intriguing woman…. The author talks about her childhood in Mayotte, life on Mauritius, and the Indian language of her parents and ancestors.

She denounces the misdeeds of globalization, the fate given to migrants and the question of racism. In Mayotte, Moses, a child rejected by his mother, is adopted by a nurse named Marie. When he learns the truth about his origins, Moses rebels and falls under the control of Bruce and his gang. Prix Meilleur Roman Points A beautiful and touching story of an unusual freinship between an autistic boy Yannis and an American architect Eliot.

The writer portrays his father, who was Turkish, and evokes his memories of childhood and adolescence in a boarding school in Switzerland. He also remembers distance and tears, a confrontation on the Jewish question and the quest for his esteem. Winner of the Prix Jean Giono Historical novel set in Constantinople and Venice in the early 16th Century.

Pamela, a waitress in a Japanese restaurant, dreams of becoming a geisha. Thad is from Brittany and loves Kung Fu movies. They fall in love and when Thad disappears, Pamela goes to Japan to look for him. Chess champion Gustave Meyer sees his life turned upside down when he is accused of murdering his ex-wife.

Four friends, four love stories. A young girl found unconscious on the beach is suffering from amnesia… who is she and what does she want? Prix du roman historique The fictional story of the lion "Personne" who lived in Senegal and France, arriving at the menagerie of Versailles in until his death in This epic is told from the point of view of the animal. Everything has changed in just a few decades.

A novel which depicts a particular French province, showing its people and poverty. A dive into the world of wine where a friendship between two men grows from drunkenness and encounters with truculent characters in a world of parties, tastings and escapades. It causes the son to realise what it means to be an exile, forced to leave his country, language and home.

In order to overcome heartbreak, a woman revisits the life and work of Jean Racine, who was able to describe the passion of love with great accuracy. The writer evokes his Algerian childhood, his rejection of Islam and the refuge he has found in writing. Where does this anger come from? This book is a tribute to the author's maternal grandmother, Idiss. It does not claim to be either a biography or a study of the condition of Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire who came to Paris before Maude is shocked to discover episodes from her own life in the pages of a book.

No one can explain these coincidences, not even the author himself. The truth is that no one can imagine the nightmare that she lives everyday…. Louis is a taciturn retiree. After discovering an emperor penguin that he develops a real affection for, he embarks for the Antarctic.

The narrator, a 40 year old lady, writes a treatise on perfect love which reveals her discoveries about male-female relationships. A love story between a man and a woman whose lives seem totally incompatible. Marta K. She doesn't remember her past, and even when she is introduced to her husband and children, her amnesia remains. She goes home, surrounded by her loved ones, with the feeling that she is missing someone.

A wonderful mix of fairytale, poetry, fable and adventure story. The story of Maria and Clara, two little girls who meet elves. The special detective is sent to a village where he will have to deal with a possessed girl, a haunted Abbey, a white lady wandering in the forest and a girl with a red hood who does not seem to fear wolves. The detective and his collaborator a heretical monk investigate the barbaric murder of a young woman whose body was found in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles.

These thirteen short stories feature a gallery of ordinary characters confronted with the absurdity of their lives: a famous rheumatologist who becomes a singer, an adulterous couple addicted to car boot sales, an artist who changes his pseudonym every four days, etc. The war has been over for a few months when Alice, eight years old, meets her mother for the first time. This is the beginning of a long journey: from Paris to New York, Alice will discover the secret of her past, and leave her childhood forever.

Isabelle loves Pierre but will only marry him if her family agrees. Pierre meets his potential in-laws in the country for a week. It quickly turns into a nightmare. These short stories invite readers to dive into a rich imagination full of fantasy, poetry and humour.

Théodore Botrel

They are complete stories in just a few sentences. Facing him,sits Aman, a recently-arrived Eritrean refugee,who wonders, as the reader, how far these tragicomic digressions will lead A year after the Brexit vote, Marguerite comes to London with a brilliant business idea…. A deeply moving text on identity, parentage and Franco-Algerian memory. We follow a father struck by "Ali Zaimeur's" illness and his son. A dark social novel in which the author draws a picture of our society at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Annecy, Jeanne Deligny, a 44 year old nurse, is found dead in her apartment.

With no apparent reason for the crime, the investigators find it difficult to move forward. Part love story and part "Science-non-fiction", the narrator wants to become immortal and tries everything possible to achieve his goal. If Rimbaud hadn't died, what would he have become? The poet learns of his own death in the newspapers; at first shocked by this mistake, he then decides to start on a whole new life. Six members of a family on the brink of implosion shout their revolt. Some still want to believe in a better world when others want to blast the lies and hypocrisy of a time without redemption.

This novel is a portrait of a society that allows selfishness to prevail over any social or moral idea. A literary puzzle in which the protagonist is a painter who no longer paints. Frank Logan, a policeman in Silicon Valley, is in charge of a special case: finding Ada, an artificial intelligence robot designed to write romance novels. Faced with this computer program which speaks, has a sense of humour, gives its opinion, and who is not stopped by police, Frank is distraught.

At the head of a thriving business in New Mexico, married to the beautiful Sarah and father of three children, Walker, 43, gives all the appearances of success. However, he hates his busy lifestyle and decides to stage his death. Detective Nick Shepherd, convinced that Walker is still alive, is looking for him. Following a stroke, a famous painter is confined to a wheelchair. His life of exhibitions, travels and freedom comes to an end. Convinced that his marriage is the cause of all his troubles, he starts writing in secret.

One day his wife discovers the manuscript. The story of an insomniac who became a murderer to order to "find sleep". The story of Amir, a prosperous merchant from Fez, who has a "temporary wife" called Nabu, a Peul woman from Dakar. In March , under the reign of Hassan II, ninety-four students are punished for demonstrating peacefully in the streets of the big cities of Morocco with nineteen months detention. The narrator is one of them. A group of men meet regularly to tell each other about their love lives.

They do not judge each other or comment, they just listen. A French couple on the run in the United States go to the theatre to see a classic. The play tells the story of a couple in the Middle Ages who refused to submit to the law and were condemned to death. Little by little, the spectators sought by the police merge with the characters on stage. The tender world of a writer in search of inspiration and love. A student is invited to join a young woman in New York to help her unravel the mystery surrounding her boyfriend Dragan, a Romanian art critic who has been accused of murder.

The intersecting destinies of an American serial killer in the 90s and a Soviet physicist wrongly convicted during Stalin's regime. A fictional novel on the life of Saul Kaloyannis, a Greek soldier defeated by the Turks in September In , the novelist Marc Bernard is sent to Sarcelles by his publisher. His mission is to settle for three months in this new city and bring back a book of testimony. The narrator inherits 1, books from a mother he has never known. Should he accept the inheritance of someone who abandoned him? Who was the woman hidden behind these books?

In this humorous and satirical novel, French TV celebrities meet characters of French history; Nabilla and Lacan, Charlot and migrants. Prix Maison de la Presse Philippe Besson tells his heartbreaking secret love story with Thomas Andrieu , and whose outcome is tragic. A young man recalls the summer when he was eighteen, spent with his father on the Atlantic coast. He feels deep hatred towards his father and his old grievances resurface. In the lobby of a hotel, a woman meets a man who will change her life. Buenos Aires, Julia has inherited her grandmother's gift of seeing the future.

On the death of Peron, Julia gets involved in the clandestine resistance movement. Crime committed on an isolated Norwegian island has grave consequences for the situation in France. Two detectives are investigating the death of Roland Barthes among the French intellectual milieu and discover the existence of a secret society, the Logos Club. They soon have to face the hostility of big cereal farmers and livestock producers. First novel. Eleven uplifting stories, with unexpected turns and twists, where characters are the subjects of a possible new life.

Two parties are being planned on the island. Cabaret artists, writers, doctors, prostitutes, prisoners, patients, musicians, and poets all find themselves attempting to fight against the destruction of the world and find hope. A journalist ventures around the Persian Gulf and discovers a world of fascinating excess, where anything can happen, the best as well as the worst. When Roetgen arrives in Tsientsin, China, he meets Beverly, a deliciously eccentric woman, twenty years his senior. They become lovers. As Beverly reveals certain parts of her eventful life, she asks Roetgen, like a Sheherazade, to tell her stories as incredible as her own life.

We follow the life of the main character, from the immigration of his Spanish parents until their departure from Algeria at the beginning of the 60s, and the commitment of the son as a surgeon to the Allies in Working as a wedding photographer, a young man records the moments of fear, hope and joy of the couples around him. The job makes him question his own professional and emotional choices. An aging professor goes to the opening of an exhibition of paintings by Alexandre Laudin - a former student who has become a celebrity in the art world.

He cannot imagine for a moment how this reunion will change his life. A great and beautiful book like a love letter, a list of wonders and visions by the solitary writer and poet. Her sister begins to find Lila's behaviour threatening, to the point of suspecting her to be at the origin of the death of their mother. The story of a family of four daughters — arguments, worries, tears and love. Christophe Bolstanski tells the story of his grandfather who had to remain hidden during WW2. The autobiography of a passionate biographer and how her works about Romain Gary, Gala Dali, Stefan Zweig, Camille Claudel, Colette, and many more, became her own personal story.

A writer accepts the challenge of an expedition to a jungle in Venezuela. Prix de la Vocation In a Caribbean village, Serena Otero is the heir to a sugar plantation and distils the best rum in the region. Intrepid travellers in search of a year-old treasure regularly visit the plantation. A member of the French Foreign legion returns home to discover the culprit of the death of his brother, murdered twenty years earlier during a strike. The narrator dreams of becoming a writer and abandons his studies. He becomes an assistant in a luxury shop and falls in love with Natasha, a woman who has more experience than him.

May Five young Jews follow the course of the Loire River, hoping to join the ocean and embark for America. But the meanders are numerous and perilous. Pursued by the police for speeding, Benoit panics and decides to hide. He doesn't want to confront his father, a policeman. In the thickets of the Lure mountain, he meets Azza, a young girl who also escaped from home. During his quest, he meets mackerels, tsars, beasts from the other side of the Styx, children and veterans of three wars.

It will end in June of the same year. It has people from all walks of life, fleeing what will become World War II. Ute von Ebert, the last heiress of an industrial empire, lives in Erlingen in Germany. Her daughter lives in London. She describes her life in Erlingen besieged by an enemy who believes in the "unique law of humanity". The second volume of the Dossier M, a literary love story embracing many genres. A love story with a mysterious M mixing guns, sex games, money, the urge to kill or commit suicide, lies, passion, laughter or tears.

A story of love and friendship between a teacher heckled by her students, recently left by her great love and a man without money or employment and constantly on therapy. This is the story of the end of a relationship. After eight years Adrian leaves A. A book that the author admits she has written for all people who have suffered heartbreak. The narrator retraces her childhood, her adolescence, her years as a student, torn between Algeria and Brittany.

The story of this unusual and fantastic couple who reinvents life every day. Humorous and moving, it has quickly become a bestseller in France. The friendship between a misanthropic salt marsh worker and an ambitious real estate agent. One leads an almost monastic life, happily disconnected from any technology, while the second proudly parks his Porsche in front of nightclubs.

Mathieu has devoted the last 20 years of his life to his bookshop. It has cost him his marriage, his relationship with his daughter, and now his sanity. Although many friends try to help him, it seems only his estranged daughter holds the key to his recovery. Lorenzo, a veterinarian, wants to build an animal park where species will evolve closer to their natural habitat and, at the same time, seduce the woman he still secretly loves. A crazy bet that will arouse admiration or hostility. Ten intense texts where the author explores topics of parent-child relationships and abandonment.

We follow diverse characters in the quest for love and happiness. Four short stories, set in nineteenth and twentieth century Provence show us characters of the countryside trying to rebuild their strengths after having been subjected to the cruelty and injustice of life. In a poverty-stricken area of the countryside, Father Gabriel receives in confession a very singular request. He is to read the notebooks belonging to a certain Rose. Every day he walks for hours in the streets of Paris, hoping to meet new people and make new friends. The narrator, who works in a sex shop, collects the confessions of thousands of people, their relationship anxieties, their loneliness and intimacy.

Camille, a lawyer, is given an unusual case: identifying the owner of a sculpture by Brancusi called the Kiss. To determine who owns this work, she will have to follow the destiny of a young Russian exile who found refuge in Paris in Julie travels to Asia in the summer of with a friend of Japanese origin.

In reality, her friend belongs to a group of revolutionary militants who work on behalf of the dictator Kim II-sung. Julie is abducted and taken to Pyongyang, and must learn the way of life in North Korea. The destiny of a family of West Indians caught between two worlds. The story of a year-old married stewardess and mother, who rekindles the romance she had with a musician 20 years ago. Leyli from Mali arrived in Marseilles a few years ago. She is a mother of three children and works as a cleaner in a hotel.

One day her daughter is accused of having murdered a charity worker who helped migrants. Colin would never have thought that his stay on the island of his childhood would be so hectic or that so many mysteries would be revealed. A woman returns to the scene of a car accident in which she was the only survivor. Marthe Bothorel, widowed and retired, is passionate about the history of art.

Du patrimoine musical. Le concours de chants nationaux de - Persée

In a painting contest, she discovers a crime scene. From the Bateau-Lavoir de Montmartre to the Ruche de Montparnasse, a serial killer seems to be taking inspiration from famous paintings. Marthe and her two crazy friends, Nastia and Jacote, help the music-loving policeman leading the investigation. A famous singer collapses after a road accident, and following the death of her brother she now lives in a very fragile world.

Unable to write, she hires a writer who will change her life. Adrien has to deliver a speech at his sister's wedding. At the dinner party, between the Gratin Dauphinois and the guests, he is waiting for a text message from his ex. A humorous novel. A dying elderly woman reveals her personal story. A novel which takes us through the Russian and Soviet tragedies from the upheavals of the civil war in until the present day.

The beginnings of Christianity or how, at the end of the First Century, Paul and Luke turned a small Jewish sect into a religion that would conquer the world. A man killed his wife. This is a long monologue to tell the facts. A story of domination in the couple. Arthur, a former alcoholic trader, works in a factory producing coloured pencils; Charlotte, a blind woman, is a specialist in colours. When colour disappears from the planet, they decide to ally themselves to save people from depression.

Jules, former guide dog of the blind, has become a simple pet since Alice recovered her sight. He was selected to be a trainer at a canine school specializing in the detection of epileptic seizures. He made the acquaintance of Victoire, a superb detective of explosives who seeks to retire, after losing her sense of smell.

An honest and hardworking woman who raises her children alone smuggles a large quantity of cannabis. Without guilt or fright, she becomes the Mother, a mafia leader. Prix The Point of the European Polar The immersion of three teenagers in a theme park seems to blur in their minds the border between fiction and "real life".

Forty years after the mining disaster which took the life of his brother, Michel returns to the North to punish the person responsible for the negligence. To honour a promise to a dying friend, George goes to Beirut to produce the play "Antigone" with actors from different political and religious backgrounds. The aim is to create harmony in a scene set in the ruins of a country torn apart by the war. She wants to rebuild her life but it is her children's lives which start to change. A love story between a French student in New York and an American actor. A couple who have been happily married for thirty years is surrounded by characters with conflicting feelings.

An former office clerk who now works in a zoo keeps meeting people who end up dying soon after. The Spencer family has just moved to Mahingan Falls. A haven of peace. At least that's what they thought. During a literary event set in a monastery in the Alpes, celebrity writers disappear one by one. Caroline and Olivier are 16 years old, they love each other and would like the world around them to stop speaking to them about love.

They are afraid of not being up to the task. However, they realised that it is sometimes in the wildest daring that real wisdom lies. Charles de Gaulle has been cloned. The diary of Chevillard is funny, sometimes insolent, but always spiritual. Eric Chevillard has reconstructed a false and delirious novel made up of sentences taken from various writers.

An ironic text against institutionalised and self-satisfied literature. The notebook of Ronce-Rose contains only the stories of a peaceful existence with Machefer, until her life is turned upside down, and this enjoyable diary becomes a narrative of a desperate quest. The financially troubled owner of thirty hectares of land in the Creuse decides to create a tropical greenhouse to grow all the exotic plants he has never seen.

The story of a year-old divorced woman and her daughter who spend their holidays reading on the beach and enjoying the real world through sentimental experiences. After the death of both his producer and best friend, a filmmaker reflects on his life and on his relationships. Until the day three bodies are found and the inhabitants are forced to reveal their true natures.

Denis, a failed comedian, sells his apartment. He is waiting for the buyer together with his friend Martin, a playwright no one plays. A novel full of dark humour. The Etruscan shrew Zephirine, the smallest mammal in the world, is now in the hands of the great B. L, an international consortium which took control of the planet after the War of the Clouds. The investigation will be led by a group of marginals.

Chic lit. Matilde, an Italian musician leads a seemingly happy married life in Paris. Encounter with a stranger shakes it to its foundations. Werner Zilch, adopted by a middle-class couple, dreams of conquering New York. He falls in love with Rebecca Lynch, a young artist and rich heiress. Their passionate love leads them into a bustling city in the era of Warhol, Patti Smith and Bob Dylan. But when Judith's mother sees him for the first time, she collapses. Bitna, 18, invents stories for Salome, a young girl immobilized by an incurable disease.

Bitna discovers that she exerts a new power over a human being, but also that she is being observed. Prix Femina essai The writer returns to his life, his memories, his travels, his writings and his connection with Victor Segalen whose travels and literary work echo his own life. A young migrant from Afghanistan tells his story to the son of the woman who welcomed him into her home. Fred, 30 is a freelance web journalist for a Belgian newspaper.

Appel à contribution

He dreams of the article that will bring him glory. In the meantime, he simply tests his limits in his private life. A phone call and a seemingly banal event will change everything. The crossed paths of three women, on three different continents. Ivan and Ivana, twins born in Guadeloupe and raised in a female family cocoon, maintain a close relationship.

Fate leads the brother, adrift and violent, and the sister, gentle and loving, as far as Mali, where their respective natures are finally revealed. Martinique, The population is suffering from a lack of food. Following the defeat of France by Nazi Germany foreman F. A married woman promises herself that on her birthday she will have decided whether or not to leave her abusive husband. In the palace of the Riviera, Armand Deshordes, a social alcoholic, meets Fabiola di Orsola, a diva who panics at the idea of losing her voice.

The story of a young Frenchman in in the France of the inter-war period. A story based around the monument of La Grande Arche and all the human and political drama which surrounded its construction. This fictional biography paints an intimate and moving portrait of the most famous living English painter.

An autobiography written as a trial and a dialogue to his alter ego. The author tells the surprising story of his own grandfather, one of the first Christian pastors in China. Dalembert, Louis-Philippe. The story of a Jewish family from Poland who emigrate to Haiti. The author is reflecting on Picasso and his relationship with eroticism. A boy who has lost his mother and been sidelined by his father, immerses himself in books and writing.

One evening, his half-brother calls him to the bedside of his dying father. A psychotherapist lives hidden in the forest along with her clone, far from a menacing society. Jeanne, 90, decides to begin a diary. Over the course of a year, from small events to hilarious reflections, she records her moods and memories. Michka, an elderly lady, is gradually losing the use of speech. Around her two peoples meet: Marie, a young woman to whom she is very close, and Jerome, a speech therapist.

Shimae, Japan, around the year Katsuro is a fisherman able to catch the most beautiful carps for sale in Heian-kyo markets. At his death, the task rests with his widow, the delicate Miyuki. She must face the risks of travel, the traps of the great city, magic and sorcery and evil of all kinds. Martine is a happy young woman, teacher, mother and wife. One day, at thirty-five she realizes she is no longer aging. We then discover her past life and the difficulties she faced. Arthur Dreyfuss is watching TV when there is a knock at his door. He opens it to find a famous actress looking scared and disorientated.

A novel in the form of a fable about the birth of a love story. Chaim embarks aboard the shuttle with cosmonauts dubious about the usefulness of his presence. Delerm depicts a succession of scenes that evoke suspended time and moments enriched with lasting impressions and emotion. Montmartre, Masseida, a young black woman with a painful past, wanders through the dark streets. She becomes his model and last love. A young pregnant woman on the run takes refuge in a small village, on the farm of an old man.

A Haitian mother is determined to protect her children against the cruelties of a dictator. SGDL literature prize The story of a challenging love affair between a young labourer and the daughter of a well-off land owner. Vincent has just separated from his wife, and decides to try and investigate and understand his past. A young man moves into a new apartment where strange and disturbing events start to multiply, and the neighbours gradually reveal their true selves. A novel built in 18 concise chapters full of twists and turns.

As a child, the writer Romain Gary promised his neighbour that he would mention his name to the many personalities he would meet in his life. He never failed to do so. But who was this mysterious M. The author depicts the life of a little girl surrounded by loving and original parents. We immerse ourselves in a happy childhood. However, we quickly understand that a shadow hangs over this family. The wandering of the young Fred in North America of the 80s, told with the words of today.

Continuation and end of the adventures of Vernon Subutex, former record shop owner. Twenty years later new disappearances of children occur in the same region. The story of four teenage lives facing poverty, dispossession, alienation and violence on the island of Mauritius. Having lived for eight years in a psychiatric hospital administered by his father, a man remembers his childhood among the patients. He particularly evokes a Malagasy, with whom he became friends. A coming of age novel set in medieval times.

New Fiction. Click on entry for price details. Clara works in a bank in Paris. She divides her time between her friends and colleagues, but longs to find love. One day, Alexandre Mondolini calls her about his mother's estate. She decides to help him understand the mysteries of his family, but she must remember to respect professional secrecy.

Twenty years after the murder of the Mayor and his family in a small, quiet Hamptons resort in the state of New York, a journalist by the name of Stephanie Mailer tells the Police that the wrong person was convicted, shortly before disappearing herself. Marcus Goldman tells the story of his family, the Goldmans from Baltimore. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a singular fact makes headlines in St. Petersburg,: a monstrous tiger reigns terror in distant Siberia massacre the villagers.

The Tsar then promises a fabulous reward for its capture.

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Didierlaurent, Jean-Paul. Xavier Barthoux leads a quiet life between his customers, his wife, his dog and his second home in the Cevennes. But when he discovers a crack in the wall of his house, his whole universe begins to collapse. The story of the friendship between Manelle, a home care worker and Ambroise, an embalmer. A young girl's attempt to escape the reality of her everyday life: her brothers, her violent father and submissive mother.

Between Rafah and Paris, the long journey of Nadr, a year-old Palestinian pacifist who joined the jihad forces to save his brother. The story of two Senegalese riflemen who fought under the French flag during WW1. A narrative about Iran in the seventies, France and identity. The portrait of a woman whose mother and brother reappears suddenly in her life. Marlon and his sister Joan have just buried their parents who died in a car accident.

They must now learn to live together in the family house. An old friend tries to convince them to undertake mysterious excavations in the cellar. Dan and Richard, two Afghan veterans and childhood friends, have lived in the same city since returning from war. Still seriously disturbed by what they have experienced, they struggle to regain a normal life. While Dan manages to find a job, Richard flirts with criminality and adultery, damaging his marriage to Nath. The arrival of Marlene, Nath's sister, will disrupt their lives all over again.

She doesn't remember her attacker but she knows that he isn't far away. Prix Renaudot poche Rocked by electro music and artificial dreams, she dives deeper and deeper into the world of the night. A mundane Huis clos set in the Paris of May Recreating a cabaret, they dance and sing freedom in German, Yiddish and French. A young woman interrogates her destiny and the fractures that make up her life A humoristic novel about the courage to remain oneself. Prix de Flore After having survived the abduction of Iguala on the night of 26th September , the young Alvaro flees Mexico to find himself in Silicon Valley giving in transhumanism.

In Vancouver, a professor of contemporary history is convinced that the brutal death of his parents, successively in and , is linked to the assassination of an American politician in June Dupuy, Marie-Bernadette.

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Maud Delage and his colleagues, Irwan and Xavier, are responsible for her protection. A romanticized history of the Roaring Twenties in Paris seen through the charcters of two young artists accompanied by a model and an old dandy. Thomas, a young MP, undertakes a study trip to Rugenia, a country which has become the showcase of the best of all possible worlds. The narration follows the character of Constance, who is on a special mission in various regions of France.

One winter night in a sleepy village , the narrator, a private detective, leads a strange investigation. Around him, everything appears opaque and mysterious. A young Belgian inherits from his father his passion for the football club of Bruges to which he binds all his personal failures. She meets Amedeo Modigliani, fifteen years her elder, an artist living in misery in Montparnasse. Prix Goncourt Franz Ritter, a Viennese musicologist, is in shock after an alarming medical diagnosis.

An insomniac, he escapes his lonely nights by reminiscing about his travels, studies and the wonders he has seen. Lakhdar is a young Moroccan who dreams of freedom and financial independence, and seducing a beautiful European tourist. Set against the backdrop of the Arab Spring and the economic crisis, he represents the hopes and fears of many young people in today's Mahgreb.

The author evokes the summer of her first time and the girl she used to be. The discovery of the mutilated corpse of one of the members disturbs the quiet life of its inhabitants. Who killed him and why? Lola, a young Parisian woman in her thirties, is a man-eater, a seductress collecting men… until she falls in love. A reflection on societies, French identity, on passion and loneliness. This is a novel written by two authors, between their four hands, on the difficulty to write, women, love and manhood.

It is also a literary triumph between two geographically distanced writers who managed to harmonize their characters and narrative styles. Burundi, As the boy watches his parents marriage fall apart, civil war looms. The story of the Bourgeois, a rich French family who are patriotic, Catholic and conservative. Two philosophy students leave Paris and return to Corsica to run a bar, the centre of all life in the village. This novel written in the form of a requiem for a deceased photographer is also an opportunity to evoke Corsican nationalism, the violence of modern wars and the ambiguous links between image, photography, reality and death.

This book is an ode to their friendship. A woman talks to her daughter on the phone: it's Charlene, an outgoing woman in her sixties who drinks, smokes, and dates men. She survived cancer and is not afraid to say what goes on in her heart, which for her daughter can be both touching and toxic. A young single mother takes care of her two-year-old son, from morning to night.

She allows herself to escape some nights, a few meters from the apartment first, then always a little further, always a little later, in pursuit of a semblance of lightness. Mathilde has a perfect life until the day her companion leaves her without explanation. Depressed, she ends up moving into her sister's house where she finds it difficult to be around a happy couple and family. A mysterious back problem throws the narrator's orderly life into chaos until he realises that his symptoms are a manifestation of his failures and frustrations.

A librarian creates a library of manuscripts rejected by publishers. Years later, a publisher comes across one of these manuscripts and publishes it. The success is immediate but no one knows the true identity of the author. Antoine Duris is a professor at the Beaux-Arts. From one day to the next, he decides to leave everything to become a warden in a museum. Nobody knows the reasons for this sudden change. Both adventure and memory book, Neverland is the story of a journey to the lost country of childhood.

A novel of ordinary and extraordinary adventures written in the delirious prose of Brigitte Fontaine. Philippe Forest offers the reader an unusual fable about pleasure and oblivion, which are the only two secrets of happiness. Through a searing and painful portrait of an unknown mother, the author offers his most personal novel yet. The narrator spends three days with an unknown writer, this book is a tribute to literature. The writer analyzes his personality, his reflections and his life. He talks about his pride and humility, his indifference and sensitivity, his poetry and his cruelty.

Two brothers travel through the countryside to the river where many atypical characters cross their path. The story of a woman in France in the 50s. After an unsuccessful marriage, she has a short affair with a military man who then returns to the Algerian war. She falls pregnant, and decides that she wants to find him again. A monologue retracing the life of Louise Bourgeois. A portrait of a woman who gave her life to art. A Jewish bookseller has to flee Germany and goes to France.

This is the story of s France from the perspective of a fugitive: violence, denunciations, imprisonment…. Jeanne has a stable job, a caring husband and two daughters. She is passionate about the performer Marina Abramovic, who gives an important place to the unexpected in her art. This unexpected that Jeanne invites and welcomes, one summer, into her daily life.

Arnaud and Elliott share custody of their baby, Frank, with his biological mother, Sophie. As Frank grows up, his classmates make him feel that he is different. A young stylist follows her newlywed husband in Saudi Arabia where he is assigned by the Institut Pasteur to open a laboratory. Late s, Yukon, Alaska. A woman flees California with a child braving the dangers on the tracks of the Amerindian territories of the Far North. A French secret agent is sent to Beirut to find a former US sniper suspected of trafficking.

There, he meets an Iranian archaeologist who is trying to save museum treasures from bombed cities. Somewhere between a Greek tragedy and an African fable, this is a story of abandonment, exile and revenge. Unknowingly employed by the same temp agency, Pandora Guaperal and Georges Berchanko meet in a bar. Sharing the same views on society, they devise a plan: block the cars of the holiday makers and invite them to join a revolution.

Abel is a child of nature and the animal world. He was born during the war and adopted by two brothers who teach him the culture of words. In his quest for identity, he experiences the brutality of men in all its forms. One morning Sam ups and leaves for Norway. Her partner picks up his son and decides to follow her in his old Honda. They will have to cross Lapland, icy rivers, face bears and a shower of dead fish. One morning, Gabriel discovers a stranger who has taken refuge in his home.

A young woman injured and amnesic. Who is she? Giesbert, Franz-Olivier. A fictionalised biography of Lucile Bradsock, a dentist who experienced a century of French and American history and met the great characters of the time, from Robespierre to Napoleon and the first presidents of the United States.

The story of Tiphanie known as "Belle d'amour". Thrown very young on the roads of the kingdom after the death sentence of her parents, she is reduced to slavery in Paris from where she escapes to embark on the Holy Land and start a initiation trip. To help a young actress in financial trouble, a script doctor embarks in an adventure in the south of France where he meets people who will help him realise the true meaning of life.

Du patrimoine musical. Le concours de chants nationaux de 1848

A cross between a love story and a self-help book, the story follows Mederith, a young woman who doesn't feel ready for commitment. A mixture of fiction and psychology, Romane's mission is to reduce this widespread illness whose symptoms are the feeling of superiority, egocentrism, and the penchant for power. She welcomes new trainees on her journey, adopting some interesting methods along the way. Camille cannot find happiness in her well-regulated existence.

Claude, a "routinologist", will help her to reinvent her life. In , Antoine is called to Algeria. He works in a military hospital where he meets Oscar, a young amputee. A friendship grows between the two men around the unspeakable horror of war. In the mids, the owners of a cafe are forced to seek medical treatment in a sanatorium, leaving their children in misery.

Mathilde, the eldest, refuses to give up, and fights for their return. Magda is a young woman who, as a child, suffered burns to some parts of her body as a result of a domestic accident. The scars are an important part of this novel as they strongly influence Magda in her relationships with others and her family. She is about to go to live in Australia at 25, and he is a young trader who has just completed his studies.

They both share a passion to live life to the full and both have a fear of commitment. To tackle the emptiness of the days, they get lost in the world of social networks and addiction. Alice, a dynamic communications advisor, is reunited with Jeremie, an old childhood friend, who has become a country priest. The young woman decides to use her skills to help the Parish priest bring the villagers back to the church.

Failure, separation, betrayal, but also happiness, joy, and love. The heroine of this story is embarking on an extraordinary journey towards self-discovery. As he wanders through the corridors, he goes back in his past and realizes that he endorses several identities. Jean Morer Award A fifty-year-old woman settles on the Solomon Islands. In a certain solitude, she begins an introspection that allows her to free herself from a lost love and to invent a future.

A beautiful historical novel by Patrick Grainville. France and China must sign a partnership to operate a copper mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The evidence of an illegal market risks jeopardizing this lucrative market for France. A relentless thriller on the new games of influence in Africa. A dive into an extreme and terrifying experience, of violence and esotericism.

An expedition to the land of the dead, the land of the damned souls Pauline, left by her husband Ben, finds herself obliged to live with her parents with her 4-year-old son. She decides to revive their love by sending him each day a memory of their relationship. A fairy tale set against the background of the First World War.

A young woman opens the archives of the Annecy court to return to the events that destroyed her family thirty years ago. Paul is a 17 year old androgynous man, raised by two women, in search of his true identity and his biological father. Marguerite Gachet was 19 when her father, a doctor, treated Vincent Van Gogh as a patient. Meeting the painter opens to her the world of art and reaffirms her dream to enter the Fine Arts School, despite her father's opposition. The adventures of an Algerian family in the suburbs of Nice, narrated by the eldest son Mourad.

The tormented course of Zouzou, as a child, teenager, woman and finally mother. Each episode of her life is closely related to an event: The World Cup, 11 September , the second round of the presidential election…. Prix Renaudot This Former SS doctor in Auschwitz, guilty of atrocious experiments on the deportees, believes he can reinvent himself in South America. Marie, whose husband was killed in Guyana, moved to Cayenne.

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