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Nobody wants them more isolated than Mateus.

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What was pleasantly surprising about the show is that it lays its cards on the table pretty quickly, rather than purposely obscuring facts in order to tease viewers into continuing to watch. But for now, the first hour gave us more than enough plot, and some fine performances by Bernardi and Martins, to keep watching.

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  5. Anakin will be joined by the st Battalion, the Clone Trooper legion that he himself lead into battle so many times. The st will also be joined by the Coruscant Guard, who will be making their appearance in the Chosen One Update. There are big changes coming to the Clone Trooper legions with each Trooper Class now getting their own look, relevant to the legion that they are a part of.

    This also sees the first time that Officers will be able to equip Clone Trooper armour. Even still, when innocent people were in danger, he would never hesitate to put his life on the line to save them.

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    When his friends needed his help, he would not abandon them. Read more about Anakin Skywalker here. Under the new system Troopers will be visually different from one another, but all the while retaining the overall theme of their specific legion. What this means is a Heavy will have different markings to a Specialist and Assault and Officer , but you will still be able to tell which legion they belong to.

    This also means that, for the first time, Clone Trooper Officers will have armored Appearances.

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    This division of elite troopers were designated to protect the capital of the Galactic Republic and are identified by the red markings across their armour. They could often be found patrolling the streets of Coruscant while also had the responsibility of protecting buildings of high importance. As the war progressed, the Coruscant Guard would go on to find themselves serving as bodyguards for members of the Galactic Senate and even the Supreme Chancellor himself. Perhaps the most well renowned Clone trooper legion, the st Battalion led by Anakin Skywalker and Captain CT, more commonly known as Rex, fought across many of the biggest and most important battles of the Clone Wars.

    Though they had the same hearts and the same blood as all their brothers, their minds were sharpened by the diverse battlefronts they fought across.

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