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Condition: Very Good. The book has been read, but is in excellent condition. The spine remains undamaged. More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. More information about this seller Contact this seller Published by National Association for the Education of You Ships from the UK. Former Library book. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. Seller Inventory GRP Published by Simon Spotlight About this Item: Simon Spotlight, Published by The Saint Andrew Press Published by Harper Paperbacks About this Item: Harper Paperbacks, Published by Harrison House Inc About this Item: Harrison House Inc, Published by Portfolio About this Item: Portfolio, Shows definite wear, and perhaps considerable marking on inside.

Published by Headline Book Publishing About this Item: Headline Book Publishing, New edition. Soares da Silva dsilva blslaw. One of the largest consuming markets in the world, Brazil is a preferred destination for companies seeking to do business internationally. The book explains most aspects of Brazilian taxation in a language accessible to anyone unfamiliar with the local legal or tax terminology.

It also provides valuable information on foreign capital registration with the Central Bank. The editorial guidelines reflect its role as a university publishing house in the Amazonian social and cultural context, linked to the institutional objectives of academic excellence. Some of the themes conveyed in other works by Paes Loureiro, such as the Amazonian man, myths, nature, and religion, reappear in this book, in which the poet is in search of senses and meanings for his verse. The focus of his theoretical as well in his artistic writing, the enchanted words in this volume aim at being the language which, as a metaphor of the real world, veil and unveil it.

In this poetic dimension, Enchantment of Words is the existence and the image in the verses that cast and uncast the spell carried by words. Which documental choices should be made when faced with tremendous amounts of letters, documents, and property deeds? Based on rich, carefully read, handwritten documentation the author examines the expulsion of the Jesuit Order within the framework of great changes that occurred in the Western World during the 17 th century, such as the consolidation of capitalism and the definite affirmation of modernity. Hours ago is a book for those who enjoy words and the relationships they enable between images and emotions.

Written along three decades, the short and untitled poems therein invite the reader to construct narratives that unfold beyond the book's pages. In the preface, the critic Davi Arrigucci Jr. Path to Marahu is part of the complete works of Max Martins, a collection organized by Age de Carvalho. The book deals with challenges emerging from the relations between State and Nation in the process of producing living areas. A Editora do Brasil S. Com mais de 1.

Felipe Ramos Poletti felipe editoradobrasil. The alphabet has 26 letters and each one has many possibilities. When they are combined they help us to create many stories and jokes, but alone they can do a lot as well. They talk about love, Anthony and Aline, the ball game, the alien Enzo, the florist Floriano and more.

They show us how our vocabulary is rich and how we can have fun with it. Cindy is possibly the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. After losing her parents too early, she goes to live with her stepmother and spends her days crying and complaining. The titles in the BUT The books deconstruct stereotypes such as the big bad wolf, the sweet fairy, and the pirate with his wooden leg. The distortion shows different perspectives on these characters, offering reflection on fear, anger, Manichaeism, and plenty of fun for young readers.

There is always another side of the story to see, you just need to unfold the page! In this tale, the cat with the long nails, ran to chase the gray haired rat, who entered in the house of seven doors where the friar with the black cap and crooked cane live The cake is baked and what will happen to all these characters?

It is confusion that never ends, but the best of the party will arrive soon. She wants to understand the meaning of life and all of its transformations. However, a special story will reveal the pain that the indigenous people experienced, the discoveries and the wisdom of her ancestors and how they found the cure for one of our most precious possession: the Earth. An exquisite book. For 35 years Editora Positivo has shared its educational vocation with thousands of students and teachers all over Brazil.

There are poetry books, illustrated books, picture books, novels, and short stories that all add to the formation of children, teenagers and adults as both readers and citizens. The more impossible the ownership of something seems to be, the more she desires it. And all her efforts to make her whims come true depend on one man only: her husband. A fantastic, absurd and wonderful story. So unequal that just one side dedicates time and shows affection to the other? How does an old man with an umbrella come to live on a desert island, his only companion a seagull? How do a boy and his cat live in an apparently inhabited city?

Are this man and this boy separated only by distance, or also by time? In this voyage of the imagination, no distance is too far and no gulf of time unbridgeable. Or maybe this book is simply a boat to carry your dreams wherever you wish to sail. This book is a collection of 25 poems — each one about a toy or a childhood game both traditional and modern — that bring a new perspective on how to engage in this playful universe.

The poems show a simple and joyful language that matches the delicate and subtle pictures on the pages. Images also tell stories. However, they require a creative and daring reader because as there are no words, the stories must be created. In this visual narrative, who mirrors whom? Does the man act like the tree or is it the other way around? Does one actually try to mimic the other? And if this is the case, who challenges whom?

Is nature challenging the man or it is the man who is challenging nature? Teleco is a talking bunny that is able to change into many other animals depending on his mood. A mood that tends to switch in just a matter of seconds. One day as he is wondering around the city, Teleco begins talking to a stranger, a quiet man, and with no previous arrangement decides to move in with him. Get ready to follow the construction of an extraordinary building: a modern day Tower of Babel.

This is the story of the highest skyscraper ever, a huge job that stifles the mood of the engineer responsible and his crew. So much hard work and energy spent during work hours, on a job which will have debatable value and purpose, ends up causing conflict and hopelessness. When will the building finally be ready and, after that, what will happen to all those involved? A boy plays around the woods and has his attention caught by a butterfly, not realizing it leads him straight to a girl that watches him from the woods.

There, he is mesmerized by the girl, but is rescued by his dog, that wakens him from an enchantment. This is a mainly visual narrative that explores fantasy and popular imagination through a legendary character from Brazilian folklore, Comadre Florzinha, also known as Maria Florzinha, among other names. Founded on April 2, , the Projeto publishing company celebrates its 26th anniversary in Reading is uplifting! Reading is necessary because it makes ideas and sensations grow inside us. It is so good that it can make us fly.

Annete Baldi editora editoraprojeto. This is the story of Iris, a girl with a very attentive look at nature. She regards the tree as a friend, with whom she spends time and talks, and the wind as a game. It is a poetic narrative that speaks of childhood as a "gentle" time. This topsy-turvy fairy tale was first published in After a few years out of print, it comes back in an edition that honors the author from Rio de Janeiro, who passed away in The scruffy, shabby and assertive princess, first designed by Orthof herself, returns in cutouts and collages by Laura Castilhos.

And the topic of women's empowerment has become more significant now than ever! A strange creature lives on a Planet watering sentences that grow into flowers and stories. But the creature lacks memory so it locks away its stories in boxes until the day when something surprising happens. The author dedicates the book to the creatures who write, especially those who write for children, and to those who read, especially those who read to other creatures.

Before their encounter, a lot happens, though Ever since she was born, the Desirous Princess has wanted everything she has seen. As she grew up, so did her ambitions and the fear by her subjects, who eventually fled the kingdom. Alone, she finds herself taken by a different desire and discovers something that matters more than anything else. A little monkey wants to catch the moon. Was this a story heard in the author's childhood in Minas Gerais, or was it a legend Capparelli heard while he was in China? Not really caring about the answer to this question, the author presents us with his version of the story, in verse.

Guazzelli creates illustrations that are both delicate and strong, while designer Marcio Koprowski harmonizes the whole by bringing fun movements and new meanings to the book pages. As a true work of art, the book allows of different interpretations. Founded in , Pulo do Gato is a Publisher based on the promotion of literary reading for children and youth and propagation of works about reading, literature and Training of Readers.

We believe that these two fronts - readers in formation and training of readers - are the main topics which reading and writing are inscribed as basic needs of every human being. Pulo do Gato carefully consider the aesthetic and literary characteristics of each book, the diversity of styles of the authors and illustrators, the variety of verbal and visual languages, unique themes approach, the artistic quality of the visual designs and formats. Adelia lives in a country house. The book is narrated by the bittersweet voice of a river that regrets its fate as if singing a sad song, remembering the time when its bed and its banks were lively and colorful.

Shown in the form of a child , this poetic and ardent river is inspired by the environmental disaster that hit the Rio Doce Basin in , but it may as well represent all the environment. One day, when she arrives at her aunt's house, she sees everything changed: her aunt is sad, her clothes are not funny, and her wardrobe is almost empty. How to make joy and the playing clothes come back?

Every morning, superdaddy goes to work And mom too. Some nights, the superdaddy watches his son's favorite show, while Mom makes popcorn. Sometimes Dad comes back from work with his supercolleagues Even when Mom is tired. One day, the boy's daily changes. The father stays at home, no longer uses the fantasy superhero and his mother, who was always present, now only works. What is going on? The sun warms your body, and your childhood memories seem to come to life.

The grandson plays with the kitten, the daughter passes clothes and Mr. Yamada returns to Kyoto, city where he spent his childhood. He remembers a few verses, after the melody of the song, the yard where he played with his brothers, the cherry tree and the tsurus. Three blind rats follow a small road. Where are they going? What are they looking for? They do not know. They accept what life offers them. An old owl, however, seeing the poor wanderers, so skillful and conformed to their fate, puts a plan into action.

And the rats prove that they are able to see evil intentions better than those who have good eyesight. His studies revolutionized the understanding of slavery and the struggle of blacks in Brazil, focusing on the social sectors that traditionally stood at the margins of Social History. This is clear in Abolition , where she recounts the abolitionist process that freed the whites from the burden of slavery Brazil was the last Western country to do so and abandoned the blacks to their own fate.

Thus, if the story to be told is that of the emancipation of the Brazilian people, Abolition should be understood only as the first step. An achievement, of limited effect, which is here narrated from a series of questions. Why so much urgency in the project? How to explain that most of the parliamentarians, many of whom had been elected with the support of slave masters, approved the law without further debate?

Why did the slave masters not try to prevent, with weapons in hand, the attack on their property that the Constitution itself guaranteed? What role did blacks and slaves play in this process? Why did Abolition take so long to be decreed in Brazil? These questions guide the narrative where the story of Abolition is told. They still have repercussions today when "will, ignorance, violence and misery, prejudices that slave society created still weigh on us". The author argues that "if it is fair to celebrate the Thirteen of May, it is necessary, however, that the celebration does not blind us to the point of transforming the freedom it symbolizes into a myth in the service of oppression and exploitation of labor".

On the one hand, a geriatrician and teacher dedicated to the disease of forgetfulness who saw hundreds of cases pass through his office. On the other hand, a journalist whose contact with Alzheimer's took the hard practice when she took care of her sick mother. Born from the desire to share with others what can be done to recognize and mitigate Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's: the illness and its care was written by Alessandro Ferrari Jacinto and Marisa Folgato.

Throughout the 15 chapters - which end with indications of books, films and complementary websites -, Alessandro Ferrari Jacinto and Marisa Folgato examine all sorts of subjects: from hygiene, food and decoration tips to make the environment safe until task-sharing tips and responsibilities for caregivers. There are also guidelines on legal aspects and about hospitalization or not of the patient. It is also a work with technical quality data, which demonstrates the importance of the subject in view of the increasing longevity of the world population.

Jewish immigrants began to arrive in Brazil at the beginning of the 16th century, and they would continue to arrive into the first decades of the 20th century. Brazilian historiography, however, ignores the existence of such immigration; there is no trace of their story in school or university textbooks. In this work, the sociologist Eva Blay proposes the importance of retaining this historical feature.

The essays deal with these types of policies and practices, but also their points of contact and combined effects. The outcomes of these types of policies and practices are sometimes obvious, but in other instances can be very subtle. Because of this, the studies are grounded in ethnographies. Their merit thus lies in the way they focus on the highly specific nature of particular experiences, with a resulting caution against facile generalizations.

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But these connections do not result in homogeneity. The constant bombardment of the media or even the personal experience of each one, immersed in their own way in daily violence, does not explain violence roots. It is to achieve a a deeper study about this obscure universe that the authors gather a dense reflection in this collection of essays, published by Editora Unesp.

The guiding line is centered on the idea of how crime and the use of violence have been and are part of our society". Throughout its 16 chapters, each composed of independent articles that orbit the universe of violence, this book does not intend to show a chronology of crimes and violence in Brazil, "but invite readers to reflect on the forms of infractions that have made and are part of our daily lives in the hope that our society will find new forms of tolerance, coexistence and solidarity.

The new country they aimed to construct was therefore based on nationalistic roots. What inspired them in this quest, and was lost in the logic of the global market of the s? What legacy might the movement have left?

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  • Which Witch.
  • Brazilian publishers.
  • Darkman Returns.
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  • I CANT SEE YOU BUT I KNOW YOURE THERE (Childrens books by Gary Stokes Book 2).
  • My God, why? Why am I still here?;

Presenting Machado de Assis as a literary critic, this book also addresses the beginnings of this type of literary production in the country, which flourished in the midth century. To cast light on this question in Philosophy in Brazil: Legacies and Perspectives Editora Unesp , Domingues employs the essay as a literary device. This involves him is a demanding analytic undertaking--a true personal challengein which he blends intellectual history and meta-philosophical investigation. In this complex setting, he raises questions about the very nature of philosophical reason and the actual experience of thinking philosophically.

And these too, he insists, are variable, demanding always a careful contextual reconstructionwhich will occupy the five subsequent steps, from refining the focus of the problem, to the examination of various possible perspectives on it. It is this that makes the book special. Meticulous and well-documented, this study leads the reader through a historic walk along the military, social and economic events that would lead to World War II.

The author incorporates these episodes to demonstrate the little recognized importance of the participation of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force FEB in the conflict. In this study the authors evaluate the family allowance program known as Bolsa Familia, with a focus on assessing not only on achieving economic improvement but on achieving autonomy — moral, economic and political — for women who are entitled to receive this benefit. At the end of the nineteenth century, some clinical symptoms challenged the rational knowledge of medicine.

Unable to physically identify what was afflicting some women, they were labeled hysterical. The picture became clearer after Sigmund Freud developed a new field of medical science, making invaluable discoveries and proposing a new form of treatment, psychotherapy. The goal is to investigate how Freud, subverting the scientific assumptions of the time, arrived at his models and innovative concepts, such as the unconscious.

In the same way, a subsidiary objective is to understand how modern world is established after the disintegration of the old hierarchy between the sexes. In following this path, Freud's phallic logic faces difficulties, which he himself would mention in his later works. From his research and listening to countless patients, Freud established a unique theory, with concepts such as unconsciousness, drive, and a method that included listening, free association, and transference. The co-protagonism of both, the role of women and the Freudian theory is approached by seeking inspiration in art and poetry.

Following a suggestion of Freud himself, Molina ventures into the artistic and literary fields to know what kind of woman was being shaped at that time. According to the author "Arthur Schnitzler's literature who places women as the main character in his work and Gustav Klimt's paintings whose art is all dedicated to women showed them naked, without sin and without shame". On that basis, he defines the task of psychoanalysis - after affirming that men and women can write their destiny beyond the formulations restricted by singularity - as "the enunciation of singularities and making the alterity flag flutter with new possibilities of being in the world".

Editora Vale das Letras has been in the Brazilian publishing market for more than 15 years. Specialized in books for children, has titles published in several countries in Europe and South America. Publisher recognized in Brazil for its concern to offer children books with rich editorial content, creative illustrations and fun. We work to awaken in children the pleasure of reading, contributing in the development of their imagination, emotions and feelings, in a playful and pleasurable way!

Contributing to the formation of a generation of critical and responsible readers will always be our mission! Fredy fredy valedasletras. The book that brings one tale per day , each day of the year. It is bath time, you can take this book and the led puppet that comes with it to have an incredible time in a bathtube. Very nice titles, Dinossaurs , Princess, Pinocchio, Cinderella, with easy puzzles for small children.

It is a wonderful way for the little ones to play with numbers, colors, shapes, and letters. Carla Fernanda Fontana carlaff usp. In the last fifty years, the feminist movement in Latin America has led to a notorious cultural change in fields like work and education, in family structure, politics and also in the use of the media. The movements of Brazilian, Argentine and Chilean women, in particular, are now able to influence the implementation of policies to promote civil and social rights.

This selection is the result of a research started in , which counted with academics, undergraduate and graduate students, feminist activists and those who promote public policies for women, and aims to compare the processes of gender condition transformation in the three countries. Covering a period of more than years, ranging from the Portuguese colonization to current times, Boris Fausto narrates the most important aspects of Brazilian history. He emphasizes sociopolitical practices, challenges controversial issues and presents synthesized and updated statistical data, as well as an overview of recent years in the updated chapters.

Pedro Jaime discusses the inclusion of black corporate executives in Brazilian society, analyzing patterns of racism and diversity in the business environment. The work gives voice to this social category, presenting numerical and qualitative elements that help understanding these individuals, the position they occupy, and the factors that determine the mobility within this group.

In this atlas, the readers will find, within each of its topics, not only a new Brazil but also new facets of the country. The texts, which are clear, concise and accompanied by images resulting of a sophisticated thematic mapping, form a unique and successful proposal for a synthesis of the different spatial dynamics in Brazil. Besides natural diversity, spatial and social disparities also mark the country, notable also for its dynamic space: Brazil has continued to move its political, pioneering, agricultural and industrial frontiers for the last five centuries.

The mapping is used as a resource for interpretation through which one may try to learn and express ideas, concepts, and theories, seeking to represent them in their various meanings, especially in its projections, trends and dominant movements. This book brings together contributions from Brazilian and foreign experts on the various aspects of slavery and post-abolition, examining them in relation to the mechanisms of racial and social exclusion and inclusion. When contemplating the most recent research in the area, the comparative analysis included in the book presents information on slave societies and on the different patterns of race relations, providing a more accurate understanding of the issue.

Emancipation, Inclusion and Exclusion proposes a critical assessment of slavery and the complex process of overcoming it, especially in the United States and Brazil, with an interest in scholars of the area and those who are engaged in a broader understanding of the social and racial of exclusion that still prevail in society today.

This book studies the conservation of modern housing developments built in Brazil between and , analyzing it from the point of view of the cultural heritage. These buildings, intended for social housing, are an important aspect of modern Brazilian architecture, but have their conservation seriously threatened. Taking part in the debate about the conservation of modern architecture and urbanism, the author defines conceptual parameters and traces strategies for managing this heritage, facing questions of value assignment and the relevance and obsolescence of modern living proposals.

Tassia Oliveira foreignrights ftd. How many stories can a family album save? In this book, a boy named Joca finds an old album and investigates the history of each photo with his grandfather. Among the many photos he discovers an unresolved issue between his grandfather and his great-grandfather, an episode that has generated many years of silent sorrow. Many other discoveries are coming. A book that deals with the relationship between children, parents and grandparents in a delicate and relaxed way, Flavio de Souza's specialty. Through poetic prose, the reader follows the hesitations and successes in a story about growth and development.

Along with the writer and the puppies, other characters appear, giving the story a social context. The relationships between characters is observed with a keen eye and light humor, in this fascinating story by award-winning Brazilian writer Marina Colasanti. One of the masterpieces of award-winning author Marina Colasanti, this tale tells an episode of the life of Angolan writer Luandino Vieira. While in prison in Cape Verde, he patiently wins the trust and friendship of a bird. The graphic design also helps to maximize the story by providing a surprise.

Tico the sheep has a knot in his head that makes him different. It makes him see the world in a very particular way. Follow Tico jumping while he tries to make Quim fall asleep in this charming book by the award-winning Brazilian writer Rosa Amanda Strausz. In this Christmas story, Benjamin is a little shepherd boy who witnesses something that will forever change the course of mankind, the birth of Jesus.

Clarinha gets a present: a cushion-shaped monkey. She uses the cushion as a pillow and she loves it so much that she names it Pil. Clarinha is learning to read and it is real fun. Pil thinks so too. However, one day, Pil is nowhere to be found. Where might this monkey be?

Who has never had a superfriend? What about when that superfriend is a crazy puppy? This story tells about the amusing experiences of a boy and his superfriend, from taking a walk to going through scares and pranks. This book presents the letters of the alphabet using fun tongue-twisters, composed of one or more sentences with repeated letters, creating difficulties to pronounce.

Animals from around the world are themes for the tongue-twisters, which feature unexpected encounters and scenes. Marcelo Cipis's illustrations emphasize humor and nonsense, creating parallel and complementary narratives. The book is enriched with a glossary about 26 animals, with photos in their habitat, technical information and curiosities. What would a restaurant for animals be like? A delightful and fun rhyming book for young children about the different diet of animals, from fleas to elephants to rabbits to anteaters and even dragons!

Animal Restaurant encourages children to think about what animals eat and, by extension, what other people in different cultures eat too! Disassembled the armadillo plays with colored papers, lines and words. Dismantles the armadillo, creating other figures. Disassembles words, joining pieces in other combinations and creates new words! The book plays with the sonority of words, contributing to literary appreciation and literacy.

In addition, it encourages artistic creativity, through its illustrations: collages and sketches. Unmount the boto, creating other figures. Unmount words, add pieces to other combinations and even create new words! Disassembled the tapir plays with colored papers, lines and words. One of the most recognized authors in Brazil, Tatiana Belinky writes in verses about the importance of knowing and respecting the differences.

Diversity means different skin color, hair texture or even different moods. Factors that do not make people better or worse, but different. Like all human beings. And, to do so, she will have to be very brave. He has published more than books, several of which have been translated into 6 languages. Play, swim in the river and play football - activities reserved for boys - or perform the girls' own tasks? A book that addresses, in a sensitive way, issues such as social roles, division of labor, cultural diversity and different ways of life present in all cultures.

The authors makes use of interactive strategies, as when the main character invites readers to take part in the story. To surprise and amuse children even more, this book includes cut-outs and unusual design. Sometimes our problems and worries seem to be much greater than they really are. This book shows how important it is to have a good friend at the right time and how worthwhile it is to listen to what a true friend has to say. Aimed at small children, this book greatly contributes to their development as it helps them build a healthy, high self-esteem.

By means of a circus show with clowns, magicians, and jugglers among other artists, this book shows readers how Mathematics is present in everyday life. Places, animals, toys, food, transportation This retelling book by the award-winning author Ana Maria Machado gives a new tone to this classic of children's literature, without losing the good humor. Arthur Vergani's illustrations value the adventure, explore unusual angles and the psychology of the characters, through the representation of gestures, expressions and eyes.

In Show Ball, father and son pay homage to the sport through humorous poems that report the delights and malice of each game. The book is divided into first time, interval, second time, and extension - as a split is split. The rhymes talk about the pig-gunner, the eternal reserve, brings the slang of the sport, the anthem of the worst team in the world and even with the laments of the mother of a judge. Three of the greatest fables attributed to Aesop sublimely rewritten by Hans Christian Andersen and award-winning writer Ana Maria Machado—one of the most renowned authors in Latin America literature.

These are entertaining and instructive tales that offer lessons in friendship, greed and honesty. This book is perfect to teach young children about how to deduce, infer or interpret information, events or ideas from texts. He would jump off a branch, and land in the bowl. She paid attention to the sounds of nature, and tried to mimic them.

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But her voice would not come out. These two stories — the struggle between desire and limits — meet and complete each other in the pages of this beautiful poetic prose. Papa and Mamma Pig are always very busy thus showering their son with gifts every night when they get back home in an effort to try and compensate for their absence.

Sonny Pig gets so used to receiving presents that whenever a guest comes to visit, he asks them for his gift! One day, however, the whole family learns that there are gifts that ca not be bought in stores. A captivating story about the real meaning of affection and love told in a simple way with gorgeous illustrations. A little orange wakes up several wishes in a boy and a girl. They make plans for it. To participate in these plans, the orange tree will need initiative and collaboration from others.

Reviews - Jung Chang 張戎/张戎

Not everything goes as planned, but there are unforeseen aids. To carry out their plans, the boy and the girl also count on a collaboration. Roberto Weigand's illustrations, inspired by his childhood memories, in one place, enrich the story. The Dragonfly and the Tortoise shows the clash of ideas between two animals. The tortoise defends tradition and despises change. The dragonfly is light, carefree and flies wherever the wind blows. He introduces us to toys that seem very relevant to our lives: the Tray of Cups, which shakes our ideas, or the Mirrors of Perfection, which point out our desires and weaknesses, among others.

One of the best things about the text is its ability to enable readers to visualize the toys. To do this, the illustrations depict sensations rather than the actual toys. The Enchanted Park is an original collection of short stories that can be read in any order, as it is usual in this literary genre. In The Happiness Decree, a king signs a decree banning sadness and ordering all the people in his kingdom to be happy. So one night, Sadness goes away. Noticing the turmoil that ensues in the town, a little girl decides to look into her sorrows and discovers that we cannot live on happiness alone.

This is a short story about a girl who loves animals, a dog and a cat who hate each other, and a multilingual duck. Using everyday situations and surprise incidents, the book proposes a reflection on difference, respect and meaningful communication. The illustrations by Elcerdo, of a contemporary style, are noteworthy, drawing in young readers. Juliana the turtle feels that she is special because of the ring around her waist, which she believes to be a jewel. She is very happy to have married Alvaro. She just does not understand why she is not able to lay eggs.

Find out why and see how Juliana, with the help of her friend Salmon, will save many marine creatures that are under threat because of human action. Daniel Munduruku compiles and retells ten tales about indigenous people who live in Brazil. The author invited Indians of different ethnicities to choose the stories and transcribe them as they were originally told. Some tribes chose tales of creation; others, fables; and others try to pass on their traditions.

Each indigenous group is depicted with beautiful photos to bring a little of their culture to life. There are also landscapes that show the geographic diversity of the territory where the indigenous peoples live in Brazil. Fun and poetic, the work draws attention to the changing social roles of women, men and the elderly, and suggests that magic and charm can be found in small acts of everyday life. This is the story of a girl who loves going to the movies with her father. Then she decides to immediately embark on a risky journey to an uncertain destination.

The stories are all based on the folk tales and myths of different peoples. At each page, the reader is faced with two characters that, side by side, live moments of hunger, cold, fear, heat, anger, fun or joy. The vibrant color tones and contrasts of the book propose a reflection that goes beyond the limits of the racial question. Monkey just would not stay in his own bed and every night he would come up with an excuse—one day he was cold, the other day he was hungry, then he needed to pee.

There was always something. One day, Daddy had a talk with Monkey who explained that he just missed his father. Samurai were Japanese warriors with a strict code of conduct who stood for justice with courage, compassion, courtesy, honesty, loyalty, and honor.

The god Monag, sad and worried, entrusts the Uirapuru with the mission of ending the battle. Besides the Uirapuru, who is the hero of this fable about accepting diff erence, other incredible animals inhabit this book: the famous Bumba Meu Boi, the wild Jaguar of the Crooked Hand, and the disturbing Tutu, among others. Is it a wolf? But then, who is it? This guessing tale works much like a riddles game. The illustrations are fundamental to the guessing game, creating situations that are by turns frightening and funny. A Girassol Brasil tem 18 anos. The art of storytelling is very old; it started before the writing.

He is the master of the arts and popular culture and has the role of bringing knowledge to the village. The author Silvana Salerno has visited Africa to understand its influence on our culture. In this book you will find African stories that helped in the formation of Brazilian culture. A rich and interesting reading, with beautiful illustrations! Angelino is a guardian angel, but he is very absent-minded.

No matter how hard he tries, he cannot be watchful at all times to avoid problems. Therefore, adults and children must always be cautious.

The message that remains is that one cannot rely only on the guardian angel — adults must learn how to prevent accidents and teach the children to protect themselves from an early age. At Mrs. Owl's school there is a cheerful crew. In school, although they are always united, sometimes a lot of confusion happens.

Because when Dinho, the porcupine, gets angry, he explodes like a volcano in full eruption! On board a ghost train, Buu the Little Ghost and his creepy friends take us on a ride through the universe of mathematics. In the midst of reality and fantasy, this book invites us to explore the four corners of Brazil, with the most popular and fantastic creatures in the folklore of this country. Among them, the Amazon Boto, the backlander Saci and the forest guardian Caipora excite our imagination and curiosity about stories that remain for generations.

After each story, Regina Drummond dedicates a space to tell curious facts about the characters and the Brazilian regions where they are from, without leaving aside historical, geographic and social details that place into context, the origin of their legends. A significant work that contributes to enlarge the cultural background of children. This book brings tales that show common feelings of childhood, from happiness to fear. With this book, the children's bedtime is going to be more special, making the little ones have good dreams. With an amazing spiral and stand-up format, the adult reads while the children see beautiful illustrations.

This book about saudade — a word that only exists in Portuguese — subtly approaches the meaning and finitude of life. It leads to reflections on the value of relationships, on loss and grief, becoming a must-read for the whole family. The book points out: someone who feels saudade is never alone, because saudade has nothing to do with loneliness. Quite the contrary. Life is a big jigsaw puzzle and in the course of our story we build up saudade from everything that was important and left its mark on us.

Until it is complete. Then, we stop feeling and start spreading saudade. Discover the bird family that gets a new member when the mother bird hears a child crying. And Alex, the elephant who wanted to be elegant. And there is also the story of Clara, the ostrich who had two homes. And much more! The tales in this charming book take the reader into a magical world.

The stories point ways out of conflicts, reveal a new pathway, provide examples of faith and overcoming, as well as identifying with problems. Above all, they bring the chance of a happy ending. This book shows how to turn things that would normally go to trash into amazing toys related to commemorative dates — one for each month of the year. With step-by-step tips, the idea is to keep kids entertained at any time of the day or time of the year with handmade toys made by themselves.

Jefferson Luiz Alves jefferson globaleditora. With refined design, the two volumes are printed on special paper, bound in hardcover and packed in an exclusive slipcase. In a poetic language, the awarded writer and illustrator Roger Mello transits through the memories of Clarice, memories of a time when books were a threat, messages floated between the lines, when no secrets could be revealed and when lies were blended with the truth.

There is a certain dystopian aura in the story, in a past not so far from us. In this book, the anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro explains to children the basic concepts needed to live in a society. He talks about major issues of humanity, showing the reasons why we all need to care for Nature and respect the differences among people. He addresses these questions that seem so simple, but in fact end up being great challenges. Gastronomy has a history. Gilberto Freyre, one of the greatest interpreters of the Brazilian formation, also devoted a large part of his intellectual life understanding the roots and the development of our culture.

The book, full of photographs, brings quotes of the author, in addition to selections of dishes and their typical ingredients. A feast to be read and tasted with pleasure! In Griso, The Unique , as the last of his kind, the character travels the world searching for others like him, although in vain. In a special edition issued with the Brazilian Academy of Letters, Global compiles the writings of Joaquim Nabuco during his time as international correspondent to newspapers between the years of and The first edition, in addition to introductory texts, presents his correspondence from London for the Jornal do Commercio.

Reading this book is a lesson in International Politics at the end of the 19th century. In this book, one of the greatest Brazilian intellectuals explains the misdeeds of Latin American history, and also demonstrates the contributions that Latin American peoples can offer the rest of the world. Nova Aguilar Publisher — now a part of the Global group — releases the entire works of Machado de Assis, with a special typeface and a careful update of his critical essays. This edition has exquisite graphic presentation and special paper and binding.

The volumes combine high literary quality with graphic refinement. This book includes all the enchanted stories — otherwise known as fairy tales — written by Marina Colasanti over more than three decades. Nothing about these stories is predictable, neither the language nor the content. They are based on ancient narratives, yet they are beautifully modern, and able to speak to people of all ages and nationalities. Using fantastic characters and scenarios, these stories seek answers to the questions that all human beings share.

With a poetic sensibility, this book proposes a reflection on the importance of knowing the Brazilian Constitution and putting it into practice. The narrative is an invitation to young people to be in solidarity and to understand the laws that govern a nation. To distribute the source of goods is an old wish of mankind. Planting a policy for the field is only a matter of time.

In these chronicles, Rubem depicts the feminine universe, the Queen Nefertiti, the Revolution of , the movements of birds and clouds and other topics. The text that entitles the book, produced for TV Globo, pays tribute to the poet Vinicius de Moraes, on the first anniversary of his death, exalting the spring.

With this book, one of his last published in life, the chronicler proves again his unique sensitivity to narrate a fact, register a personal impression and share with his readers a bit of his insightful way of experiencing and reading the world. In Teadorar, Manuel Bandeira, accompanied by the skillful illustrations of Orlando Pedroso, writes on the daily events that make us tremble, that keep us awake at night, that burn the heart, and make us smile and cry.

French Montana x Suubi "Hope" Health Center

In other words, the urges that make us feel alive. With his ability to create new realities and to easily attract readers to try them, the writer lovingly explores the power that words have to change the world. Rubem Braga is considered by many to be the greatest chronicle writer in Brazil. Unpublished in book form until now, the chronicles brought together here bring delightful stories from this great author of Brazilian literature about some of his colleagues and friends.

They are poets, novelists, journalists, historians and others with whom Braga has worked or spent time. The author gifts us with a relaxed and tender prose, radiographing the soul of important characters in the Brazilian intellectual background. The author invests again in his poetic prose. This time, he uses it to decipher the mysteries of a tree that serves as a dwelling place for birds and other animals.

Each resident of the tree is a starting point for the delicate reflections of Bartolomeu. This lucid conclusion summarizes Brazil, the contemporary world itself, where humanity no longer recognizes itself, in the quiet madness that was instituted. Amplifying the experiences that collide in a chaotic daily life, the author weaves an intense, hard-hitting and highly provocative plot as those of the great novels of our literature.

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Beginning in , with its own publishing house and in response to community interest, Imprensa Oficial has become a leader in the Arts, Architecture, Photography, Literature and History, among other areas. It also re-issues long-out-of-print books. The company is nationally known as a leader in producing relevant and quality works. A reference work for the historical understanding of the meaning, interpretation and esthetics of ex-libris. Andrade was the first director of the Department, firmly engaged in a popular and democratic cultural program for the state and even for the country.

It was a cultural project of international exchange and integration with other cultural expressions. This book gathers the bureaucratic documents that he drafted and shows his vigorous opposition and a severe criticism of standard bureaucrats. The author identified concurrent power networks, fighting each other for land and the right to exploit mines, crafts and commercial privileges. Different forms of government were analyzed, as well as the relationship between public and private interests, local and central powers, economical and political factors, the social hierarchy and the accumulation of wealth.

Samuel Titan Jr. In a book published between and , Debret accurately portrays Brazilian life of the 19th century. In this book he spent eight years writing, describing his visit to Brazil with other French artists who were brought to Brazil by D. It contains about handtinted drawings depicting topics such as Indians and nature, slavery, Brazilian urban scenes, and the courts.

Ler Editorial is proud to publish exclusively works by contemporary brasilians authors aimed at young and adult audiences, always focusing on the quality of editing. We work in an integrated way in the editorial, commercial and marketing areas, aiming at the success of each of our publications and their authors, with the commitment to provide the reader with a unique experience with each reading.

Aligned with the new market trends, our works are also available in digital format, besides being attentive to the formation of the new generation of writers. A current theme to awaken the taste for reading and raise awareness about the importance of family. A story full of friendship and love, which reveals in fun way all the transformations of adolescence. A book for the whole family. Vampires, fallen angels, romance, adventure and suspense in an end-of-the-world prophecy.

In this first book Carlie has lived under the protection of Donovan since his conversion. During her absence she meets Johnatan whom falls in love with, starting a turbulent romance filled with intrigue and jealousy. With Donovan's return, she finds herself torn between the vampire who has been her only family for nearly a century and the fallen angel with whom she discovers love.

The conflicts generated in this triangle and the sudden appearance of former enemies will put their existence and that of their friends in danger. Battles, passion, secrets that will be revealed, and characters that emerge unexpectedly give the tonic of this new series of fantastic literature. Everything you wanted to know about Donovan Hunter in a spin off developer! Finally we have the chance to unravel all the mysteries that engulfed Donovan Hunter during the events of Among Us, the first book in the saga More Beyond the Darkness.

Through the vision of its creator, this thought-provoking character gains voice, in the form of a vibrant and revealing Spin Off. Walking through the mind of Donovan Hunter is an incredible experience! We had a good sample of this in Revelations. But, in this book, each page gives us cause for a new sigh. And in those snippets where he describes his conversations with Carlie then After all, who would not want to be called a Princess by this beautiful vampire?

What if you found out that it is not the end yet? Karen remains trapped in herself, running away from any more intimate relationship with another person. The only one with access to his life is Andrew, his best friend, that to for remain at his side conceals his true feelings. Karen's life is linear and predictable, until the emergence of a seductive client who can transform her feelings and her worldview.

Disturbing Paul Newman has the power to deconstruct the barrier Karen has created to protect himself, but an unexpected turnaround causes her to promise something to Andrew that she does not know if she can keep it. Now she will have to choose between remaining in the darkness of the past or glimpsing the possibility of a future.

But is Karen ready to choose to live again? What if the discovery goes far beyond a simple choice? When Andrew finally decided to declare himself to Karen, a fight between the two ended in a car crash that left him between life and death. The burden of guilt fell on her like a hangman, prompting him to promise that if he survived, she would give him a chance.

But while Andrew is in the hospital, Paul Newman manages to break down Karen's barriers one by one, gaining access to his life and feelings. But Andrew wakes up, and by chance fate remembers the promise her friend made while he was in a coma. Now, Karen is faced with a difficult decision: keeping the promise, being loyal to her best friend, or staying with Paul, the man who transformed her heart?

Attracted and intrigued by the lack of the expected greeting he follows her until he sees her enter the hotel of the village. Without understanding such curiosity he waited for her. Upon presenting himself, the coldness with which he was received raised the mystery, prompting him to unravel it. In turn, Ms. Walker just wanted to forget that meeting.

She lived in the nearby village, grateful that she had never been in the presence of the noble gentleman and would have preferred it to thus continue. But going away would not be easy, for she had a chance to discover that not every man was perverse, selfish, or speculator. Unnecessary chance, because she was the Black Butterfly, someone who would not even serve to be the lover of the honored baron. He was a beautiful garden in which she could never land. About the Black Fortress series. Black Fortress is not just another series of vampire books. Kel Costa has been able to put together all the ingredients needed to create a story that you take and can not quit.

With captivating characters, an unconventional heroine and vampires we love to hate and who seem to belong to our daily lives, Kel Costa unfolds the plot with mastery and conquers readers with each new chapter. The author guides us through a narrative full of action and mysteries, and still finds space for a good romance. It is almost impossible to take your eyes off the pages!