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Particularly in the writing section. Overall, the film is very intriguing. The music, locations, performances supported the narration so well. This could be one of the under-noticed film, due to unfamiliar cast and crew. But surely a decent film. The story of a farmer family.

In a small rural America, where farmers are surrendering to death for unable to pay back the loans, a 11 year old girl is not disturbed by the adult's way of life. Her best friend, a chicken named Happy, roam all over surrounding places. One day she finds a man trapped in her silo. They two becomes friends and help each others needs. But the girl never knew there's a complication behind meeting him. And when that breaks loose, drastically things changes and brings an end to the narration with a twist. The storyline was good, but kind of reminds 'Pan's Labyrinth'.

This was more a thriller than a fantasy, yet a few scenes defines it could be influenced by fable as the title say. It had a philosophical touch too. The timeline of the tale was s and in the eyes of adult, it is a perfect thriller that focused on the farmers' issue.

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But, since the story was narrated from the eyes of a kid, that's where magical perspective blooms. So the mix of both these things makes the film very special. I mean the ideas were awesome, but small-small thing had hard time to get away with a perfect blend. But the major parts of the film had nothing wrong and can be enjoyed. What it all says is the rookie mistake, but surely the filmmaker has talent and hoping her next one would be a top notch.

The little girl was very impressive. It reminds many big stars of the present who once did such a wonderful film as a child artist. So I wish her future to be great. She was all over the film, the rest of the cast had little scope, but they all did good as well. Predicting the story is not hard, but there's always one thing bothers is that the doubt between reality and fiction. You know it's not usual for one to find a man trapped in a silo. It has to be one way or the other as I've said.

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For that, you have to wait till the commencement of the third act. In fact, while her brother, Martin Gavin Macintosh , expresses frustration at this announcement, our immediate instinct is to protect Gitty from his vitriol rather than to question her. Additionally, the story is well-developed and tight, telegraphing later character arcs and interactions very strategically throughout.

Particularly with Gitty, we can see how all of the exchanges she has with the other characters inform her later decisions and actions. Because of all this, Gitty is left vulnerable and is more likely to befriend anyone who gives her positive attention, as Jonathan does.

[Review] ‘American Fable’ Is a Captivating Character Study

While the rest of her family refers to him as a monster, Gitty insists Jonathan is her friend, even though she knows he is part of why farm life is so stressful for her family and neighbors. However, it is probably most like Crimson Peak , both in style and that it will likely cause a divide between people who reject its place in the horror and thriller genres. American Fable is a beautiful, well-made feature which unfortunately seemed to fly under the radar this year. This is a truly commendable debut and it will be wonderful seeing what director Anne Hamilton does next.

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Dog dad, film lover, horror fan, and bookworm. Hamilton cut her chops interning for Terrence Malick during "Tree of Life. Even early on, before the man in the silo, before the woman in the gloves, it's obvious that nothing is all right in this world. A routine family dinner sparks with tension, the camera peeking up from underneath the table.

With the first shot in the film, showing Gitty pushing her way through ranks of towering corn, "American Fable" announces its intentions. This is a "fable," after all. A small child goes up against forces as intimidating and unified as those corn stalks stretching as far as the eye can see.

'American Fable,' 3 stars

Gitty's sense of dread is manifest all around her. A mysterious figure on a black horse is seen on nearby horizons, crossing the fields, circling the house. Something is coming for this family. Maybe this family brought it on themselves.

Elysium: An American Fable

Production designer Bret August Tanzer has made the farmhouse into a space terrifying and beautiful. The walls are a deep green, the furniture red, the night shines in through the windows cold and blue. This is not your everyday American heartland farmhouse. It is an emotional nightmare-scape.

  • Anne Hamilton's dreamy thriller should offer its director a passport to bigger things..
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Young Peyton Kennedy is a revelation. When her father tells her a bedtime story she requests a scary one , she listens to him with engagement and humor, pressing him on in between phrases with little comments and laughter, and her behavior is so natural that it grounds those scenes—and that relationship—in the real world, as opposed to a sentimentalized version that we've all seen before. During the course of the film, Kennedy, who is in every scene, must move from innocent to experienced, from oblivion to knowledge.

She gives an adult performance in its understanding of that painful coming-of-age arc.

The symbols don't have the resonance that some of Hamilton's singular images do: Gitty dangling from a rope, surrounded by the dark walls of the silo; children capturing fireflies at night in big jars; a truly spooky dream-sequence; the colors inside that farmhouse, the look on Gitty's mother's face when Gitty asks if God really loves them.