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She pulls back the curtain on how the entertainemnt industry works from a musucian's perspetive, covering "reality" shows like The Voice and American Idol, as well as chasing a record deal and pitching a now famous TV show that launched the career of a household name. Paul is an outspoken young driver who, at 21 years old, just signed a contract with McLaren Automotive as one of their new factory drivers.

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He talks about the process that got him to where he is and what's coming next for him and McLaren in the world of sports car racing. David is a career automotive enginner and racer. He's got an analytical approach to his work and his driving he's an engineer, so He tells some great stories about working on prototype road cars and the differences in racing in the US and Europe. He's become somewhat of a Nurburgring specialist and he talks about that too. Robert Stout is the Mazda MX5 Cup Rookie of the year, talkes about racing in that series, getting other people to pay for your racing and what they expect in return.

Robert came down from Palm Desert, CA to Orange County to have lunch with me and be my first guest, so big thanks to him for kicking things off.

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He's one of those drivers who is a little under the radar, but if he continues on his current streak of success, that won't be the case for very long. Racing driver Jon Miller talks shop with people who do what they love for a living in the motorsports industry and beyond. One Track Mind Racing driver Jon Miller talks shop with people who do what they love for a living in the motorsports industry and beyond. September 19, September 12, The same can be said for Tres Warren's weightless vocals throughout. Considering the band's taste for zoning out to infinity, One Track Mind really needed a harsher edit.

With some tightening and pruning, it could have burst into bloom.

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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Open share drawer. Where that album was new age-y with great pop impulses, follow-up Early Violence was a left turn into murky, minimalist post-punk.

The all-improv Mirror Eye was a messy, often intolerable stretch of raga drones. They've never really had a compass, and while the same school of thought has sometimes benefitted bands of their ilk in very exciting ways, it's often left Psychic Ills' catalogue looking lopsided.

Their latest effort, One Track Mind , is yet another diversion, and one that couldn't have been predicted. Though most closely resembling Hazed Dream , One Track Mind is the most straightforward album Psychic Ills have ever made, offering 10 tracks that sound like they were all found along the same stretch of desert highway. Psychic Ills have always been more concerned with establishing feel and atmosphere over general songcraft, and here they just about manage to bridge the gap.