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As a result, it is necessary that the radiology community has to awaken and equip itself on tactfully dealing with these problems. This can be dealt to some extent by starting teaching programs with residents and fellows in all the centers dealing with high patient turnover. It has been reported that not only the faculty radiologists but also the residents are better than the emergency physicians in the interpretation of the imaging studies. Second is the adoption of teleradiology, particularly in centers with fewer night calls. Even though teleradiology is very helpful for emergency situations, radiologists should desist from using it as a crutch for not being there.

It is imperative that we foster the development of a clinical radiologist who is part of the clinical team and cooperates and develops personal contact with the clinical teams even during the wee hours. The integration of radiologists into multidisciplinary teams involved in patient care such as oncology is also important to review the studies together and decide on the best treatment approach for the patient. The issue of ignorance of research with the radiology community divided between the academic radiology departments, which are far outnumbered by private practicing radiologists, also needs to be addressed.

While the academic departments do most of the research, there is a big pay difference when compared to private practice. That coupled with arranging funding, hiring research staff, and equipment along with a lot of permissions required for conducting research has made research a far from rewarding experience for academic departments who like the private practice groups also face a progressively increasing clinical load. Private practicing radiologists continue to reap the benefits of this by not only knowing the latest advances as well as getting results of long-term studies to test the safety and efficacy of procedures.

If we continue to ignore this discrepancy, it will just be a matter of time when even the research in radiology would be taken up by all the specialists we are competing with. Further, the radiologists need to improve their knowledge of new age modalities such as nuclear medicine and functional imaging and start analyzing the patient in conjunction with the image to increase the relevance of our report. The advancement in research in radiology by the radiologists is needed to accomplish this. Both the radiologist as well as the physician cannot survive in vacuum.

The radiologists of today cannot limit themselves to interpretation of images but have to analyze imaging with due consideration to patient history and pathophysiology and trying to answer the clinical questions in a way that the physicians understand.

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Tumor boards and clinicoimaging meets should be encouraged and feedback of the physicians carefully analyzed with tailoring of reports to their specialized needs. Often most understandings between the physician and the radiologist can be improved by a quick phone call. Radiologists should increase this communication with their clinical colleagues and also encourage them to ask them for the best imaging test that can be done in a particular scenario. Probably this is the apt time for us to evolve our radiology practice or be prepared to be relegated even in our own specialty. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Indian J Radiol Imaging. Chander Mohan , SM.

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Reference 1. Interpretation of Emergency Department radiographs: A comparison of emergency medicine physicians with radiologists, residents with faculty, and film with digital display. Am J Roentgenol. Support Center Support Center.

But everyone still says, 'Darn, this network is slow. At that point, it becomes an endless loop, says Steve Mills, senior networking engineer for IT services and consulting firm Jelecos. It starts when something breaks, he says. Engineering is called in to fix it, and they find third-party apps installed on their servers. They immediately take away the developers' access rights. Management notices a drop in productivity or gets tired of hearing complaints from the dev team and sets up a meeting with engineering. The engineers are instructed to restore the developers' access rights. Then something breaks.

Organizations don't do that any more.

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So both sides have to operate more intelligently. Developers need to engineer applications to operate more efficiently in their environments, and they need real-time data from operations to tune their apps to work better. For every few thousand hardworking, conscientious system administrators, there's one who will abuse his awesome powers. That's why one of the biggest battles within IT departments is between the good admins and the evil ones. Solutionary's Heimerl says he worked with one high-tech company that terminated an admin for selling pirated satellite equipment via one of the company's Web servers.

As he cleaned out his desk, he opened one file -- the one containing the corporate escrow key for all the encrypted files held by the company, as well as all of the employees' encryption keys -- deleted its contents, and resaved the empty file, making it unrecoverable. Roughly two dozen employees lost complete access to all of their work for the previous three years, he says. For But when we do hear about a rogue administrator gone wild, the danger is to say admins are going to run amok and steal things from the company.

It breeds a culture of mistrust from management to security to IT. It's counterproductive. But you can't afford to be unprepared for it either, or it could cause an event that can cripple your business.

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Independent technology consultant Allan Pratt says he started his tech career as a sys admin for a small newspaper back in the s. The guy he replaced had taken all the system passwords with him when he left, leaving the company to start from scratch. They leave and they don't care about anything else. But it only hurts them in the end. Down the road someone will ask, 'Do you know so and so?

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The only things that have meaning in this life are your name and reputation. Lose them and you'll never get hired again. Open-First's Shelton says bad employees are inevitable, but companies can do more to wrest some of the power from a single person's hands. It's as true of a guy running a parking garage as it is of a systems admin. But it's also an opportunity for organizations to look at the points of control and devolve responsibility so that multiple people are involved in all the key decisions.

IT staff. Most geeks wouldn't recognize a critical business process if it bit them on the nose. And though their boss may have "technology" or "information" in his job title, he appears to knows little about either.

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This is perhaps the most intractable battle in all of IT -- the war between the officer corps and the troops. It's like that person lost a bet or the president of the company has a half-wit brother who needs a job. You have the IT guys in the field saying, 'You really need to do XYZ,' and the managers saying, 'We're not going to do that; it's going to cost too much money.

Sure enough, the monitors showed up in California with skewed pictures. A good 80 percent of them were returned.

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On the other hand, says Shalita, the most important decisions a CIO faces aren't about technology per se, but about business outcomes. And that may never enter the mind of an in-the-trenches IT grunt. The IT guys are focused on the technology in their particular tower. The fault usually lies on both sides of the divide, says Peter Marsack, vice president at Vision Computer Solutions, an IT service and support provider. The solution there is to know your role and let your talents shine where they should.

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The development side also shoulders its portion of blame. Repeat onto infinity. The classic scenario: A sys admin departs on bad terms and decides to wreak revenge. Fortunately, Heimerl says, such admins are the exception and not the rule.