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Isn't the guy who champions the forced parity of the salary cap and the faux parity of the standings points system supposed to be the guy that celebrates the 10th-place finisher staking a claim as a "playoff team? I understand Bettman's apprehension. I'm a traditionalist, too. The team Stanley Cup Playoff is the best postseason tournament in sports. Nothing matches its war of attrition nor its capacity for unpredictability.

If your argument is "don't mess with perfection," I completely understand the sentiment. As a traditionalist, I'd also love to see a team league, but guess what? We're now at 32 teams. Leaving half of the league out of the postseason seems a bit absurd. I mean, what are we, baseball? The "play-in game" idea being floated around the NHL's governors is the happiest medium for traditionalists and playoff expansion fans: The team bracket remains as-is; it's just that we're adding an extra couple of win-or-go-home games to determine the final two seeds before we get to that impeccable two months of postseason bliss.

Count me in for expanding the playoff pool. I hope the governors that support this plan get together and made their plea to Bettman. And in case you needed further convincing, I'd finally shut up about Connor McDavid 's Hart Trophy eligibility if the Oilers finish 10th. Our delightful orange freak participated in an all-Philadelphia mascot football game during the Redskins vs. Here's Gritty, executing a perfect block on Hooter, the Temple Owls' mascot, allowing Swoop to head into the end zone.

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The Eagles had a mascot game at halftime and it was great. Obviously the main headline is: Gritty with the game-winning block on Hooter! Along with Fudgie The Whale, which admittedly was always more my speed. Carvel noted her sweet and, through the miracle of the Internet, they created a Gritty cake on the Cookie Puss template. Mental Floss chronicled it here. Don't look too deeply into his Flying Saucer eyes.

Why (and how) the NHL should expand the playoffs

You might never come back. Aleksander Barkov 's penalty differential:. The Florida Panthers forward hasn't taken a penalty this season. You know how many he's drawn at 5-on-5?

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No other forward was in double-digits in penalties drawn as of Thursday night. And this is a guy tasked with a rather significant defensive role, too. This is the stuff of two-time Lady Byng finalists, friends. Jeff Skinner 's zone starts:. According to Corsica, his Zone Start Ratio the percentage of non-neutral zone shift starts in the offensive zone is Either way, it's clear that the Buffalo Sabres had solved the great mystery of Jeff Skinner's goal-scoring prowess: Put him with Jack Eichel , and put'em both in the offensive zone on a faceoff as often as possible.

Evander Kane 's goals:. The scrutiny of Erik Karlsson 's game and Martin Jones ' save percentage has obscured this other baffler with the Sharks. Kane has seven goals in 29 games, with six of them at even strength, and 16 points. That would put him right around 20 goals on the season, provided he plays 82 games, which he's never done.

He's not a disaster or anything: His plus in shot attempts tells you that he might just be a little snake-bit with that 6. But Doug Wilson didn't give Kane seven over seven for this kind of production. The image of this jersey arrives in the same week Reaves concussed Wilson with a hit on Tuesday and then autographed photos of that hit that were put on sale, including an inscription that said "he ran into a lion in the jungle.

As an aside, there's a thin line between celebrating the injury of a player and acknowledging that the player injures his share of opponents and thus got what was coming to him. It's a thin line, but a line. I think if you asked Wilson, he'd tell you that you get what you give this game. But that's not a reason to, like, order a signed photo of him post-concussion. Where does one put that, anyway? Why is no one talking about this slip up from Drouin about the Ottawa Senators? Live from Sea Island, Georgia! Emily Kaplan and I break down the Board of Governors meeting and the expansion franchise granted to Seattle.

That plus much, much more. Stream here and get it on iTunes here. Are the Buffalo Sabres for real? There's a lot of smoke and mirrors going on. There isn't really anyone like him in the system that can do what he does. That said, I think there is enough to work with here for the U. He goes, 'These kids are in condition. They've got heart. They don't quit. This is incredible. We never would have expected this from a bunch of boys in the South.

Just kidding. Alice - Sicily is definitely part of Italy. As is Sardinia. All - keep 'em coming. I have more 3 verses to Funiculi, Funicula in, I guess, what must be a Napolitan dialect because I have the translation into Italian. While we weather the winter, let's sing about May. Il Cucu L'inverno se n'e andato, L'aprile non c'e piu E maggio e ritornato Al canto del cucu Cucu, cucu, L'aprile non c'e piu E maggio e ritornato Al canto del cucu Lassu per le montagne La neve non c'e piu, Comincia a fare il nido Il povero cucu La bella alla finestra La guarda in su e ingiu La spetta il fidanzato Al canto del cucu Te l'ho pur sempre detto Che maggia ha la victu De far sentir l:amore Al canto del cucu The Cuckoo's Welcome translation: Win Stracke The snows of March have left us, The cold of April, too, And now in May we welcome The bird that sings cuckoo Cuckoo, cuckoo To snow and cold adieu We sing a song to welcome The bird that sings cuckoo The calf now seeks it's mother The lamb doth seek the ewe While up above doth hover The bird that sings cuckoo So, listen all you maidens, When young men swear they're true Just join the birds in singing The songs that sings cuckoo judy.

The matter is that recently I had a road accident, so I cannot surf the net as I would, and I have to stay away from the Cafe' for a while. I hope I will heal in a few weeks. Nothing too serious I hope. Rest, recover and rejoin us when you can. Thanks Wolfgang for two interesting sites. That's a fascinating story. Wolfgang, have you ever run across a fellow from Germany yeah, I know there are a lot of people there, but I might as well ask named Joseph Gregor? In the 70s I ran across him leading a hootnanny in a hostel and joined a bunch of folkies who had collected the songs he taught them.

They had stacks 3ft high! Also, I would like the second verse to Santa Lucia in Italian, if someone has it. Thanks, Genie. Longo, T. Cottrau, Barcarole "Sul mare lucia" Sul mare luccica l'astro d'argento. Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia. Santa Lucia! Spira un auretta fresca e leggiera. Kennst keine Sorgen, Kennst keine Leiden. Seht, welch ein Abend! When o'er thy waters, light winds are playing Thy spell can soothe us, all care allaying; To thee sweet Napoli, what charms are given; Genie. I don't know Italian, so I can't vouch for the accuracy of the lyrics. I got it here click.

O-sanna o-sanna canano Con giubilante cor, I tuoi pastori ed angeli ORe di lu-ce e amor. Venite adoriamo, Venite adoriamo, Venite adoriamo, Gesu Redentor. O-sanna, o-sanna cantano Con giubilante cor, I tuoi pastori ed angeli O Re di luce e amor. Latin is my fav. I have also found a couple of those "Community" songbooks, which are a remarkable source of songs of the later emigrants who came over to the states.

They have recorded some of the popular old Italian songs. Mattinata by Ruggiero Leoncavallo L'arrora di bianco vestita, gia l'uscio dischiude-al granso! Di gia con le rose-e sue dita Carezza de fiori lo stuol! Commosso da-un fremi to-arcano Intorno-il creato gia par E tu non ti desti, ed invano mist qui dolente-a cantar. Meti-anche, tu la veste bianca eschiudi l'uscio al tuo can tor! Ove non sei la luce manca, Ove tu sei nasce l'amor! Metti-anche tu la veste bianca eschiudi l'uscio al tuo cantor!

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Oveno sei la lu ce manca Ove tu sei masce l'amor! English version by Lorraine Noel Finley The dawn in her mantle of whiteness Has turned shining eyes to the sun While roses, reflecting her brightness, Announce that the day has begun. A light, secret rustle is creeping Through Nature whose long night has flown But you through this beauty are sleeping, And vainly I sing here alone.

Wake with the dawn Radiant in gladness. Open the portal; I sing for you. Wake with the dawn, radiant in gladness. When you are absent, Light fades in sadness; When you are near me, love's dream domes true. Any help would be great. Any help would be appreciated. I had to changed threadID to threadid in Wolfgang's link, if the link doesn't work just make that change. Has to do with a gasp Bug in Mudcat. Rita Ferrara ps I know about another dozen Italian folk songs, where was I when this old thread was new?

Oh well I was helped a lot in the Germany section by Wolfgang and Wilfried and I need the same sort of help here. Can anyone suggest some useful books? A midi or recording would be preferred, but anything at all is good too. Thanks in advance. I'll include the bibliographies as a link and weave the other sites in as appropriate. What I really need, though, is one or two experts on Italian Folk who can point me towards the most important core of books maybe from 6 to 20 or so with some background information and reasons for their choice.

Something I can't do myself!!! These are nicely orchestrated versions. Chorus: Colla camicia rossa, con pantalon' turchine, Evviva Garibaldi, conson Garibaldi! Garibaldi supremi monti, Tedeschi alla pianura, Garibaldi non ha paura delle bombe, delle bombe di canon'. Chorus: Garibaldi was wounded in the knee, Garibaldi who commanded the battalion. Garibaldi was on top of the mountains, the Germans scil. Garibaldi wasn't afraid of the cannonballs This is a lively song I learned by listening when with the boy scouts.

Since my Italian is very limited, there must be a lot of faulty orthography. Please correct it. Bringing some of the links up to date- Trieste Songs Midis, some texts. Opera arias, composed cabaret songs, stage songs come together with folk songs, but generally the kind of "folk songs" such as Thomas Moore's songs, The Fields of Athenry and Danny Boy in an Irish collection, Greensleeves in an English; Dumbarton Drums in a Scottish. I don't despise the songs I've named, but you know they are not the whole thing. If somebody is interested in Italian traditional songs, two sites of interest are Felmay www.

They are well worth finding out about and buying their CD. I know they do quite a bit of maritime stuuf - things like Venetian pile-driving shanties etc - very interesting. And nice people too. The record is "Fabrizio Poggi - Turututela" Felmay - www. It's a collection of songs, mostly traditional, from Lombardia a north-italian region : work songs, love songs, there is a couple of murder songs.

The sound is not so traditional drums and keyboards were added , but the melodies and the lyrics are true. You gotta no respect? Whatta you think you do? Why you looka so sad? It's-a not so bad It's-a nice-a place Ah, shaddappa you face! Soon-a come-a day, gonna be-a big-a star Gonna make-a movies; buy a nice-a car But still-a be myself; I'm-a never change a thing Always dance an' sing 'cause I remember mama used to say: What'sa matta you, hey?

I sing this song and all my fans applaud, they clap their hands. That make me feel so good. You ought to learn this song, It's really simple.

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I sing: 'Whatsa Matta You? Uno, Duo, Tre, Quatro: What'sa matta you, hey? They were on RobiDroli records and seem to have disappeared since. Anyone know what happened? Gray D. I don't know if this is classed as an Italian folksong but the words in Italian with English translation if possible would be great, or maybe link to a site with these lyrics.

Thanks all Maybe the lyrics are hidden in this vast mass. Thanks anyway Can anyone help with words of "Noi vogliam' Dio, Nostro Signore The tunes are still in my mind and in my heart. I would be forever grateful. I have an italian song that I would like to get the lyrics my dad could translate them for me if I had the lyrics written down. The song was sent to me online and the title he gave was La Mia Mamma. It is one very catchy tune! Once you here it, it will race in your head for days. I think it is about a mother and daughter talking about marriage but one of them is making excuses for every day of the week.

I love this song, and want to find out the real name of the song so I can trace down the artist and album. Is there a way of attaching the tune? It is my first time to this site. Thank you so much to anyone who can help me. And I found a Midi file with the tune at this site search for 'E la mia mamma'. They are the words of a mother advising her daughter: "don't take blond-haired lovers, because they are lazy and unable to make love; don't take black-haired lovers, because they are betrayers and unable to make love; don't take brown-haired lovers, because they are stupid and unable to make love; don't take red-haired lovers because they are crazy and unable to make love.

La mia mamma mi diceva non prendere dei biondi che son tutti vagabondi, e l'amor non sanno far. Viva l'amore l'amore l'amor che vien, che va Viva l'amore l'amore l'amor che vien, che va Viva l'amore l'amore l'amor che vien, che va Viva l'amor, viva l'amor e chi lo sa far! La mia mamma mi diceva non prendere dei mori che son tutti traditori, che son tutti traditori La mia mamma mi diceva non prendere dei mori che son tutti traditori e l'amor non sanno far Viva l'amore La mia mamma mi diceva non prendere i castani che son tutti barbagiani, che son tutti barbagiani La mamma mi diceva non prendere i castani che son tutti barbagiani e l'amor non sanno far Viva l'amore.

La mia mamma mi diceva non prendere dei rossi che son tutti saltafossi, che son tutti saltafossi La mia mamma mi diceva non prendere dei rossi che son tutti saltafossi e l'amor non sanno far Viva l'amore Source Variation: La mia mama me ga dito [Le mule de San Giacomo] La mia mama me ga dito me ga dito la mia mamma No sta andar coi militari perche' fuman Popolari Non mi sposero' mai piu' Mi resto celibe.

La mia mama me ga dito Non sta far l'amor coi biondi che son tutti vagabondi Non mi sposero' mai piu Mi resto celibe. La mia mama me ga dito Far l' amor non se peccato basta farlo regolato Non mi posero' mai piu' Resto celibe. La mia mama me ga dito. No sposar una de piaza che se tuta vreisa raza Non mi sposero mai piu', Resto celibe. Le mule de San Giacomo le porta Cristo in peto Le ga el mari' che naviga l'amante soto 'l leto Le prega el bon Gesu' che el mari' non ghe torni piu' El prete de San Giacomo ga predicado in cesa Ste attente mule mie che el Triestin ve frega bim, bum, bam, chi me la pagera.

Lorenzo Pilat - La mia mama me ga dito, Le mule de San Giacomo

But if the girl follows her mother's advice, whom should she marry? There are only the bald ones left, and they are mostly too old for a lively young one. I've been blissfully and I mean blissfully married to wonderful 'dometop' for 17 years, and I wouldn't trade him for anyone else, hirsute or not. Don't forget them! Besides, who listens to their mother anymore, anyway?? The song's verses seem to repeat and build. It mentions the days of the week. If there was a way I could forward the tune I have it on my computer as an MP3 file.

Date: 04 Apr 04 - AM Now 'neath the silver moon, Ocean is glowing, O'er the calm billow, Soft winds are blowing Here balmy zephyrs blow, Pure joys invite us, And as we gently row, All things delight us. When o'er thy waters, light winds are playing Thy spell can soothe us, all care allaying; To thee sweet Napoli, what charms are given; Genie I don't recall clearly, but I think the English I learned many years ago had "billow" or in the first stazna and "waters" in the second; I also think, but am not sure, that it had "breezes" rather than "zephyrs.

Sorry I have taken so long to reply but I am very grateful for your trouble. I have the Italian but so far cannot find Eglish translations on the web. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Sue. Grazie, Marina Pazano.

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Sul mare luccia l'astro d'argento, placida e' l'onda, prospero e' il vento Venite all'agile barchetta mia Con questo zeffiro, cosi' soave Oh! Com'e' bello star su la nave! Su passaggieri,venite via! In fra le tende bandir la cena In una sera cosi' serena! Chi non domanda, chi non desia? Mare si' placido, vento si' caro Scordar fa i triboli al marinaro, E va gridando con allegria, Santa Lucia! O dolce Napoli, o suol beato, Ove sorridere volle il creato Tu sei l'impero dell'armonia!

Or che tardate? Bella e' la sera, Spira un'auretta fresca e leggera, Venite all'agile barchetta mia Santa Lucia! You have mis-spelled 'luccica' in the first line and all grave accents are incorrectly made. At the end of the post, she gave a commonly sung translation but did not complete the last two verses. When o'er the waters light winds are playing Thy spell can soothe us, all care allaying; To thee sweet Napoli, what charms are given; Where smiles creation, toil blest by heaven. See Santa Lucia.

Vuje che facite 'mmierz'a la via? E' pronta e lesta la varca mia Santa Lucia. I cannot find a date for the English version and need it for a children's story I'm writing. Can anyone advise me? Denekin "When the bright moonbeams Everest "Come now and haste away If the English version you have selected lacks the name of the translator, we will try to find it by checking issues of sheet music. Translations in school song books often are not credited and can seldom be found. BTW with any of these songs there is no "official" translation, just various attempts. Some are more commonly known than others.

Rita Ferrara. I think it is called "Primavera". Any info would help. I am forming an Italian chorus and need repertoire. Since I cannot read Italian I rely purely on the music for selection first. Any help will do. I just haven't the time to scrutinize them all. I'd like to have the lyrics of 3tenors, italian love song with english translations.

I'd forgotten all but the chorus and first verse, so I kept on singing my snatch of it and asking in the maritime Alps this summer if anyone knew the rest of it. Nobody did. It dates back to Ogni viso guardo e non sei tu ogni voce ascolto e non sei tu Dove sei perduto amore? E'scritto un nome, un nome solo in fondo al cuor ti ho conosciuto ed ora so che sei l'amor, il vero amor, il grande amor.

I would love to find the words to it. Ma non mi fuggir non darmi piu tormento Tor na a Sorrento, non farmir. De Curtis - E. De Curtis, Not a folksong. Sorrento is a town in Campania, the Italian region of which Naples is the capital. Spira tantu sentimento. Guarda, gua' chistu ciardino; Siente, sie' sti sciure arance. E tu dice "I' parto, addio!

Da la terra da l'ammore Guarda attuorno sti sserene, Ca te guardano 'ncantate E te vonno tantu bene Ispira molto sentimento. Come te che a chi guardi Da sveglio lo fai sognare. Guarda, guarda questo giardino; Sente, senti questi fiori d'arancio. E tu dici: "Io parto, addio! Dalla terra dall'amore Hai il coraggio di non tornare? Ma non lasciarmi, Non darmi questo tormento!