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A straight male prostitute — who caters to both men and women — openly answered questions during an eye-opening Reddit AMA Ask Me Anything session. I had a bunch of money, wanted to go out drinking and none of my friends were down. So I posted an ad asking if any gay men wanted to cuddle with a cute straight boy for money. So I decided to offer more. First just massages and so on. Started offering the whole enchilada for women and some service for men. It was very weird and crazy at first but I have had a lot of fun, met tons of great people and made some decent money.

I started doing it out of necessity and just ended up sticking with it. It's a lot of fun and it is sometimes a challenge like when I am with a woman that's particularly hard to get off. I even get satisfaction from pleasing the male clients even though I don't enjoy it sexually. Many of my clients rarely if ever experience orgasms brought on by another and it's nice I can do that for them. I'm looking for a waiting job right now and going to try to set it up so I can just work with my regular clients and not have to look for new ones.

Which for guys include about minutes of sensual massage and the remaining minutes… you know what that's for. Not what most would call attractive. Usually ages from 30 to 45 with very few outside that age range. They are usually larger women and some of them have definitely been a bit slow [ There have been a few that fall outside all those traits but it really is a rare occurrence. In Lesbian Style we hear powerful warm tales from romance to role models, coming out to breaking up, bereavement to bejazzling in a revelation of honest heartfelt insight.

Civil Parting is the unravelling of one of the first gay marraiges in South Africa , never straightforward, often hilarious, sometimes not…. Both moving and funny and not to be missed. The ever-popular programme of short plays returns, including a lesbian couple misremembering the night they first met and a handsome gay doctor who must confront his grandmother. The world of a couple who, seem to have it all, is about to unravel as they are forced to face the lies they have told each other, and themselves.

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Toggle navigation. KW ———————————. The Elephant Girls. Mixing drama and the words of LGBT artists of the time. But can he be trusted? Find out in this tense and gripping drama. He tells his story as he starts to look for love. A tale of getting back on your feet and moving on as part of a double-bill of plays. In Bleach Tyler is a young rent-boy living a hedonistic life of men, sex and money. But one night is going to change everything in this dark, witty adult drama. We have a completely new line-up of productions starting from pm this evening and running until Saturday.

Our week two programme has something for everyone, including:. The hidden sex and love lives of men who have sex with men Celebrating Equal Marriage … with a few hurdles along the way Need a laugh? Comedy and love advice from around the world! A fantastic programme of theatre shorts. One small problem… he must first face his future mother in law — Lady Dorothy — and she is not going to give her son away easily! A lesbian in a committed relationship, a gay activist, a student and the mother of a gay son…. Ireland said YES and their lives were transformed.

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Recapture the excitement and drama of the referendum in this funny and moving drama. Like the perfect date — the characters in these shows are attractive, sexual and intimate.

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However beware — beneath the surface lie hidden desires and secrets waiting to be revealed. Behind the adult themes and a dash of humour these shows also pose deeper questions about relationships, intimacy and the sexual activity of LGBT people. Follow the stories of 10 men looking for erotic encounters and maybe more. Candid, lustful and brutally honest.

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A male escort meets a Premiership footballer for regular, secret encounters. An intelligent, funny play looking at a closeted gay footballer and homophobia in sport. A man meets his ex — both looking for comfort and intimacy. Alex seems to be an attractive, respectable, mid-twenties guy. Fancy an evening of comedy? Our week two shows feature a diverse range of comic characters ready to tell these stories and even dish out a few tips on relationships and life!

John Arthur Sweet brings his award-winning comedy to Dublin. Like all Irish families they are tribally loyal but full of secrets. Unlucky in love? Feeling down? With candid advice, sharp wit and a few songs thrown in — laughter is definitely the best therapy! May 13, 14 only pm. Then check out our ever-popular programme of International Shorts. From coming out in Iran, to lesbian nuns, Julie Andrews and contraception. A varied and entertaining night for four short plays is guaranteed. WakingTheFeminists hundreds of women and supporters gathered at the Abbey to question the lack of representation of women in theatre for ….

We are putting women on the stage right now in Now is your chance to stand up for women in theatre! Our productions by women and about women need your support — not just to support women who are on stage and making theatre — but because their stories are powerful, compelling and exciting. From Helen of Troy to the brave women of to young women today breaking the mould and defying social taboos! Comedy, drama, cabaret and more.

Three women defy social conventions to live as a three-way couple and celebrate female sexuality, identity and art. A moving piece celebrating the strength of women from the legends of ancient Greece to the modern day. The classic fairy tale: a beautiful young woman meets a handsome prince and they live happily ever after…. Not here!

Confessions of a rent boy

This young woman secretly desires a beautiful and mysterious stranger and no prince or spell can keep them apart. Eirebrushed — Uncovering The Amazing Heroines of Eirebrushed looks at the LGBT heroes of and reclaims their voices. These two amazing heroines return to share their revolutionary and courageous contributions in Every gender and sexual identity is gloriously celebrated in a magic night of music and performance from classics to hidden gems.

A comedy about friendship, exploring the labels we give both women and gay men… with some beer thrown in. The majority said one simple word; for a minority that word meant everything. If you have enjoyed The Ref then check out this drama that captures the excitement of the Marriage Equality Referendum and its impact.


A new play from Colette Cullen. From adult drama to cabaret to comedy we explore the loves, desires and lives of LGBT people from around the world. Check out some programme highlights over the two weeks of the Festival exploring love, lust and relationships. A pole-dancer enthrals a lustful group of men with her dance… but she is more than she seems.

This is legendary beauty Helen of Troy, transformed into a trans Greek migrant escaping economic chaos. As she performs she will reveal her true self to her audience…. In a fascinating piece full of surprises three women explore their sexuality, bodies, power relationships, feminism, philosophy, iconic female artists.

Funny, erotic, dark, cerebral, physical … this play has it all! May 2 — 7 9pm; Matinee May 7 4pm. Martin P. Koob brings us on a musical journey celebrating love and love songs. Enjoy a glass of wine and give in to romance at this late-night weekend show at the Cobalt Cafe. A little girl is raised to believe that happiness comes from her looks and being chosen to be loved one day by a man… But what if a girl demands more?

This romantic drama reveals both hidden heroes and alternative happy endings. This gem from Canada explores queer love and sexuality through multiple monologues. May 9 — 14 pm; Matinee May 14 pm. A look at the erotic encounters of 10 men searching for sexual satisfaction. Remember Me — Retracing a Relationship. Luc pays his ex a visit, both men searching for comfort and consolation. Swinging from hysteria to moments of tenderness a relationship is laid bare in this Irish drama.

Male escort Kyle gets more than he bargained for when he is hired by a closeted premiership footballer. But can the truth be hidden forever in this exploration of sexuality and homophobia in the world of soccer. May 9 — 14 9pm. Alex seems like a normal 25 year old guy on the surface. But behind the moral facade he indulges in his deepest darkest desires.

Discover our special programme and please note some important programme changes.

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  • One of the highlights of the Festival is our special Rising programme , where we celebrate the courageous LGBT women and men who fought for personal and national freedom but whose true stories were suppressed or forgotten. Through drama, short plays and our free seminar we will ensure that their incredible stories are finally heard, including fascinating accounts in their own words.

    IDGTF launches with a special free seminar exploring the contributions of lesbian and gay people to the Rising. Chaired by Seamus Dooley of the NUJ it will feature a distinguished panel of academics and writers who will explore the Rising from different perspectives. This free event is open to all but please register online to guarantee a place. Eirebrushed — The gay and lesbian heroes of Eirebrushed looks at the LGBT revolutionaries who fought for personal and Irish freedom and asks what they would think of the modern Ireland that was born from their struggles?

    New Festival Venue and New Book. Check our Venue Map for more. Learn new perspectives on the personalities surrounding and the lovers of Oscar Wilde. Important Programme Changes.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused. For any queries contact boxoffice gaytheatre.