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Haben travels the world consulting and public speaking, teaching clients the benefits of fully accessible products and services. Because of her disability rights advocacy she has been honored by President Obama, President Clinton, and many others. Haben grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where she currently lives. Her parents came to America from Eritrea and Ethiopia. Their stories of life during the Eritrea-Ethiopian War and their journey as refugees taught Haben resilience at an early age.

Kevin Grange is an award-winning freelance writer with an emphasis on the medical field, adventure and travel. Visit him at: www. She is an award-winning journalist who is credited with elevating the professional level of restaurant criticism and food writing.

How the political memoir evolved.

Sheila has won awards for news, feature, and food writing, including a James Beard award. As the restaurant critic of the San Jose Mercury News , she wrote an award-winning story with Lisa, upon which the book is based. Lisa is a student at the University of California. His tell-all memoir is forthcoming. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, three children, and two feisty goldfish. Norman Schwarzkopf. She has also been a restaurateur, caterer, telly-cook, and broadcaster, and has written many cookbooks. She writes a monthly column for her hometown newspaper, the Traverse City Record-Eagle.

As a child, she built tree-forts and collected wild flowers. In her adulthood, she has devoted over three decades to exploration and research on forest canopies, as one of the first pioneers in the field of treetop science. She has published 8 books and over peer-reviewed publications. She earned her college degree from Harvard and received her medical degree and pathology residency training at UCLA.

Mitchell, was published in Julie offered relationship advice as a guest on the podcast Dear Sugars, hosted by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, and told a ghost story for the podcast Women of the Hour, hosted by Lena Dunham. He was raised on the border between Compton and Carson, California.

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Widely considered to be not only one of the best Vietnam war books, but one of the best Vietnam memoirs from a female veteran, Van Devanter does not shy away from vivid descriptions of the wounded and dying men she encountered as a nurse at the 71 st Evacuation Hospital from to The book covers her challenges both in war and in coming home, and her eventual founding of the Women Veterans Project at Vietnam Veterans of America. Before being killed in Vietnam in , he wrote eight books that many claim are some of the best history books about the French War and the beginnings of the Vietnam War.

The work also included a damning warning about what the U. He was with them during the Tet Offensive and this memoir includes memories of that battle and others. It went on to become one of the only Vietnam war books to be a finalist for the National Book Award in the nonfiction category.

The Compelling Memoirs You Have To Read

Written by a journalist and retired general, this best-seller was released in and was adapted in the movie We Were Soldiers. The focus is on the four days and nights in November during which American soldiers were involved in what ended up being the bloodiest campaign of the entire war.

Yes, that , Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games trio, has written one of the most affecting Vietnam war books. Perhaps more of a memoir than straight fiction—thought not fully on either side—the story is that of Young Suzy, whose father goes away to the Vietnam War. This unique choose-your-own-adventure style story begins in the s.

Will you enlist in the Marines and go to war or will you protest it? Each choice is based on real decisions people had to make and the results are just as serious: Jail, the jungle, or death. It is one of the most highly praised of all Vietnam war books for children. He is scared, exhausted, and misses home. This emotionally charged tale has universal themes that are likely to translate for most kids. Kia, a year-old whose village has been destroyed by the North Vietnamese, is grieving the disappearance of her father while she and the rest of her family are fleeing to a refuge.

Part of the family eventually immigrates to American, but Kia struggles with the new language and culture, and the splitting up of her family. An excellent example of the reality that not all Vietnam war books must be depressing, this uplifting story follows an army canine unit dog that goes by the name of Cracker. The action is fast-paced and this book is a good option to get kids interested in history. This Kind of War. Battle for the Central Highlands.

George Dooley. Red Tails. The Cold War. Robert Cowley. We Are Soldiers Still.

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Harold G. The Vietnam War. Geoffrey C. A Short History of the Korean War. James L Stokesbury. On Strategy. Harry G. Philip Caputo. Four Ball, One Tracer. Goodbye Vietnam. William Broyles. Benjamin S. In the Ruins of Empire.

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Ronald Spector. Pearl Harbor. Craig Nelson.

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Nationalist in the Viet Nam Wars. China's Wings. Gregory Crouch. Vietnam War. Vinh Truong. Voices from the Vietnam War.

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Xiaobing Li. Korean War. Max Hastings. Daniel Ford. No Kum-Sok with J. Roger Osterholm. The Vietnamese Boat People, and Nghia M. The Korean War. Donald M. Goldstein; Harry J. Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces since Mark Galeotti. Crucible Vietnam. The Frozen Chosen. Thomas McKelvey Cleaver. Underground Structures of the Cold War. Paul Ozorak. This Savage War.

Maj Arthur F. Unusual Footnotes to the Korean War. Paul Edwards. Lieutenant General Stanley Robert Larsen.

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