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At its essence, narratological creativity is the art of storytelling. Our personal stories are perhaps the ultimate use of narratological creativity as we invent and reinvent the story of our life. In this way something that is deeply personal becomes allegorical or of mythic significance.

You can improve your narratological creativity by practicing the art of storyboarding or by engaging in scenario making to project potential courses of action. This final and most challenging level of creativity has often been promoted to the realm of spiritual and wisdom traditions. This is where creativity becomes bigger and possibly beyond us; it transcends our individuality. There are several methods for freeing and emptying the mind — meditation, yoga and chanting to name a few. The basic idea is to distract and relax the mind to create a flow state of consciousness where ideas come easily.

The approaches to developing intuitive creativity are too numerous to chronicle here; however, free writing is straightforward way to connect us with our intuitive self by simply observing what flows out of the pen or the tapping of the keys. As with any learned ability, you have to practice.

How to deal with creative or mental blocks and be inspired.

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Whether you think you have it or not, you are creative. And one of the keys to unlocking more margin in your life is to increase your creative power. In episode 50 , Leary and Armin talked about the need to develop strategic margin.

Four Steps to Unleash Creativity in the Workplace

These are in opposition with one another. Back in Episode The art of self promotion , Leary and Armin introduced the creativity cycle. The barrier was much too high, and the kart much too heavy, to lift it back over. Undeterred, Kimi continued driving alongside the circuit, on the wrong side of the barrier, until he ran out of road. At this point, Kimi was able to lift the kart onto the track.

Unleashing Your Creativity ~ 16 Practices and Mindsets for the Reluctant Artist

Kimi jumped back into his kart and worked his way through the pack, eventually finishing third. Where the goal of work was once to extract the maximum amount of physical energy from a worker, and transform it into a tangible product, most knowledge work completely disrupts this equation.

Knowledge work organisations transform mental energy into ideas and insights — something that will become even more critical as automation replaces many repeatable, process-based tasks. Both complex problem solving and critical thinking require imagination, innovation and the ability to perceive multiple perspectives. Efficient, productivity-orientated tasks are easy to reproduce by another human, or even a machine. Creativity is rare.

Creativity is the antidote to the poison of efficiency over effectiveness. While the specific factors that provide the optimal circumstances for creativity are debated, a brute force approach, based on clocking the hours, is not amongst them.

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All humans have the capacity to be creative and many of us could unlock more of our creative potential with the right process and conditions. For example, creativity may manifest itself as we think of solutions to challenging situations at work, or resolve conflicts, rather than being defined as a tangible creative output. However, in domains that draw on knowledge and expertise, such as writing, philosophy and medicine, research suggests that creative achievement can peak in the early 40s, and declines at a relatively slow rate.

Contrary to popular belief, providing someone with a blank slate does not appear to optimise the creative process. Unbounded choice and opportunity can quickly overwhelm the limited resources of attention, executive function and working memory. We crave new information and we are rewarded for searching out novelty. Creativity thrives when there is some pressure and limitation, but not too much.

We could plot the creative process as an inverted-U.

Unleashing Innovation: The 3 Steps To Unlocking Your Creative Power

Too much time pressure impairs creative cognitive processing , but some pressure can fuel our creativity. Eliminating pressure entirely can suffocate the creative process and create an inhospitable environment for innovation. Our response to pressure is individual; some people thrive when their backs are against the wall; others prefer a more relaxed approach.

For certain individuals, a prize can drive them to produce their most innovative work; others are more motivated by intrinsic rewards. For most of us, it is a combination of the two. Boundaries force us to look deeper within ourselves, to sift through our experiences for something that could be useful and pool our cognitive resources.

Boundaries create the conditions that encourage us to combine what we already know, as well as the new ideas we can come up with.