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Architecture, Urbanism and Urbanisation in Monaco, realisations and projects — It restores readability to what already exists and re-creates the different layers of an urban development that has proceeded uninterruptedly since the midth century, thanks to a novel overlapping of archives and works little or never seen hitherto. Villa Sauber offers a circuit through the emblematic neighbourhood of Monte-Carlo. After the Second World War, in a context aligned with the European issue of reconstruction, Monaco also had above all to deal with the total saturation of its territory.

There duly appeared for Monaco various new urban planning solutions, in a period replete with visionaries. Real urban development is reinstated in the exhibition thanks to a sizeable collection of illustrative material and filmed reports, emphasizing the ceaseless energy of the works begun in the s, which have never been interrupted since. The exhibition extends beyond the museum walls, and the city thus assumes a new dimension, at once a place of memory, a place where people live, and a space of projections.

Selection of works shown. As architectural metaphors, they constitute an allegory of his view of the world. Museum as crematory oven, modernism interpreted as a form of terrorism, menacing temples and Houses for one person — simultaneously retreat and prison. In the past years some of the models have been turned into real buildings, thanks to the interest of private persons which use them as spaces for living. Houses will be available in September Mark Dion - Oceanomania.

For another, they are all being stalked by the same man and have received letters from "BBW" stating he is going to kill them. They have all been selected randomly or have they? The BigBadWolf is how he thinks of himself. He is an older man, an author of murder mysteries from several years past.

He feels forgotten, abandoned. He wants to leave this world after committing the perfect murder. Kill the three redheads hours apart on the same day, while writing a "fictional" book describing what it's like to be a killer. This is a quiet romp through a madman's mind as he plots and stalks and plans multiple murders. But the action picks up in leaps and bounds when the Reds meet and do some planning of their own. It's not listed as such, but I regard this one as a psychological thriller.

The book is very well written. The characters are fascinating, as they are all so flawed, so incomplete, and how they deal with this situation changes all of their lives. Three women. They have nothing in common. They are different ages, come from different background, and lead drastically different lives. The only thing that binds them together is their red hair--and that each of them has been targeted for murder. Well I really enjoyed this one. Instead of painting by numbers, we have murder by numbers. One man, a writer of thrillers and also a killer, decides to write himself into history by performing a perfect set of murders.

Three women are chosen, linked only it seems by the colour of their hair, his intention to stalk and then kill all three on the same day, in various ways and watch as the police fail to link the crimes A fairly simple concept and it does exactly what it says - we meet the Reds, 1,2 and 3, both through the killer's eyes as he announces his intentions towards them, and through their eyes in their reactions and thoughts to this new reality.

Will they stumble, fall and die quietly? Or will the hunter become the hunted This one flows nicely, is far more psychological in nature than thriller, and whilst it is not going to win any awards for being the best crime fiction ever written, it is an enjoyable and involving read. I loved the three women and their very varying reactions to what is happening to them and the killer himself is intriguing.

His parts read like he is giving us a lecture in how to pull off the perfect murder - and his thinking and planning seems flawless. But is it? This is what will keep you reading Girl Power or the power of an evil man? Well I won't say of course, if you love a really good bit of crime fiction have a read for yourself. It will be a fun few hours. As a huge Katzenbach fan I can say this is nowhere near his best work for me The Madmans Tale and Hart's War are both stunningly good novels - if you have not read Katzenbach before then start there but I still loved it for what it was.

A terrific if not exceptional piece of crime fiction. Happy Reading Folks! View 2 comments. Red by John Katzenbach is a gripping psychological thriller about a demented killer who targets three women who seemingly have nothing in common other than their strikingly red hair, and how their only hope for surviving this fiendish plan is to turn the predator into the prey. One was an internist. One was a public middle school teacher. One was a prep school student.

They are seventeen, thirty-one and fifty-one.

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They had little in common, except for one obvious detail: they were all redheads. Red One was standing by helplessly watching a man die when her letter was delivered. Red Two was dizzy with drugs, alcohol, and despair when her letter was dropped through the mail slot in the front door. Red Three was staring at a failure, thinking that more and far worse failures were awaiting her when her mail arrived.

I know each of you is lost in the woods…you have been selected to die. Will he succeed? The killer had stalked and studied them for months. He thought he knew them all. Red is a thrilling piece of crime fiction. I found this book incredibly boring and lacking suspense. The villain is a pathetic old man looking for his 15 minutes of fame who thinks he, and only he, was clever enough to murder three women without being caught.

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IMHO the three chosen women over-reacted to a creepy letter, a YouTube video and a silent phone call. Heck they attacked a man and his wife without a shred of evidence which was simply ridiculous. And the ending was totally unrealistic.

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This review will be spoileresque I'm trying not to take off stars for the author giving me an ending I didn't want This was a different kind of book. It took me a while to get into it. It's very descriptive and it gives 5 different perspectives throughout. Once it took off for me, though I thoroughly enjoyed it, couldn't wait to see what would happen next. Our killer was I'm not sure how to explain him. On the one hand he seems a devoted husband, ordinary man, and he prides himsel 3. On the one hand he seems a devoted husband, ordinary man, and he prides himself on the fact that he hides how "special" he is.

His view of killing and the passion he has for it or the rush he gets from thinking and writing it is in line with what you figure a psycho would be like, but he also has that cool detachment, too I think that's the creepiest part of him, he writes as though he is genuinely doing humanity a service by documenting his murders.

I loved the girls, that they were so different and that they didn't just sit and wait for this loser to come pick them off but created a plan and started hunting. Big Bad Wolf I kinda wanted to slap the shit out her a few times. I mean I enjoyed it. Would recommend to others and would read more from this author. Merged review: My review disappeared This was my first Katzenbach novel, but I would definitely read more.

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This was a little outside my comfort zone with the whole serial killer aspect. The author did an excellent job conveying insanity and fear. I was scared! The ending was a bit of a disappointment for me and really maybe it had to be that way, but it wasn't what I had wanted.

I enjoyed the women, they were smart and resourceful. I think my issue with the novel was that even as we get the fear and all, I felt a little disconnected from the 3 main female characters. Overall, I enjoyed the read and would read more from this author. Exciting thriller that just screams to be put on film.

So he plans a new novel, a reality novel as it were about a killer who chooses three women at random to kill, in a different way on the same 24 hour period. The crimes will confound the authorities, perhaps never to be connected to one Exciting thriller that just screams to be put on film. The crimes will confound the authorities, perhaps never to be connected to one killer and never to be solved. He begins by sending letters to his three chosen victims telling them matter-of-factly that the are soon going to die.

He is in control Questions rise in the readers mind: are all the Wolf's books really about real killings he has, in fact done? Is there a white knight somewhere to help spoiler-Nope. Katzenbach is a great writer. Every book of his that I have read is at least a four star effort, staying in your brain after the covers are closed. Maybe it should not be movie-ized Hollywood couldn't do it justice. Certainly not his kind of justice. Though the book's description was intriguing, the finished product just wasn't all that for me. The Wolf started out interesting but never developed into anything more than a narcissistic, not-very-adept psychopath.

He supposedly knew all the moves these three women were making, but after threatening them, seemed to not know anything they were doing anymore. The three Reds were better developed than the Wolf, but the actions they took got a bit unrealistic. I just didn't fe 1. I just didn't feel very involved with the story and didn't care in the end if anyone made it out alive. Oh, and just as a petty complaint: the author's excessive repetition of the phrase "black macadam" throughout the story was quite annoying.

Sep 29, J. I have made a promise to myself to stop reading things that make me cringe. I really hate to say terrible things about any book, because I know that somewhere out there is an author who worked really hard on it. A lot of it. For example Thi I have made a promise to myself to stop reading things that make me cringe. This is hard on the editor in my soul. I want to whip out a red pen and mark it up. I want to rewrite it. After the fourth or fifth chapter of his arrogant preening — that doesn't really tell me anything about the story, btw — I just couldn't stand it.

I get it already. He thinks he's gonna be the world's most famous serial killer. Hurry up and show me WHY he thinks he's so smart before I get so bored I hurl the book across the room. Three women get anonymous letters in the mail saying they have been targeted for murder. My sensibility tells me that at least ONE of them would blow it off as a prank and forget about it. Oh, she might be a little creeped out, but an hour or so later, her normal routine would kick in, and she'd forget about it until something else happened.

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Most people really do believe that they are safe, that the world is okay, and bad things are what happen to other people. They wouldn't do such stupid stuff otherwise. That all three of them immediately panicked just doesn't ring true to me, and doesn't work for building suspense in the story. I just didn't like this book.

Maybe my standards are just too high. It's hard to find a good book by sheer chance. Serves me right for just grabbing something off the library shelf in a hurry. View 1 comment. In this version, Red 1, 2, and 3 are each sent a letter from the BBW, a writer and possible serial killer, letting them know he is stalking them and there is no heroic woodsman to save them. As in most fairy tales, there is a bit of tongue in cheek and Katzenbach adds Mrs. Big Bad Wolf to the story to escalate the tension and the satirical edge.

And it works. The suspense builds. Do girls rule and wolves drool? Read it and find out, but approach this with a bit of mirth for full satisfaction. For a film whose predecessor was a source of inspiration for all things sci-fi, they sure did a great job of taking a mosh pit of ideas from other popular science fiction today and tried to make it their own but completely and utterly fail at it.

Movies such as Her, The Matrix , Pinocchio, Tron Legacy , the show Westworld , and even the anime Chobits, are influences that can be clearly felt in this. While the new film has been considerably beefed up with meaty characters and scenes for some of the actresses, women are still second to men. Their bodies are presented as toys and gimmicks for the men to shower with the male gaze and touch oh god the touch.

Let us not forget the extremely problematic and physically-forced, dismal excuse of a romance Decker and Rachel had in the original film. No matter how you justify and spin that scene, seeing Decker physically restrain Rachel and demand her to tell him to kiss her, touch her and in the end of the movie, say I love you, does not in the slightest spell out romance, let alone love. Blade Runner has not forgotten that story and has run with it, showing that even in the future, women are here to serve men.

Not in the original Blade Runner , not in the new Blade Runner. Breasts abound, women are presented fully nude and touched by the men, for the men. And now, the best for last. For a movie that is set 30 years after the original film, which was sprinkled with diversity, this one did a really good job of setting themselves back. Have the filmmakers never set a foot in LA?

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Because this is un-fricking-believable. In the original film you have James Hong in a small supporting role, but still an Asian in a speaking role. There is Asian food, Asians selling the Asian food, and a lot of other PoC milling about living their extra lives. Now here we are. Actual future Yes, we have a few black actors and one hapa who straight up passes as white who are getting top billed.

But trust me when I say you will be supremely disappointed with what they are given. They were the throwaway roles. Completely and utterly wasted. You see Jared Leto wearing a kimono and Ana de Armas wearing a qi pao. Yet despite all the Asian influences present throughout this sequel, there are even less Asians than before, as if they all died out since the first film.

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Even the holographic advertisements that had Asian models in the original have been erased in the new movie. Yeah, I guess you could say he is. And then in the anime short, you have a black and Asian character leading the EMP attack on the humans. Oh man. People of color as leads!!

Oh ho ho you are so right!