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Then Trevor opens the door to their apartment, muscled, shirtless, tattooed and so… arrogant. How can one guy be such a dick? Too bad he knows it. Who will end up on top? Readers looking for a little afternoon delight will find just that with this fun and flirty read of roommates who quickly become oh so much more.

Trevor has a protective nature too, as seen by his concern for his sister, and it was often on display when he was around Natalie in scenes that endeared him to me. Starting over at a new school has her sharing an apartment with the drool-worthy Trevor who quickly becomes a temptation she can no longer ignore. They may start out as friends with him watching over her, as she tries to get out of the shell her sadness put her in, but their interactions soon take on an erotic feel that led to numerous scorching interactions.

This was a quick read, a bit lacking in detail though as readers never got deep insight into either of these characters. Readers get to see them in the here and now, with not much concern for the past and very little for the future. This was an entertaining main couple with witty banter, both playful and sensual, and they had me cheering for them every step of the way as they dealt with Natalie jumping to an unwarranted conclusion along with melodramatic family intervention.

Their attraction was instant and led to lots of scorching interludes that will make readers see library bookshelves in a whole new light. The story was too quickly wrapped up though, too easily dealt with, and in a way it gave an unfinished feel to the book. He wants to make the world a better place and i loved him for that. What I also adored see that we got to see a grown up Connor!! Yay finally! This book was really cute and I liked it a lot, it was a nice, sweet and quick story to read.

But it was also written well and the story flows perfectly from start to finish. I love the roommates and first time love trope, younger guys figuring out who they are and where they stand in life. These characters were both super likable and it was really swee This book was really cute and I liked it a lot, it was a nice, sweet and quick story to read. These characters were both super likable and it was really sweet to see these two; Lucas and Adam finding their way. Although I really wish Lucas could have been straight forward with everything from the start, the explanation of why he does what he did really holds up in this story.

Towards the end they really step up and communicate well together in order to make the harder decisions of what to do without letting anything or anyone stand in their way. I liked hearing about some of their friends mentioned in this book as well and I hope we get some of their stories soon too. Feb 08, J1B rated it it was ok Shelves: bisexual-gfy , unnecessary-heterosexual-elements , who-has-the-baby , gender-stereotypes-female-omegas.

This was a great plot idea, but poorly executed. Also, yet another MM where the "alpha" tells us about his enjoyment of heterosexual sex, and even the "omega" explains, upon losing his virginity, that he'd never had sex with a boy or girl. Because what would MM be without at least some heteronormativity added to the mix. Here's the answer to that question: Honest.

Too bad we'll evidently never get there. Jul 30, LWM rated it really liked it.

15 Must-Read College Romance Books

So sweet and charming While it was pretty obvious what the results would be, the twists and turns the characters took to get there were uniquely Lucas and Adam, and their banter was, at times, hilarious. Adam is too funny and determined to NOT fit into any pre-conceived mold or niche to please his parents.

He is perfect for Lucas because of his imperfections, just as Lucas and his obsessive neatness are perfect for Adam. Too, too adorable! Mar 09, Wax rated it liked it Shelves: own-have , mm , kindle. NA isn't my favorite genre, so this book was already starting out behind for me. However, I did enjoy the issues that were discussed in the beginning including omega rights and the difficulties that omegas in their society encountered when trying to get higher education.

However, the story wrapped a bit too easily at the end. Jul 10, meep rated it really liked it Shelves: arc. Only thing is i would have loved to see after the baby was born we got a time jump for an epilogue and i would like to see maybe the parents meeting or how Adams parents reacted to falcon. Jul 15, Nic rated it really liked it. Nice This was a very cute quick read. I really liked both of the main characters. They were both very cute and adorable together. Jul 16, Kobie rated it it was ok.

I have avoided mpreg books so far I took a chance on this because I love the roommate to lovers trope. It was a fine story, but my instincts were right. Jul 13, Clouddreams42 rated it really liked it. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am amazed at how the author can pump out such consistently great books, of a decent length in such a short time. Another winner, Ann-Katrin has crafted a sweet novel about how plans change and adapting to life so you can reach your goals. I loved the character of Lucas, who was driven and determined to become a lawyer no matter what.

Then he not only meets the man of his dreams but is stuck living in the same room as him for a I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Then he not only meets the man of his dreams but is stuck living in the same room as him for a year of college. The spark flew and it was great to see the relationship develop and the misunderstandings that complicated life in the 'real' world move so naturally in this novel. Adam was just the sweetest guy ever, and I'm not surprised that Lucas couldn't resist him.

I wouldn't have either, he seemed to be the perfect mix of strong and determined, whilst being sweet and caring. He is the ideal partner. The only thing that I wasn't thrilled about was how Adam's parents were such a big part of his life and yet we didn't get to see much of them or his relationship. They become estranged towards the end of the book but this is glossed over and not touched on.

Normal Sucks

This would have added to the book and given a bit of balance to their relationship. It seemed that Lucas could lean heavily on Adam, but also made his own decisions, yet we never got to see the reverse and Adam leaning heavily on Lucas. It didn't take a huge amount from my enjoyment and isn't a detriment to the novel. Jul 15, caroline wilson rated it it was amazing. It's exciting that were getting a glimpse into the upcoming younger generation of ocean port and that this is an off set of that with glimpses of the characters we love from that series.

But back to this story and we encounter Lucus an omega who is masquerading as a bet another goodin I received this book by the author for an honest set opinion I absolutely love how this author weaved these magnetic stories and worls you just get sucked in right from the first page and this book was no different. But back to this story and we encounter Lucus an omega who is masquerading as a beta as he wants to become a top lawyer and prove that omega can do it. The tablets is suppressing his smell but it doesn't do much to dampen his bodies interest in Adam his room mate, jock and Alpha.

Adam has his whole career set out for him and his mother all but trying to shove a ring and bride on him but he wants none of it, but his roommate which there's just something about him which gets his heart pumping. With problems fighting preconceived ideas and the whole parents debacle they finally get together. I enjoyed this book it was a short sweet read and gave me all the emotions.

I liked this book a lot, from the budding relationship between the two main characters to the way they overcame their personal issues. Grabbed all my attention from beginning to end. Character breakdown; Lucas: he hid a lot of himself and the prejudice that omegas face I understood where he was coming from.

But in doing so he denied himself so much, at least he found that out by being with Adam. Their relationship was pretty cute to read about as it grew. Adam: omegas aren't the only ones who don't I liked this book a lot, from the budding relationship between the two main characters to the way they overcame their personal issues. Adam: omegas aren't the only ones who don't like who they are meant to be. Despite being alpha Adam didn't come off as arrogant or had to be in charge.

If anything he was pretty patient with Lucas and even fought for him.

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Pretty good book, fun to read and easy going the characters were likable and the plot wasn't complicated nor too simple. Definitely a must read. Jul 14, Kathryn Manzella rated it it was amazing. Great book In a world where Omegas still have a huge battle to fight for rights to succeed in certain careers, Lucas feels if the truth comes out, he will lose his chance at becoming a lawyer. But then the attraction to his Alpha roommate Adam becomes too much and leads o a drunken hookup without protection amidst his unexpected heat They will have to work together, if they both want to hold on to their dreams.

Great characters and a great love story. I love the Oceanport Omega stories and this is a sort of spin off of that featuring a new generation of Omegas and Alphas finding love and trampling obsticles. I definitely recommend this book. Mar 14, Esther Alayeto rated it really liked it. It's a short listen but a very enjoyable story. Lucas and Adam start out as just roommates but turn into so much more.

Of course Adam didn't know Lucas was an omega which leads to consequences that they must face. Neither one is happy with their lot in life but together they may just be able to build the future and family they have always wanted, they just didn't know it. I really liked watching them grow closer and working together for their future. The narrator did a great job with his interpr It's a short listen but a very enjoyable story. The narrator did a great job with his interpretation of the characters and the story.

I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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Jul 26, Stellaria rated it it was ok Shelves: mm , unbelivable , not-my-thing , not-enough-angst , not-my-scene. Well, no. This was my first book from the author and also my first book with a mpreg plot and it's not my cup of tee, I'm sorry. Although the writing was good, the characters likeable and the chemistry between them was there, all the other things were meh!

I found myself even laughing a few times because some parts of the story were so ridiculously unbelievable even for a paranormal scene. The end of the book was like a plot from a mf sit com turned to be for two boys. Just not my scene a Well, no. Just not my scene at all. Jul 15, Eric Neill rated it it was amazing. Making mates of roommates is a challenge. Making babies with roommates is much easier, but has many more complications. Life goals that compete with life games are simpler for the football player than for the lawyer, but resolving goals together is the best for partners and parents, unless it is about a penguin outfit.

Fly like an eagle, flap like a swan, name your boy Falcon, because soon he'll be gone! Feb 17, Waleska 'Wally' rated it it was ok. I might be in the minority here when I say that Even practicing willing suspension of disbelief Roommates fell short. The storyline was interesting but the execution was bad. Also the amount of plot and subplot holes makes reading this book a tedious task. I had to skip pages to be able to finish it and no do a DNF. This is my first book by this author and I might , in the future, consider reading another book of her as she seems to be pretty popular.

Jul 10, Renee rated it it was amazing. Lucas is hiding his Omega status so he can become a lawyer. He gets placed with Adam, a hot alpha, as a roommate. He manages to keep his secret until he goes into heat. Sweet and swoony. He was protective but not oppressive. Lucas is a strong character despite hiding his nature. Sexy and sweet read. Really enjoyable. May 15, Donna rated it it was amazing. The pair are meant to be together and the consequences it being when they do get together is hysterical. Truly loved it. Jul 11, Melody rated it it was amazing Shelves: bromance.

Some authors can only come up with one problem to overcome dragging the story out with painful, predictable misunderstandings. This book had small hurdles taken one at a time. It was just right without being predictable. I loved it. Both characters were completely likeable.

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Apr 25, blub rated it really liked it Shelves: mm-romance , mpreg , college , read. The story features Lucas and Adam who also make a cameo appearance in Mating of Convenience. The story was cute and I loved the build up as well as having the chance to getting to know the characters as they're getting to know each other. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.