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Drink a little more water. Take a walk around the block. Use a flower essence to reconnect and heal your spirit. Get a little more sleep.

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Grow a potted herb on your back porch. Drink a cup of herbal tea each night before bed. Commit to yourself and your health. Embrace your own power to heal, to transform. When we start to heal ourselves, we heal the planet. That is revolutionary. Emily Ruff, herbalist, is director of the Florida School of Herbal Studies, a c3 nonprofit educational institution committed to creating sustainable communities by empowering individuals to reclaim their radiant wellbeing through reconnecting with the natural world. Contact the school at A long time ago, high atop a majestic oak tree in the northeast corner of the stately state of New York, lived three leaves in the canopy: Al, Lief and Larry.

The view from the canopy was spectacular. The redgolden radiance of the first rays of sunlight spilled over the edges of the horizon. They could look down on the valley below and watch the coming and going, rushing and racing of the rest of the world below. They watched animals preparing their dens and nests, birds laying their eggs, and humans on their highways and byways, bashing and banging to get somewhere on time. Insulated from the confusion below, they passed their moments, observing and listening, feeling the warm sun or cool breeze on their surface, while pouring oxygen into the atmosphere so the silly humans and other creatures could survive.

To them, oxygen was just waste, an inevitable by-product of their job. They could perceive, though, that to those fast-moving creatures below, it was critical. As so often happens with beings of such importance, they felt obliged, justified, and even compelled to frankly comment to each other about the scene spread beneath them, much of which they could neither understand nor relate to.

The humans seemed to just splash through it, more hurried than ever. Only the most wayward or determined of insects got high enough to munch on or bother them. Very few birds flew so high that relieving themselves became an annoyance for the leaves, and few leaf-eating mammals made it that high, either. A more idyllic existence is hardly imaginable, but Al was worried.

Can you and I shake ego, too, like all the lovely flowers do? You mean, if I focus on the good things, I can still care about the bad things? Ross creates recordings with a hypnosis script customized for your specific needs. He serves as active member of several professional hypnosis associations and works full-time in hypnosis, writing and teaching. He can be reached at The earth is like a child that knows poems. Enjoy good food and fun. Colonial Dr. ORG; free to attend. On a personal level, that made sense to me since I had set my retirement date from the Federal government for the end of March, , and was happily looking forward to a different life.

For several years I had studied hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming itself often called a technology of change , and I had become certified in both. I had practiced Reiki energy healing for over ten years and was ready to use my skills to help others. It was also clear that major transformations were occurring on a cosmic level.

Notions of consciousness, intention, and quantum energy were going public and it all made sense. LuxMani derives its power by opening our inner space for expanded awareness. Connecting with the angels or light beings of the Seven Rays of Light opens possibilities for deeper insights and powerful healing. During my LuxMani certification training, I could neither sense nor see the light beings, although I was told they were there in great numbers, for me. Two days after the training, I was scheduled for shoulder surgery and biopsies of a large tumor inside my bone.

I received extensive LuxMani healing during the training and not only were the biopsies negative, there were no signs of anything irregular. I have had amazing results with LuxMani, treating conditions from fibromyalgia to entrenched worrying. It works and keeps on working when treatment is over. I discover new possibilities and insights with each treatment I give and I can see the angels now. Daily, I thank God for allowing me to channel and direct this wonderful Divine Light and energy. I plan to keep riding the dragonfly for a long time. Please see ad page Their enjoyment was palpable and sometimes one of them would turn on one side and look up at me — making gentle eye contact for a minute, then whiz away out to sea only to be replaced by a brother or sister from the pod.

The dolphins played with the boat for hours and then it was time for the people to get into the water. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean the choice to stay or go when we stopped the boat and got into the sea was clearly theirs. They stayed. Cautious at first, they checked us out and swam beneath us. As we all acclimated to each other they grew bolder and came closer. Their playful spirit of unconditional love had everyone in a blissful state. I dove with my fins, mask and snorkel down about fifteen feet. I knew from previous dolphin experiences that they loved when I dove down deeper into their world.

A group of adult dolphins swam upward directly toward me. They swam all around me as we made the journey back to the surface together. There were at least five of them, moving, swimming mere centimeters from my body almost touching my arms and shoulders but not quite. Each of their eyes lightly entrained my gaze for a moment until they swam past.

The one who led the pack from below now gently sidled up in front of me. His beak almost on my forehead, he looked within me and sent me acceptance beyond words. With his gaze and transcendent heart connection he welcomed me into the pod for all time. Someone on the boat spoke to me and I responded in kind, making conversation as the boat sped on. Dolphins were why we were all here on the boat and why we had traveled to the sunwashed islands of the Bahamas in the first place. That pod still visits me telepathically from time to time and I them. We are joined in love. We all share the understanding that love transcends space and time and does not necessarily require physical proximity.

We live the knowledge that love is free. Amy speaks at conferences, teaches ecourses and offers sessions to increase our quality of life. For information and free channeled messages, visit her website: www. Women are experiencing a conscious shift towards claiming their personal power in the areas of intimacy and sexual expression. This expression is coming from a place of inner knowing and authenticity. If feelings of discomfort arise, the Universe is shining a light on areas of our lives that may need to be healed. Sexuality is a path on which we have all journeyed.

Women are taking an active sex-positive approach to this emerging revolution that fosters conscious sexuality. It digs deep into the hidden aspects of self, yearning for us to enjoy Divine Play, and let go of unrealistic, unfulfilling beliefs about sexuality. This is the holistic integration of body, mind and soul — not the body minus the second sex chakra. If you miss a step, you can stumble. Have you been stumbling? With years of meditation, spiritual practice and esoteric knowledge, I believed Tantra would take my practice and intimate experiences to another plane of existence.

Well…it did. I landed flat on my rear. No amount of reading and lecture can prepare you for training that involved 15 hour days of intense meditation, yoga, breathwork and emotional release. I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions from laughing, to crying, and at times, anger. I was in the midst of my joy. Tantric practice is like tilling the soil. The soil is your emotions. Tilling uproots the rocks and dead roots; these are outdated paradigms that immobilize you from fully embracing your bliss state.

In order to plant a new consciousness, an empowered consciousness, the soil must be fertile, not a hard barren field. I gave myself permission to experience deep intimacy, profound joy and the courage to speak to other women and couples about expanding their sensual experiences. Coming from a place of empowerment, conscious sexuality is like peeling back the layers of an onion. As we open our consciousness to a greater expansion of life, to experience new sensations within our bodies that allow us to remain present to deeper states of joy, a true sex-positive revolution has breathed life in our beloved O-Town.

You have awakened the sensual Being in you. Ava Cadell, founder of Loveology University. For the past year, Stacey has led private in-home intimacy events teaching women how to reclaim their sexual joy. Her teaching style offers students a balanced approach of technique within an artistic mindset. See ad this page.

I was eyeing several locations around the country for relocation because I was attracted to the conscious communities in places like San Francisco, Portland, Asheville and Austin. Aside from a thriving music and arts scene, each of these cities boasted a strong base of locally owned and independently operated businesses that made the cities far more attractive than the rows of Best Buys and Olive Gardens found in every major shopping center in Central Florida.

And so it was! Now, I not only call Orlando home, I am excited to be co-creating a conscious community that has all the ingredients to become a magnet city like the ones I once considered moving to. By thinking local, we can make choices that have dramatic impact on our local communities, economies and environments.

We will rarely be able to buy everything that we need or use from local, independent businesses. From coffee to clothes to computers, many of the products we use daily are not made locally or may not be offered at a high level of quality. Keep Money in the Neighborhood. Help the Environment. Independent businesses make purchases requiring less transportation and are usually located in commercial corridors and in-town instead of developing on the fringe. This means less sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution.

Support Community Groups. Rather than a homogenized city, independents ensure the unique character of the community as a great place to live as well as visit. The publication you are reading is a terrific example of something unique our city has to offer. Velocity is an independent, woman owned publication dedicated to sharing the conscious news and views of leaders in the community and its pages are filled with advertisers that are local, independent and conscious. Your garden and your local community will thank you! The Ourlando movement is about the spirit of community and the enrichment this brings to its citizens through the support of a vibrant local living economy, its diverse culture and our pride of place.

The Ourlando movement encompasses far more than just our local indy businesses; it promotes and unites our diverse art, music, recreation, and health and wellness communities and, most importantly, engages our citizens with pride of place. Invest in the Community. Local businesses are owned by people who live here, work here, and are more invested in our future. Embrace What Make Us Different. Our one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character of our community.

Local businesses in neighborhoods need comparatively less infrastructure investment and make more efficient use of public services as compared to nationally owned retail stores entering the community. Get Better Service. Local businesses often hire people who have better understanding of the products they are selling, and take more time to get to know their customers.

A marketplace of tens of thousands of small businesses means low-prices over the long-term. Small businesses choosing products based on what their customers love and need, not a national sales plan, guarantee a more diverse range of products. Create More Jobs. Local businesses are the largest employer nationally and create more stable employment. Encourage Local Prosperity.

In an increasingly homogenized world, people are more likely to invest in or move to communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and unique attitude. We desire deeper levels of physical and emotional well-being without the unknown or harmful side effects of many prescription drugs. And likely, the most prescribed for and least understood conditions are our complex human emotions; especially those left unresolved lingering deep within our psyche. Then, one day, the body reminds us of what the mind has long forgotten — triggering stress imbalances such as headaches, digestive disorders, chronic illness, cancer, even ADD, addic-.

Flower Essences are natural remedies which stimulate awareness and healing of these buried feelings in a way that is both simple and amazing. It is with great reverence for the perfection of nature that we will explore a different Flower Essence in each issue of Velocity and its unique healing qualities to expand your awareness, inspire your thoughts and uplift your spirits.

She is divinely feminine in her pristine white trio of petals that form the gentle chalice-like receptive center of golden hues. She is the soft song of creation that emerges from the granite rocks high in the Sierra Nevada mountains with grace and vigor, marking her healing nature. Mariposa Lily is an important remedy to those who have experienced distant or unhealthy bonds with their mother.

While our birthright is to receive maternal love and nurturing, many situations deprive children of this experience. Extensive daycare, financial hardships or stressed working mothers, divorce, abuse, neglect and even adoption can. An unexplained emptiness or feelings of being unloved or abandoned register deep in the psyche and as it has been shown in quantum physics, the actual cells of the body. School age issues manifest as the angst roots deeper where behavioral medications are often prescribed.

As the hidden pain lingers, a distorted maturation into adulthood occurs. Those adults who feel alienated from their own mothering instincts or feel hostility in relationships with females suffer in a way we seldom understand. Mariposa Lily soothes and nurtures the spirit with its warm, loving essence, healing past wounds by cultivating the feminine qualities of mercy, protection and forgiveness.

A most essential Flower Essence, indeed! Sleepless nights with colic and crying spells were common as an infant and toddler. At five, her parents divorced and she moved to another city with her mother who worked two jobs to support them. Sara soon developed irrational fears and would never sleep without her mother for the next several years. While at school she worried that something bad would happen to her mom and had difficulty focusing on her schoolwork.

She went to a therapist yet the fears escalated into compulsive fears that robbers would come at night and try to kill them. Her mother inquired about Flower Essences and Sara was given Mariposa Lily for several months as the fears gradually subsided. She was taught how to calm herself into sleeping alone with soothing music and a night light. She was never given any medication and now does very well in school. Flower Essence can be taken with any medications. The only side effects are transformation! Since , she has been using Flower Essences to assist in healing emotional issues and health imbalances of children, adults and pets.

She is also a licensed massage therapist and Thai Yoga therapist MA Contact her by calling Please see ad previous page. Funny how we have gone back to the way it was when many of us were kids. Yet now it seems so different. My children do not remember a time without a microwave, a dishwasher or computer.

Do you remember when the Green Revolution officially began? Think about this for a moment. Aluminum foil was used and reused. Paper plates and paper cups were reserved for picnics. We used paper grocery bags to cover our schoolbooks. Baby diapers were cloth and secured with safety pins. It seems to me that I grew up in a form of a green revolution way back then. Fast-forward ten to twenty years when out of the blue came disposable everything. Baby diapers were disposable. Everything was made for one-time use: Microwave bowls, paper plates, plastic water and soda bottles — all disposable and plastic.

Next came the recycling craze when landfills overflowed. Glass, paper and numbered plastics, newspapers and magazines were to be recycled. Magazines and newspaper, even toilet paper,. Recently, while talking on the phone with my brother, George, I learned of a creative way that he and his Ocala neighbors have joined the Green Revolution. Art, who lives across the street from George, receives the daily newspaper, reads it and does the crossword puzzle.

George soon reads it and then walks it next door to a Canadian couple who reads it and then puts it in the recycling bin. I also promised him my copy of this magazine to share with his neighbors! Joanne M.

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  • Keller, ARNP is a registered holistic nurse practitioner treating and coaching families, especially women to prevent sickness and remain well. Today Dr. Something ironic — or perhaps serendipitous — happened when Dr. Carmichael was a fourth-year graduate student. Inspired by female mentors successfully juggling motherhood, marriage, academia and a career, she gave birth to a son, Jaden, now nearly nine. Carmichael, she recalled at that time that autism had been covered by one chapter in one book she had studied about child psychopathology.

    Still, Dr. Carmichael knew early intervention would be crucial. He saw a pediatric neurologist at six months and began occupational, physical and developmental therapies at seven months. Carmichael said. It has allowed me to connect more with parents of children with special healthcare needs, particularly devel-. In , Carmichael earned a Ph. She has had the opportunity to develop and expand a psychological practice for the evaluation of children coping with a variety of issues, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD , autism, learning disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, adjustment to chronic illness and social skills problems.

    Her practice includes children ages two to twelve, and Carmichael estimates she spends about half her time performing evaluations and half providing therapy.

    Call to Arms for an American-Led Green Revolution

    About 40 to 50 percent of the children Dr. Carmichael sees have neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism, developmental delays and cerebral palsy. Carmichael treats also have feeding disorders, which she is knowledgeable in treating. A large majority of her patients have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD or other behavioral issues, and 25 percent have learning disabilities. The remaining children have adjustment disorders which may arise during life events such as divorce, grief, low self-esteem, lack of social relationships or abuse.

    Please see ad top of next column. As the sun moves through the water sign of Pisces Feb. Observe your thoughts and quickly catch any worries or doubts. Change them to the most positive you can imagine. Reflecting on the past is okay, but only if it assists you in finding clarity and direction. Use the time around the full moon of March 10 to obtain insight and guidance for moving forward. Pay attention to your deepest desires. Allow yourself to focus on them and to feel the joy of truly manifesting your dreams!

    You have the power to do so, but you must believe it and do it! Notice any doubts, worries or issues coming to the surface. Take care of them now! They are part of the clean out process. Be patient with yourself. Take care of business one day at a time and prepare for a wondrous year ahead. I step into a new year of hope, abundance and joy! Congratulate yourself! You have moved through so much, especially limiting beliefs about yourself, your abilities and who you truly are.

    Continue to grow in the awareness of your beautiful inner spirit. Just be who you are! I AM full of Light! Light is all that I AM. When challenges arise, bless them, forgive yourself and move on. Be gentle with yourself! Allow time for rest and quiet. Spend some time each day outside in nature. The early Spring breezes will rejuvenate your spirit! I AM full of Love! Love is all that I AM! Tap into your imagination and let it run wild. Rejoice in the beautiful, creative spirit that you truly are! I fill it with love, abundance, inner peace and joy! LEO July Aug.

    Instead, try to look at an issue from the broader perspective. When you do, you may realize it has nothing to do with you! Let it go and take care of yourself. What do you want to create for yourself? Focus all your attention on that and watch it manifest! See the positive and see the joy in all that occurs around you. It is all part of our journey.

    We always have a choice. Let your choice be joy! I AM full of joy! Joy is all that I AM! Take time to smell the roses, or the coffee, if you prefer! You are moving through an intense time of your year. Be aware of challenges,. On March 21, the sun moves into the fire sign of Aries March April 19 and we move into the season of Spring, a time of new beginnings and new growth.

    Allow the fiery energy of Aries to propel you forward on your path. Around the full moon of April 9, ask for inspiration and guidance in seeing the larger picture that is unfolding in our world. Each one of us has an integral part to play as we move towards global Oneness. What might your role be? Perhaps feeling peace in your heart and enjoying the moment is your task. Try it and see how you feel! Breathe, ask for guidance and stay present to the moment as much as possible.

    Be open to inspiring ideas and possibilities, especially around the Aries full moon.

    An Illustrated Guide to Green Living

    Let go of any shoulds or expectations. Allow life to unfold one day at a time. Be present to the moment and be thankful for your blessings. Trust that all things happen when the time is right! One day at a time my life gets better and better! I AM grateful! Establish a healthy routine or strengthen your present one for selfnurturance including regular meals, exercise and relaxation time.

    It will be easier to do now and once established will help you maintain your center more easily. Gather your tools yoga, prayer, meditation, time in nature, etc. That connection sustains me through all I encounter. I AM blessed. Be honest about what you want and need in your interactions with others. Set healthy boundaries when you feel stressed, used or drained.

    Your experiences and challenges will assist you in aligning more completely with your inner truth. It is safe to set healthy boundaries for myself. It is safe to be me! Be in gratitude! You have encountered many challenges, worked hard and have grown. It has not been easy but you have rallied, done the work and are moving into a whole new sense of who you are. Affirm your joy, love, abundance, gratitude — whatever you wish — as you step more confidently into your true self! I accept and embrace a whole new sense of who I AM!

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    Listen to your body. Get plenty of rest. Spend some time alone outside in nature. Do whatever you wish to nurture and rejuvenate yourself — body, mind and spirit. As you end and begin a new year with your birthday, it is a time of letting go and also renewal. Allow it to happen by supporting what your body tells you. You will be glad you did! I listen to my body and allow it to guide me to serenity, renewal and joy!

    Dear Arielle and Brian: I have been in a relationship for nearly five years. I feel very safe, comfortable and care deeply for this person. He loves me unconditionally and he is there for me more than anyone I have ever been with. Those wonderful attributes of safety and comfort are extremely nourishing and extremely rewarding. If it helps, focus your breath and the experience of something or someone you feel infinite love for into your heart for ten seconds or so and then send that love, care and appreciation to yourself and your partner The Institute Of HeartMath refers to this effective technique as Heart Lock-ins.

    This will add buoyancy and regenerative energy to your entire system as well as to allow you to get in touch with a perspective of greater clarity and expanded awareness. Communicating those vulnerabilities from our hearts feeds us, supports us and nurtures our ability to love our partners and ourselves more than we ever imagined.

    It will also help you with honesty and courage to look at the possibility that you have projected your own fears, judgments and unfair demands and expectations onto the relationship. You might begin to see the issues and dynamics impacting your relationship in a different light and therefore respond quite differently to each interaction or potential conflict. There is a good chance you could even see your partner in an entirely different light as wellmaybe even as THE ONE!!!!

    Romantic Soul Love is the doorway through which we can become bigger—our lives, our laughter, and most definitely the LOVE the two of you will share.