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Leadership Lessons from the Life of Neal C. Pocket Signs - Economic Crisis - Package of Sprucing the Tree. The Hidden Power of Relentless Stewardship. The King Is In Residence. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Promise by Apryl Baker. Armed with kick-ass shoes, can CJ stop a maniacal coven leader, save the town, and still get Mr.

Melt In Your Mouth Gorgeous while surviving the darkness coming for her? The smoke from the fire burned her eyes, its heat caressed her skin and the taste of fear choked her. She was going to burn just as her ancestor did all those centuries ago in New Salem Village. How could s Armed with kick-ass shoes, can CJ stop a maniacal coven leader, save the town, and still get Mr. How could she have been so wrong about everything? Cassie Jayne Bishop grew up the only non-believer in town of Coven. When a stranger comes to the sleepy town of New Salem, everything she thought was true unraveled around her.

Clues start to pile up and Cassie is determined to find out if the Coven was the real reason her sister died. What she uncovers terrifies her to the very depths of her soul Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Promise , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Nov 18, Veronica Morfi rated it really liked it. CJ made a promise to her dying sister never to join the coven of New Salem and so far she kept it.

But with her 18th birthday coming up, everyone being so sure that she has to join and a gorgeous stranger pushing her towards the coven, what's a girl to do? I loved CJ, she was a great main character. Full of life and so much fun. I loved how even though she lives in a town where pretty much everyone is part of the coven she still doesn't believe and has made up her mind to keep her promise, as hard as that may be.

Another thing I loved was the mystery behind Emily's death, CJ's sister. It unraveled so beautifully, with the diary entries and all the history intertwined with it. This was such a great paranormal mystery. I also loved the town, even though the people living in it not so much. And of course I loved the dark magic. I love books about witches and this one is great.

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What I didn't like so much was Ethan, the love interest and his relationship with CJ. It is insta-love and I usually don't like that, but he is also kind of a bad character throughout the book. I didn't like how CJ changed so much when he was around. All in all, the Promise is a great witchy mystery. It has it all, a town, a curse and a kick-ass heroine. Oct 06, Mitsy rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal , young-adult , favorites.

Smart and Fun! Joke is on me, because CJ's story is so much more! Writing is excellent. Editing is excellent. Plot, characters Love it and highly recommend it! Mar 01, Andrea rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy-paranormal , young-adult , books-read-in The story was good Three things I love to read in a book. Not only did the plot line ring me in right away, but he kept me thoroughly entertained.

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I like that immediately the reader is hit by lost. The reader feels the deep emotions of a lost loved one followed by trailing of journal entries, mysterious dreams, etc.

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I like how all of these elements lead the reader to dark past full of secrets and a curse. The way the plot line unfolded, kept me happy. Reading every twist and turn of the book Witches. Reading every twist and turn of the book left me delving farther into the realm of the unknown curse. The love interest isn't really as presentable as I wanted it to be. I would have love to read more into these characters and see their love flourish. On the upside, I did like how the book concentrated more on the real story on the book. The impending curse and how to stop it.

Their was lots of actions and lots of brought up past hurt. The main character Cassie really grows as she searches the past of the coven to find out what when wrong. This is a strong, fast paced book that you will want to read. Full of excitement and adventure, The Promise is a great teen witch novel.

Dark and very enticing, this is a promise of a great series. I came across this book very randomly and started reading without any idea of what it would entail. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. The mystery surrounding the death of Cassie's sister and her efforts to unravel it were engrossing, and I was really pleased with the dynamics of the female characters particularly between Cassie and Emily.

This is the sort of book that sucks you in the more you read, and the writer did a good job in slowly revealing information regarding th I came across this book very randomly and started reading without any idea of what it would entail. This is the sort of book that sucks you in the more you read, and the writer did a good job in slowly revealing information regarding the place magic held in the life of Cassie, her family, and the community. The book read well, the writer is obviously talented though I felt it was slightly repetitious at certain points relating to Cassie's descriptions of Ethan , the scenes flow nicely, although at times felt slightly jumpy between flashbacks and present time.

The dialogue is interesting to read, and most of the characters were really interesting and developed well over the story. Spoilers My main and possibly only problem with this book was the character Ethan, who was interesting in terms of plot at the crisis of the story, but, as a character in itself, I despised. A great deal of this was to do with the effect he had on our heroine, who despite being a fairly savvy and likeable character, turned into a complete idiot in his presence, leading me to want to slap her senseless a number of times.

As a reader, I've grown to dislike the mysterious, dangerous bad boy as a romantic hero, and despite being heartbreakingly gorgeous, Ethan's actions throughout the book came across as controlling, sneaky, completely asshole-ish, and, at times, slightly rapey the scene where he pins Cassie to the ground in front of her sister's grave in order to force her to hear his apology before kissing her springs to mind , therefore, to me, completely unattractive, and, therefore, impossible to emphatise with Cassie as her feelings for him grew.

I really hated how Cassie knew she couldn't trust this guy, yet still fell for him. Yes, you can fancy someone. Yes, you can be completely and utterly turned on to extremes by someone, but, seriously, how can you be in love with someone you don't really know, you don't trust and are rightly convinced of their dishonesty about very important information.

I was actually delighted by the end when he was revealed surprise surprise to be the bad guy, thinking "oooh yeah, now this is getting good", and so was again really annoyed when he again turned sides and saved Cassie's life and confessed his undying love for her saying he was only playing along to keep her safe. She went back to him!!! And he choose her over the woman whose death he had been seeking to avenge for centuries, saying he realised that while he loved her Sara Bishop , he was never in love with her.

Personally, this otherwise awesome story was ruined by the ending. But seeing as there are other books, I will likely read them in the hope that Cassie chucks him to the curb and gives good guy Jeff a chance, or just decides to be awesome all on her own. I loved this book. Let me say that again I loved this book.

I loved the idea that Cassie who doesn't believe in witchcraft is the most powerful one of all. I love how her dad through all his faults shows his love and tries to protect Cassie. The book sucks you in from the moment you begin until the last page and leaves you wanting more. Cassie is a non believer who has the best friend who is perfect.

Or so everyone thinks. Cassie with her fiery hair that goes with her personality is smart and kin I loved this book. Cassie with her fiery hair that goes with her personality is smart and kind but a firecracker as well. She is talented in spells for a non believer. Her sister's death has effected her more than anyone could imagine and when she uncovers that her sister's death isn't all that it seems, the mystery and unraveling of truths begin.

Ethan is enigmatic and kind but is not really trusted by everyone. He has secrets but it seems Cassie has taught him to forgive and love. Ethan does some boneheaded things and should be trusted more but Cassie's reason for not being so trusting is understandable. In the end though you will love him but not being wanting to spit on him and curse him. Kay, Cassie's best friend is a wannabe. A follower of sorts who tries to escape her homelife through alcohol.

She is the Jr Coven leader and is a fanatic. Her love of the Coven overrules her love and loyalty to Cassie and that is sad because Cassie will do anything for Kay. Jeff a hero in his own right. He seems like he isn't and is against Cassie but in the end we see a strong man who loved Cassie and would go to the ends of the earth to protect her. Cassie's mom though is a piece of work. She is fanatical and selfish. I feel for Cassie and her dad at the end.

She betrayed her love for Cassie and her dad. I don't know what will happen to her but she deserves whatever punishment she can get. The story is fascinating. A tale of a town that is a coven. A sister who dies but the death isn't all it seems to be and leads down to a path of evil and betrayal.

A father who is layered in guilt and resolve in keeping his daughter safe. A curse that causes fanaticism and terrible use of gifts. An evil that is bound to bring about some tough times. A attraction that changes and transforms someone. This love allows someone to get peace and be freed. Sacrifices that show love and devotion. A mystery that will keep you reading on and the heroine who you can't not love. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. While The Promise is book one of a series, I'm happy to report that it has an ending.

No major cliffhanger here; yes the reader is aware that the story continues but author Apryl Baker treats us to a satisfying ending for book one. This is the second book I've read by Ms. I really enjoy the characters she creates, they are not only interesting but have depth. CJ is a non-believer in a town full of the descendants of wit I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. CJ is a non-believer in a town full of the descendants of witches from Salem. CJ herself is a direct descendant of Sarah Bishop who was burned at the stake during the Salem witch trials.

CJ wasn't always a non-believer, but after her sister Emily warns her about the Coven on her deathbed, CJ shuns everything to do with the Coven. I loved CJ's intelligence and determination. Though, her complete abandonment of her mental faculties when she fell in love so easily did leave something to be desired.

Ethan is a newcomer to town. When CJ meets him, she falls immediately for his amazing looks. He's a bit of an enigma at times, which CJ recognizes but chooses to ignore. The heart wants what the heart wants and all that. Ethan can be very domineering and is obviously keeping a huge secret from CJ. I found him to be annoying, though best friend Jeff was not much better. In fact I think everyone in town knows the secret regarding CJ's destiny and is keeping it from her because she refuses to join the Coven. This story was part mystery, part romance, and part suspense. CJ followed various clues left behind by her dead sister, Emily, to try to figure out the town mystery before it was too late.

Poor girl had no idea who to trust, so she kept everything she found to herself. The plot flowed well, suspense building to the big reveal at the end. Baker placed foreshadowing throughout the story that helped build the suspense. The characters, good and bad, were fun to read about. I highly recommend The Promise to everyone high school and up that enjoys a good paranormal romance. There is one scene where sex is alluded to but not graphically described. I can't wait to read about CJ's next adventure.

This book is so awesome. I downloaded it from amazon cuz I liked the cover and then got sucked in. Who doesn't like a guy that could make your knees go all jelloey? Plus Cassie is not some girl that needs the guy to solve her problems. She is strong and awesome and kicks ass. Anyone who is tired of simpering whining heroines, you have to read this book.

Its an awesome mystery with gorgeous guys and you just cant stop reading!! This book was amazing in every sense of the word. The story was original, the pace was perfect and there were enough twist and turns to give me whiplash. May 18, Bookish Addict rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this YA paranormal read. Normally I'm not into reading about witches, but I couldn't put this book down. The whole town being involved in witchcraft and being apart of a coven is interesting. Cassie wasn't a believer of magic, but the coven had plans for her. Great background story, amazing character development, fantastic read.

Sep 22, Barb VanderWel rated it it was amazing. I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads Amazon. And letting everyone know about it. So i gave it a 5 Stars. Backing up her personal opinion that magic and spells and are something to ignore is her promise to her sister, made just before her death, to stay away from the town coven. CJ is happy to keep her opinions and her promises pretty much forever until Mr. Melt in Your Mouth Gorgeous steps in to rescue her from puked on shoes and a drunk best friend. What harm could one cute boy cause?

Secrets are whispered, plans made, but nobody wants to share with CJ. Apryl did a good job of melding the typical small town day to day life with a secretive Coven of witches. To them having witches as parents and teaching kindergarteners about those burnt at the stake during the Salem witch trials was pretty average.

But the second CJ starts to doubt her belief that none of it was real, you get thrown into what the town is really about. Another aspect of The Promise I really enjoyed was the characters. Even the ones that were not in the book for very long still had depth. Apryl gave each character something to remember them by. Of the side characters, I thought she did a particularly good job with Old Man Warren. He was only in part of one small chapter, but every word he said, every expression gave him so much character it was hard to forget him.

It was hard not to get sucked into the world of New Salem. The mystery behind CJ and the town itself was handled very well. I loved being kept guessing all the way through. Apryl definitely keeps the tension going, right along with the passion — which was also a big part of the book. And teases you with Neighbor Boy just for fun.

Love is just as much a theme in this book as revenge is. Which are two of the best themes to right about. She has so much danger around her that I felt at times it was a little unrealistic for her to trust people. But that may just be me. Everyone forgives and trusts in their own way.

Overall, I loved The Promise. So go get your copy today and spend the weekend in New Salem. Aug 25, Magical Pages Book Blog rated it it was amazing. Now that I got that out of the way Apryl has done it again. Yet even with the slow pace of the 1st 4 chapters you will still be itching to hurry to turn or swipe to the next page. This sets the tone and the timing is on point throughout. Will Cassie end up making the right judgement call on who she chooses to ask for help when she needs someone to trust?

Will she chose the right boy to be with? And why the hell is her 18th birthday which happens to fall on Halloween so damn important? Dec 11, Angie rated it liked it Shelves: read , young-adult. The Promise is a fast paced story full of witchcraft, vengeance, and betrayal! Cassie--aka CJ--is the only skeptic in a town where every single person is a member of the local Coven. Her eighteenth birthday is fast approaching, and it seems like everyone is nagging her more than usual to join them. That is, except for her father, and her dead sister, Emily.

Cassie had promised her sister that she'd stay away from the Coven when Emily was terrified of them right before she died. Then Ethan--the h The Promise is a fast paced story full of witchcraft, vengeance, and betrayal! Then Ethan--the hot, new guy--appears in town and encourages her to come to a meeting. What's a girl to do? I actually really liked the set up for The Promise. There's a little town called New Salem in North Carolina where the descendents of witches from Salem fled after they were betrayed and several of them were burned at the stake.

Everyone joins the Coven at age fifteen, but Cassie oddly doesn't believe in any of it despite being raised in it. However, weird things start happening that she can't explain away with logic. She finally believes, but it may be too late, since she's at the center of curse. It turns out that the witches in her town aren't all that peaceful and they're out for blood. The details of the curse are revealed slowly as Cassie finds her sister's journal, a powerful grimoire, and through some horrific visions.

The only thing that I didn't like about The Promise was the romance. The romance between Cassie and Ethan is horribly underdeveloped, and yes, it is instalove. There is no love triangle, but Cassie's neighbor is in love with her, but she sees him as just a friend. Cassie and Ethan fall in love after a week, but they had only hung out twice. He walks her home in the opening chapter, while she's dragging her drunk BFF to her house. Then they go on a disastrous date, but she gives him another chance anyway, where he escorts her to a Coven meeting after he pulls the "your mine" card.

While there, she discovers that he had manipulated her to get her there, but she also realizes that she's fallen in love. But then there's a twist that I never saw coming and it was kind of awesome, until it was untwisted and I got annoyed again. Aside from the romance, I really liked The Promise. I find witchcraft and magic to be really interesting and fun, and this one kind of leans to the darker side which I also like.

The connections to the Salem Witch Trials were also well done, and added an extra something to the plot.

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Thankfully, it doesn't end on a cliffhanger, but Cassie is warned about darker things to come, so I guess we'll just have to wait for the sequel! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Okay maybe it's only me! But i double checked! I read this book last year but never got to the last few chapters to know how it actually ends, fortunately i finally got my hands on it.

I noticed a spelling mistake at the beginning, it was my first time ever seeing it on any book EVER! But something literally made me wanna throw my ipad at the wall was Emily's death year, at the beginning of the book, CJ goes to the cemetery to visit her sister and the date written in her headstone was , whic Okay maybe it's only me! But something literally made me wanna throw my ipad at the wall was Emily's death year, at the beginning of the book, CJ goes to the cemetery to visit her sister and the date written in her headstone was , which is totally fine because she was only 18 in that year, however, when the story goes on we figure out about her special book and diary, she writes notes for CJ on the day she gets killed and it is in !!!!

God i wish i am wrong but i checked, i kept going back and forth!!! And i downloaded this book on iBook! Martin she keeps thinking how the other day Ethan made her feel, which was weird since it was the SAME day! Anyways, moving on to one another, the day Ethan leaves is two days before her birthday but when Ethan comes back she tells him how he hasn't interacted with her for weeks!!!!! But those things were just TOO obvious. All these is not the exact reason why i'm giving this book two stars. I thought the writing was sorta I don't know, her writing is way better in her other books.

And about the whole relationship with Ethan was just pure creepiness. She fell in love with him in what, two seconds?

In Search of Lehi’s Trail—

God, i don't even know. And dear Ethan Matthew Warren, you are centuries old and you get holding on to the hope of taking revenge for Miss Bishop, but you fell in love with a seventeen year old girl? Well i guess again maturity isn't about how old you are! And again we know how much CJ loved her sister, Emily, and we know how much she missed her, but when she comes back at the end she just blabbers about her love for Ethan instead of just trying to be with her sister, you know, since she goes back to afterlife in a matter of minutes.

Generally, this book made me feel sad, because i expected so much from it. I don't think i'm gonna be wasting 4 dollars on the seconds book. I am just gonna point out that there was a LOT of things i did love about the book, but really the only thing i had a problem is was, the whole love interest in the book. The first chapter starts off with Cassie, She is already head of Heels for this mystery guy named Ethan.

This guy throws red flags left and right. She knows she ca I am just gonna point out that there was a LOT of things i did love about the book, but really the only thing i had a problem is was, the whole love interest in the book. And with that added comes the Love triangle…petty much the classic romance trick in the books. Now if i had to pick a Team then i would hop on the Jeff Train. Now besides all that i did enjoy and adored the story. You have Cassie and Kay, best friends since childhood. They have strange bond where they can feel each others emotions.

They are petty much like sisters separated at birth. They both born on the same day and at the same time and that is petty much a hint to the awesome overall plot to the story. The whole Town is pretty much part of a big coven with witches. Of course the more the story goes the harder it is to stay away.

I love the overall story and the concept. I liked how the book twisted into something much bigger then what it started as. I will definitely read more books to this series.

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I might not have liked the whole Love interest in this book but the story grows more then just that and you get a big bundle of Suspense and Mystery that makes you want to read more. Jan 16, Kristen rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , magical , fantasy , romance , ya , paranormal , witches. I really enjoyed stepping back into young adult books with Bakers first book in the Coven series and the magic, suspense and romance will hook you right at the start.

But when CJ meets Ethan and questions arise about her older sister death, CJ discovers her small town is hiding a big secret…and its all about her. Cassie is a young girl whose life has shifted since the death of her best friend and sister Emily. Her parents no longer get along, the town has started looking at her differently and her best friend Kay is having dreams about burning at the stake. It was interesting to watch the secrets of this town unfold and how CJ put the pieces together with the help of her sister. CJ is easy to connect too, she is brave, smart, and always put her friends and family before herself.

I was pretty shocked with some of the twist that the author threw at CJ, she is betrayed many times and I was rooting for her to get some revenge. There are many secondary characters that I felt equaled importance to the plot line. Jeff is CJ best guy friend and someone who wishes she would see him has more than a friend. And lastly there is the mysterious Ethan, who has a whole back-story that will surprise the readers.

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Each character plays a key role in CJ future; they can either help or hurt her. I found it interesting that even though there was romance, the main focus was true friendship and determination to do the right thing.