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Raiders: The Inuk Quartet Vol 2

This rousing second chapter in the Dragon Brigade epic fantasy series after Shadow Raiders is set in an intricate magical land that floats on the Breath of God. Margaret Weis. Products Margaret Weis. Daring dragon-riders fight to save a uniquely magical world from destruction by vengeful outcasts, in Storm Riders by Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes. In a magical world, two enemy kingdoms have long sought a weapon that will win lasting dominance.

But then both are attacked by the Bottom-Dwellers, bitter people whose own land was destroyed. Nainstalovat Steam.

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Hardware Hardware. Although most of the Society's discoveries come from distant lands and enter through Absalom's harbor, some of the greatest discoveries appear in the metropolis's backyard. When an extraordinary relic surfaces in the nearby town of Diobel, the Pathfinder Society dispatches an agent to recover and transport it back to the Grand Lodge.

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That strategy fell through when the agent disappeared along the road to Diobel. The Pathfinders must learn what befell their comrade and recover the shipment--a task that will take them into the dangerous wilds of the island's interior.