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But after being bitten by a venomous snake, Winnie's rushed home to Grandma Annie. Santa has two groups of helpers at the North Pole, the Gruff Elves who build the toys and the Peppermint Fairies who make the treats for the stockings. Once their work is done, Santa takes their creations and makes his Christmas deliveries. But this year, one of the Peppermint Fairies finds himself in Santa's bag.

When Santa becomes weary from the journey, it's up to little Pep to step in and use his magic to save Christmas. Winnie introduces herself and describes the first time she'd heard about fairies. Sir Splatterton and Abbey go to the ball together. But their lovely evening takes an unexpected turn when Prince Theodore, the prince Splat defeated in the jousting match, crashes the dance and seeks revenge. The cadets salvage what they can from their battle with the Exiles and make plans for the future.

The twins and their grandparents jump from country to country in an attempt to destroy all of the Dragon's magical globes. Will and his family make an important discovery under their willow tree and set out to rebuild their kingdom. King Karl holds a special jousting match to determine what knight is worthy of taking his daughter, Princess Pepper, to the annual ball.

Convinced this is his chance to woo the princess, Sir Splatterton enters the competition. To avoid becoming slaves to The Doctor and his academy, the cadets and their parents confront the Exiles in a battle for their future. Decked out in their special samurai gear, the Boone family heads to The Dragon's headquarters to stop them for good. Doug and the cadets flee the Academy of Exiles only to come across a giant black sphere that is sucking all light and warmth from the neighboring worlds. Grandma takes Grandpa and the twins to Japan where they must track down the armor of the Four Samurai in order to defeat The Dragon.

War is at the doorstep of the Daffodil Kingdom and Will finds himself in the fortunate position of being able to warn his clan of the imminent attack. But will they be ready to face the Dark? The deadline for the cadets to enroll has arrived and The Doctor plans to do everything in his power to make sure they join him. This week we get to meet Grandma Boone!

Grandpa and the twins hear all about Grandma Boone's adventures and find out where she's been. But on their way across The Black Sea a powerful storm rolls in. Millie Turner wants to spend every minute of summer with her friends and avoid her quirky family. But when it comes time for her favorite family tradition, a game of tomato baseball, she's torn between whether to go to a friend's tea party or play in the big game.

The cadets receive a distress signal from the planet Grom. Every day, a deadly laser line beams down from the sky and creeps towards the Gromlers' capital city. If the Gromlers don't gather enough precious minerals by the deadline the laser will reach the city. Doug and the cadets must find a way to stop the laser and find out who's behind it.

Grandpa and the twins head to Egypt where they must stop The Dragon from stealing the treasure from Pharaoh Seti's tomb. But will it be enough to impress Sawyer who can't stand pizza? Find out in this episode of Grandpa's Globe! Before fleeing the Temples of Light, Will and his family have a surprise encounter with someone from Emerald Creek.

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Braden learns how to deal with bullies as he magically jumps into the shoes of someone who's experiencing it firsthand. Doug and the cadets learn about black holes as they're faced with a very difficult decision - destroy the Norb so that The Doctor can't get his hands on it, or keep it so that they can use the extra power against him? Find out in this week's episode! Suzie and Sawyer finish their adventure in the South Pacific in this exciting part 2 climax to last week's story. If you haven't heard it yet, be sure to check out Part 1 of this story before listening.

Will and his family explore the Temples of Light and learn what happened to Magborne. Suzie and Sawyer go on an adventure to the South Pacific where they must stop The Dragon from erupting the islands' volcanoes. Will and his family make it to the Rainbow Ridge and it is full of surprises Doug and the cadets finally meet the leader of the Exiles, a man who calls himself The Doctor. Lisa has big powerful ears that can hear things from far away.

She dreams of using her special gift to become the next great superhero. But to become the great hero she was meant to be, she must first learn the importance of being a good listener. The cadets follow the ships from Mudro to a hidden mirror planet that reflects the stars around it. There they meet copies of themselves as they try to figure out who was stealing soil from the Mudro people. Sawyer and Suzie must stop The Dragon from getting their hands on the royal crown and taking control of England.

Will discovers a new power as he and his family journey through The Pass, a treacherous canyon full of Jumping Rocks. Rodents have taken over Spatulot and it's up to you and the knights to stop them! The Knights of Spatula embark on their first adventure and they need your help!

So grab your spatula and join the ranks as you participate in this interactive story! Jake's terrible manners are driving his family crazy! Desperate and running out of options, Jake's parents send him off to The Manners Manor, a hoity-toity school that teaches kids good manners. But Jake won't change his slobbish ways without a fight! Does the fancy school have what it takes to make Jake give up his bad habits? Find out in this episode of Life! After Mikey and Amy fail big time on their school project, they're sent to The Land of Failures where they learn an important lesson about overcoming setbacks.

After the power goes out in the Cosmic Cafe, the cadets are forced to stop at the planet Mudro for supplies. There's just one problem, Mudro has no food Grandpa Boone's been having a rough day. So to cheer him up, Sawyer and Suzie take him on an exciting trip to India. Will and his family are introduced to their first Pixienaut - a man by the name of Theodore Knight who is the human ambassador to the fairies.

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During their first encounter, Will learns something new about himself. The cadets are captured by Diva, an Exile obsessed with her own celebrity and one of Goro's former students. Sawyer and Suzie travel to Australia where they must stop The Dragon from collecting poisonous animals. For as long as she could remember, Francine and her entire town have always frowned. They can't help it. But as Francine takes it upon herself to solve the mystery, she discovers the contagious power of smiling.

Grandpa and the twins go on a wild adventure through Mexico as they try to get the guidebook back. When The Dark reaches the Cacti Clan it's up to Will to save his family with a little help from his pixie power. When Sofie moves to a new town she gets invited to be part of an exclusive group of friends that call themselves The Sorry Sisters Society.

During her first day in the club, Sofie learns what it truly means to be sorry. Doug and the cadets follow a distress signal to the mysterious planet Brynthia where they face their greatest obstacle yet. Sawyer and Suzie go on a chocolate filled adventure through Switzerland! Will ventures into the Deserts of Dread where he must find someone in the Cacti Clan who can help him restore his parents' memory. Holly Hannigan's mountain town of Frozen Falls becomes a winter wonderland during Christmas time.

But things take a turn for the worse when a winter storm sweeps through on Christmas Eve and traps the Wagner family in their cabin. It's up to Holly to save Christmas. Nicky spreads Christmas cheer throughout town with his little homemade wreaths. Doug and the cadets head to the Academy of Wanderers to retrieve important documents before the Exiles can get their hands on them.

The globe sends the twins to Bethlehem to teach them the true meaning of Christmas. Sick and tired of being picked all the time, Miles' nose takes matters into his own nostril by trapping Miles' finger and holding it hostage. Will confronts the Bungabo in order to win the trust of the Daffodil Queen. Augustus, a seven year old genius, tries to short cut the friend-making process by creating a machine that makes friends for him. But it isn't long before Augustus' new invention goes haywire and he's forced to make real friends the old fashioned way.

Doug and the Cadets make a stop at the planet Blub - a world full of bubbles! There they must find a way to help the Bubblers reconnect with each other and enjoy the amazing world they have. Sawyer and Suzie experience South Africa as they set out to rescue their new friend's baby hippo from poachers. Will and the group escape Kroe and stumble upon The Daffodil Kingdom.

Every rat in New York City loves Halloween. Every rat except for little Hal Harrison that is. But this year is going to be different. The Harrison's are about to have a Halloween they'll never forget. Doug and the cadets join forces to try to sneak into the forbidden caboose. Grandpa treats Sawyer and Suzie to a fun vacation in Brazil. But the trip takes a turn for the worse when Suzie loses her new bracelet.

Will finally reaches Kroe where he'll try to find a cure to his poisonous Ink Eel bite. Liz is one lazy lizard. Unlike the rest of the land iguanas in the Galapagos Islands, who hunt for food and enjoy the beach, she prefers to sit around and do nothing. But as soon as a new predator threatens her colony, she's finally forced to get up and do something with herself. But doing so is proving to be no small task.

Sawyer and Suzie go on an exciting adventure through Germany where once again they find themselves taking on The Dragon. Magborne completes Will's training by teaching him how to use Pixie magic. Josh has a bad habit of eating junk food. But thanks to a magical pizza buffet, he learns the hard way that you are what you eat.

Doug and the cadets finally get answers from Goro. But just as they start to take it all in, they're forced to compete in the Orion Pass Race. Granpda's globe sends Sawyer and Suzie on an exciting mission to China where they must solve the mystery of The Dragon Dance. Will encounters new friends and foes as he begins his training with Magborne aboard the Jolly Leafer.

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Honest Lee is the most honest person in all the kingdom. But when he decides to finally tell one little lie to impress the princess things snowball out of control. Dallas is being held prisoner on a comet! His fellow cadets must come together and find a way to rescue him.

The Bully and the Booger Baby

A famous painting has been stolen from the Hermitage Museum in Russia and it's up to Sawyer and Suzie to get it back! Will and his baby sister brave the Jelly Tree Forest, desperately looking for someone who can lead them to the Temples of Light. Gabby, an aspiring rock star, learns the importance of expressing gratitude. Doug and the cadets embark on their first mission to Mars! There they must find a way to save the Martians' dwindling water supply from the Well of Being. Willam and his family are on the move! Follow their journey as they make their way through the mystical Fragrant Falls.

Doug and the Cadets take their first trip to outer space and learn about gravity. Tyson Bagley has a once in a lifetime opportunity to be someone else for a day. Simon Spotlight Publications; reprint edition. The bully McNulty brothers try to dominate the playground where the Rugrats like to play, but Angelica wins a victory over them. Barnhill, Kelly. The mostly true story of Jack. This is an intriguing story of Jack who has spent his life thus far trying to stay under the radar of the local bullies in San Francisco. He and his family, however, move to a new town in which he immediately becomes a target of bullies.

The author employs the power of friendship to combat good and evil in this suspenseful tale. Beard, Candy. Create Space. Cheyenne, who is poor and plain looking, has no friends and deals with being bullied on a daily basis by a group of rich classmates. Cheyenne desperately wants to be accepted by the group and their leader, Crystal, who seems to have it all. Readers will follow Cheyenne on her dramatic journey toward triumph. The inspirational story will motivate children to befriend those who have been victims of bullies.

Cheng, Andrea. The Year of the Book. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children. Anna Wang is a fourth grader who feels friendless after her friend Laura spends more time with other friends, especially mean and bossy Allison who picks on and makes fun of Anna for her homemade lunch sack and other aspects of her personality. When Laura makes efforts to renew her friendship with Anna, poor Anna isn't sure whether to trust Laura.

Estes, Eleanor. The Hundred Dresses. A Newbery Honor book, this is a timeless and classic tale of Wanda Pretonski who lives in a shabby area and who, everyday, wears the same faded blue dress. Wanda, motivated by her embarrassment and shame, tells her classmates that she has one hundred silk and velvet dresses at home in all different colors.

Maddie, a girl who had liked Wanda, had been a coward and had not stood up for Wanda during her teasing. Now Maddie feels guilt that she had helped to make someone feel so unhappy that she had to move away. Ludwig, Trudy. Just Kidding. Tricycle Press. With the help of his father and teacher, D.

The book will empower children by providing effective strategies for dealing with bullies.

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My Secret Bully. Monica, who has been friends with Katie since kindergarten, is troubled that Katie has begun to exclude, insult, and embarrass Monica in front of other classmates. Aggression between girls is often overlooked in literature. Monica shares her dilemma with her mother who counsels her just enough that Monica is able to solve her problem with Katie. Trouble Talk. Bailey is new to Hoover Elementary, and Maya is assigned to be her welcoming buddy.

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. King of the Playground. The end result is that Sammy and Kevin become friends. Paterson, Katherine. Bridge to Terabithia. Harper Collins. The fact that they are both teased and bullied by classmates bonds them together even more. The two friends create a secret kingdom in the woods called Terabithia where they escape and reign as king and queen, even over those who bullied them in reality.

Jess and Leslie find solace in Terabithia until a tragedy separates them forever. Wesley, Valerie Wilson. Willimena Rules! Hyperion Books. One of the Willimena Rules! Series, this is the tale of Willimena who, on her first day of school, is faced with a bully known as Mean Irene. Children will love reading about how Willimena, the African American heroine of the story, puts Mean Irene in her place. Maryn Roos, the illustrator, realistically depicts the characters in bright, colorful appealing illustrations.

Wilson, Robert Evans, Jr. The Annoying Ghost Kid. Robert Evans, Wilson Jr. The Annoying Ghost Kid is a funny story about Corky, a ten year old boy, who is tormented by Duke, a younger boy who happens to be a ghost. Duke loves to play practical jokes on Corky. Informational Titles and Activity Books:.

Cooper, Scott. Speak Up And Get Along! Free Spirit Publishing. The Mighty Might strategy is designed to remove all the fun from teasing. The Thought Chop strategy effectively helps children avoid self-defeating attitudes. These are only two of many very effective strategies for helping children stave off conflict and bullying, and for helping children better express themselves and build better relationships. Joe Fournier realistically illustrates the strategies in a style that is appealing and renders the strategies more easily understandable.

Elliot, Michele. Wise Guides: Bullying. The book effectively seeks to address the definition of bullying, solutions for bullying, and it gives kid-friendly advice about making the right kinds of friends and maintaining self esteem. Finn, Carrie. Kids Talk About Bullying. Picture Window Books. Sam is a fifth grader who writes an advice column for younger children. On each page is a letter to Sam with a question about bullying. Through Sam, the young readers learn what a bully is and what to do about bullies.

Gourlay, Catherine. Friend or Foe? Plays About Bullying. Crabtree Publishing Company. One play focuses on the victim and the second on the bully.

Bully vs. Fart

The readers is effectively presented with both points of view. This source is a great format for role playing in order to help children better understand bullying and what to do about it. Kahn, Robert. Too Smart for Bullies. Future Horizons. Not just a tool for children, this book also serves as an effective tool for parents, teachers, and other childcare providers to share safety rules with children.

Karres, Erika V. Adams Media. Young Adult. This book includes over tips from young women bullies. The section called First Facts focuses on the attitudes of mean girls. The Cool quotes section provides advice from girls around the world. The Pop quizzes section provides strategies for determining who could be targets of girl bullying. The Power points section provides fun quotes and proverbs from informed and experienced sources to give girls hope.

The Rx section focuses on remedies for bad situations. Powell, Jillian. Talking About Bullying. Powell effectively defines bullying, what it feels like to be bullied and to be a bully. This is one of few non-fiction books on the topic of bullying that addresses this young age group. Pownall-Gray, Dickon. This is an informative, step-by-step guide to help children deal with being the target of bullies.

The user-friendly format focuses on strategies for escaping the isolation of being a victim, for rebuilding confidence, for repairing the damaging effects of bullying, and for developing the skills to make new friends.

Sanders, Pete. Fitzhenry and Whiteside. Sanders explores bullying from both a personal and social perspective. Storylines about children dealing with bullying are appealingly illustrated in strip form. The storylines, presented in kid-friendly vernacular, provide information about how social problems develop, and explain what to do if the reader finds him or herself in similar bullying situations. Sprague, Susan. New Harbinger Publications.

It offers strategies for helping girls stand up for themselves, maintain positive self esteem despite teasing, and helps girls learn how to find the right kinds of friends. It is a source for providing girls with the confidence they need to face social challenges. Books for Parents and Teachers:. Alexander, Jenny. Adult reference. Carpenter, Deborah and Ferguson, Christopher. The book helps parents recognize the signs of bullying, where it takes place, and helps them to understand the differences between bullying among girls and boys.

In addition, the book effectively addresses teaching social skills and assertiveness techniques and getting support from the school system. Clarkson, Polly. John Blake. She relates how each of the twenty people mustered up the courage to fight back and stand up to their bullies. This is an empowering book that celebrates bullying victims, their determination, and their spirit of never giving up. Freedman, Judy S. McGraw Hill. Teachers and parents are provided with strategies to teach their children to discourage teasing. Haber, Joel and Glatzer, Jenna.

Perigee Trade. Joel Haber is an expert in the field of bully prevention. This is a much needed guide to help parents detect signs of bullying and intervene in a timely and lastingly effective manner. Katch, Jane. Beacon Press. She tries to make her students understand fair from unfair, and intimidation from being intimidated. She offers a descriptive and frank narrative of her classroom life among the very young and their social problems. This is a must-have book for teachers and parents who want to help children to feel safe and less vulnerable.

Lawson, Sarah. Sheldon Press. Lee, Chris. Sage Publications, Ltd. It is an essential guide for parents and educators who want to foster a safe learning environment for their children. The book offers effective activities and talking points with the intent of increasing awareness about bullying and affecting anti- bullying school policy.

McGrath, Mary Jo. Corwin Press. Her book is an effective legal based approach to preventing or dealing with bullying and avoiding liability in the process. McMullen, Carol. Scholastic Teaching Resources. It provides help to parents in recognizing the signs of bullying, gives them strategies to help their children cope with bullying and maintain self-esteem and confidence, and it addresses the issue of soliciting assistance from teachers and other school personnel to address the bullying problem in their schools.

In addition, the book very effectively addresses one of the most recent and increasing bullying problems of cyber-bullying.