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No actual harm is done? So, from that and my fascination of the dream world comes Baku: Dreamwalkers. So, join me, Penelope and her friends as we delve into those questions and see what dreams may come!

I plan to finish it all up during the campaign and send it to print immediately after funding is reached. I've managed a few KS projects by myself now and I have a good understanding of what goes into planning the successful execution of one.

That said, I still cannot guarantee that obstacles won't present themselves along the way, however I plan to avoid as many as I can by using reputable companies for production, as well as handling the packaging and shipping personally. Should any obstacles or delays arise, I will be sure to keep you informed as to what is happening and what is being done about it.

Production will be going through Greko Printing and they have an average turnaround time of about 2 weeks for most jobs. Most of the time between funding and delivery is to allow some wiggle room for the art to be finalized as well as to give allowance for minor delays or unforeseen circumstances.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. This gets you both a physical and a digital copy of the comic!

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Keep the physical one safe at home and download the digital copy onto your mobile device for viewing wherever you want! If we hit the stretch goals, you'll also get the stickers and art prints for free! Get the Baku: Dreamwalkers physical copy, but with a special white cover featuring one of a kind hand-drawn sketch of Penelope or another main character done by the artist!

You'll also get all stretch goal bonuses that are unlocked! Oct 8, - Nov 5, 28 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Baku: Dreamwalkers - First Issue. What if you could go inside the dreams of others?

What Is A Dreamwalker?

What if you could control them? Would you craft something beautiful or a nightmare? Get Your Copy Now! Galen Ihlenfeldt. Share this project. These signed prints are 8"x10" and are printed on lb cardstock. Support Select this reward. You are completely bedridden and the doctor says that even after you recover, you may have difficulty doing simple tasks like carrying a heavy plate or bending.

Jimmy Wayne Garrett & the Dreamwalkers at Krave

What if your dreams came to your rescue when all of medicine threw up its hands in failure? What if you could recuperate by just dreaming of yourself doing these actions comfortably?

What if you could build your back and make it stronger — just by dreaming? No, this is not magic, nor is it a claim made by a bogus baba. This real life inception-like phenomenon is called lucid dreaming.

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker

Lucid dreaming is when a person becomes aware that he is dreaming. Being able to so drastically change the course of your dreams however requires much practice.


Venky had his first lucid dream in accidentally and since then, there has been no looking back. While living out your favourite fantasies is fascinating, lucid dreaming also has some real time perks. It helps improve memory and overcome fears or phobias. Lucid dream imagery can be used to recover from injuries and illnesses too. Members of the Dream Walkers' Forum in Bengaluru. Venky states an example of how he used lucid dreaming to remember his long forgotten ATM pin.