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These are very good news for these patients. Their anguish and desperation for a cure can be soothed using a simple and healing plant while other more complex healthcare strategies have failed.

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Cannabis is a very interesting plant when it comes to the effects it has on the human central nervous system. Although different strains have different physiological and psychological effects on the user, it is generally considered that cannabis enhances both profound relaxation as well as acute awareness. If somebody is not active enough then cannabis might induce acute awareness and a subtle buzz of energy to motivate them to actively use their energy. A study proved the fact that consuming cannabis can dramatically help in emotional processing.

Everybody is different so there are various methods through which this can be achieved — be it screaming, laughing, dancing or trembling in fear. In the alternative healing world it is well known that we store repressed emotions in our body — especially in our organs and muscles.

The Weed Soul!

Due to the profound relaxation that cannabis induces, that is how it helps release all those repressed emotions and facilitates their integration and release. Whatever is hidden deep down in our subconscious and the memories we buried there, they will slowly come up to the surface with the help of cannabis.

That is why it is important to consume this medicine in a sacred and safe place, as a healing ceremony and a healing ritual as opposed to consuming it socially or in crowded places. Cannabis is usually associated with laid-back people who are nice, genuine and very friendly.

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It is not a coincidence. This healing medicine is a potent tool for deepening your connection with your spiritual side. This goes hand in hand with having compassion for other beings, being aware of your place in the world you live in and the consequences of your actions.

“Weed” is one of the most healing plants on our planet.

Generally speaking, cannabis enables an individual to see past their own limiting paradigms and emotional blind spots. It can enhance the birth of new paradigms and helps us upgrade the level of consciousness we live with. You may feel more connected with everything around you — people, animals, plants and so on. Cannabis can help you achieve all these and much more — all you have to do is use it with profound respect and consideration.

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  4. The rates of depression and anxiety has exploded in the last decades. Conventional means of treatment often fail their users — hence people have started looking for more natural and effective treatments. Cannabis is becoming more and more popular as a natural cure for depression and anxiety. The Mighty Zimm, however, continues to insist that the stoning in question was Biblical, not herbal.

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    On his career-establishing solo hit, Snoop and producer Dr. Both rappers have gotten much more literal with their weed references, but this is the song that still causes concert promoters to angrily fire up the ventilators.

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    Not letting the listener use their imagination. Dooo it, indeed! Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.