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However, over a century later when all seemed to be lost and forgotten, someone remembered. And a young boy overheard a word he had never heard before.

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Write a Review. Related Searches. Can Poetry Matter? In his book, Gioia more fully addressed the question: Is there a View Product. Darwin, His Daughter, and Human Evolution. In a chest of drawers bequeathed by his grandmother, author Randal Keynes discovered the writing He also found the notes Darwin kept throughout Divine Variations offers a new account of the development of scientific ideas about race. This revealed how grossly the nation had departed from the ways of the Lord.

Josiah the Reformer

Idolatry had supplanted the worship of the true God to such an extent that even the high priest of the temple had only by accident, and for the first time, seen the Book of the Law. Apparently to the high priest it had no significance except as a relic of the past, and he thought the king would be interested in seeing it.

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King Josiah was indeed interested. Shaphan read the book to him and he was amazed to realize the extent to which the people had departed from the laws and statutes of the Lord.

2 Kings 22 – Josiah the Reformer – Episode

He was ashamed, also, and rent his clothes. He ordered a further investigation of the matter by Hilkiah the high priest and Shaphan the scribe, and others. They interviewed a prophetess of Judah named Huldah, who, confirming the opinion of the king that the people were guilty of gross sin in departing from the worship of the true God, said that the wrath of God would surely fall upon the nation.

Josiah then summoned all the elders of Judah and Jerusalem, and this representative gathering went up to the house of the Lord.

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There the king made a covenant with the Lord to obey all his commandments, and to keep all his statutes. Then he proceeded to carry out what he had covenanted to do. He commanded that the temple be cleansed of all the trappings that had to do with the worship of Baal; and that the worship of false gods be stopped everywhere throughout the nation, and that all the groves and images be destroyed.

Josiah, The Reformer

He did a thorough job and accomplished a genuine religious reform, for which the Lord blessed him. He demonstrated that his heart was right by ordering the repair of the temple. His judgment told him that this was the least he could do to show his reverence for the God of Israel and of Judah. When he learned what was in the Book of the Law he realized much more was needed for the nation to get back to God than merely the repair of the temple.