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Contemporary Interracial Romantic Suspense. Wish List In Wish List. Gift Book. Available formats. Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs. Her frown wrinkled her forehead. Am I hurting you? Read more. People Also Bought:. Novel Experience Sandy Lynn. Tweets by sirenbookstrand. Need Help? Vist our Help Desk Contact Us. For Readers. Showing Rating details.

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Sort order. Holly rated it liked it Jan 31, Cedes rated it it was amazing Oct 19, Ryan marked it as to-read Aug 02, Asia marked it as to-read Jan 18, Noel marked it as to-read Nov 22, Victoria marked it as to-read Jun 14, Emily marked it as to-read Jun 22, Minerva Casas Gonzalez marked it as to-read Dec 23, Brenda Martin marked it as to-read Jun 26, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Sandy Lynn. Like, deconstructive or whatever. The arm glowed, dissolving into pure Aether, and sparkled into the air. FunkoPopFan1: Yeah? Three6serpent: What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone?

FunkoPopFan1: You're aware how strange asking this out of nowhere is? He donned a stained white tee and frayed shorts. Weeks of sitting in the forest hadn't prepared him for the miles of hiking up and down mountains. The dryad was alone. The secret language of the dryads didn't even have a word for being alone. Being a dryad meant being interconnected with every other dryad in the Grove. If you have questions you'd like answered, please submit them via the discussion page….

Self-Portrature is topside, no? Where the devil are my slippers? The following video was uploaded and gained over 1. As many of you are likely aware, in exactly twenty-four hours, we will begin an assault upon the Foundation facility known as Site The place: the quaint town of Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin. Here, we have a member of the SCP Foundation driving to work from his apartment in town.

The following transmission was recorded. Purpose: Documentation relating to SCP testing. Subject: Dr. Behind her, Hamilton and Xavier scrambled to keep up. She fell downward, arms outstretched. In Miami, there is an apartment. A studio one, stuffed with computers, beeping and booping, manned by a single, unwashed operator.

The man tried again. I know this because I have possessed it. My name is Carmen Lopez. I was born on January 17, , in Santa Clara, California. He groans and sits upright, looking ahead. They came from inside the stars and from behind the rain. On the other the proper side of the door, it was an elegant Georgian style paneled door with an elegant entablature.

He holds a briefcase in one hand and a coffee in the other. He stops in front of the door, takes a deep breath, and enters. First, it was his alarm going off 10 minutes late, forcing him to rush his carefully prepared morning habits. It's… a deer, with airbags? Pearl Watkins, lead scientist at Aquagene Pet Shop, hung her head as she slumped in her chair. She wasn't sure what to feel. Marcus Nakamura stayed silent with fear as the armored van carrying him and Dr. Pearl Watkins rumbled softly down the road to who knows where.

Please read that first. Since Johansson is retiring, we're getting a new member. It considered its existence, and felt the electronic signals, data, and information rushing through its existence. Bjornsen, [] To: Dr. Dier, [] Dier, SCP has largely been contained, and everything above D-9 has been incinerated or disabled. Mann, Lament was handed a remote. As he was partnered to the doctor, so it was partnered to a small explosive implanted in the doctor's chest without his… be-as-unhelpful-as-possible account deleted The following was mistakenly recorded and automatically transcripted via a malfunctioning proximity unit located in the Site break room.

Shaken and nervous, terribly so. The past few nights I had awoken to the sounds of helicopters, and I thought I imagined there to be voices reverberating through the space. When I first discovered this wondrous land, I could scarcely believe everything before me. You've stayed up late enough, and you have school in the morning. A story? Oh no, no, your father has much better stories than I do. No, don't get up. Put down the gun though, it won't do anything. I'm not real, how could you shoot me? There we go. See, isn't that much nicer? All friends. Welcome to Night Vale. Old Ms. Scott, but they knew the same things I did once.

Somewhere, costumed children flicker from house to house, squealing with the anticipation of a potent, yearly sugar rush. It clearly belonged to someone who had too much time on their hands. Every piece of paper on the desk was stacked neatly into three vertical piles, each the same height. Before the cave and the mountains, before the hills and the forests, before the oceans and the sky. Last month it was an empty lot, with MCF operatives handing out food and clean water and offering medical services.

A guard stood in the corner of the room, his nose buried in a checklist. You should probably read that first. At first, all she saw was darkness. Then a red glow crept in. She was lying on a cold, hard surface, staring up. It made his patience thin and his mind numb. He stood perfectly still. He did not like to stay perfectly still, but he had no choice…. What brings you here? The old man. There are many words for the sounds of birds, Sylvain Ailier thinks to himself. It would be more accurate to say that history is doomed to repeat itself.

I do not panic. Don't worry. I do not worry. Don't fear. I do not fear. Your flesh will become an icon of deliverance, and release your spirit from mortality. I love you. He had been escorted to a small room furnished with only a table. They are known as the Oneiroi, and live in the subconscious of other waking individuals. Today, three more men go in, cheap mops and each other's lives in their hands. The kids say they'll be here in a small hour! I'm almost finished here! When she was on duty, she could ignore the worries of day to day life.

Enclosure cleaning schedule updated to weekly as instructed. Time's a factor, eh. He set his beer on the table and narrowed his eyes at me, but didn't say anything. Her body slumped to the cold flagstones, her dark hair settling on the pool of blood before her. Katherine Sinclair blinked awake through a haze of medication to see a nurse disconnecting her IV drips. She muttered and sat up, rubbing her head. Am I free to go? The sickly warm air inside the bag suffocates him; the plastic sticks to his skin, making him sweat.

How long has it been? For the first time in its stay at the Foundation, there was something clearly wrong with it. It's not a large box, but it's large enough that she'll notice when she wakes up. An e-reader, near new. Before Glass Mother. Before Lord Warden. Before Ancestors Themselves. There were Ghosts. And the Ghosts were strong. And the Ghosts watched over the Deep Hull. The page scp you want to access does not exist. Four years ago, I was going through training for over-the-road trucking.

He hung his jacket on the hook and slipped his shoes off…. And took the thing away with them. The smell after a rain permeated the Park Blocks. Were I still working at 17 I doubt I'd even notice, but you can't really miss it here in Rolling his eyes in annoyance, Tom went to answer. Help yourself to coffee and bagels. John Carlyle ran his hands over his face and stared at his naked form in the bathroom mirror. No longer lean and muscled, it was beginning to sag…. I don't know what will happen, but I'll make sure to tell you.

Reading this part first is a very bad idea and will spoil a lot of the story. I knew you'd be no help. Bergstrom said, speaking around a mouthful of Salisbury steak. The few meager possessions he had used to decorate were now placed in a box on the desk. Conwell let out a deflating sigh. His dead, metallic gaze honestly reflecting how dead he felt inside. Morrissey It was Halloween night. No one wanted to be here, but it was almost mandatory.

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Morrissey unscrewed the top of his stainless flask, only to find the entire container empty. The sky was heavy with clouds, the dark grey wetness oozing into everything until nothing was dry. This week was simply business as usual. On Monday I oversaw an operation to examine a strange creature in a young girl's abdomen.

It was remarkable. Something about that off-tone, buzzing noise just didn't sit right. One by one, four computer terminals around him flickered to life. Two in three.


Per week. Per month. Per year. Per decade. Look to your left. Look to your right…. The historians of the Holy Foundation could only guess at what purpose it…. Then she registered the tall glass window next to her, which faced windows from other office buildings. He didn't know where the cameras saw, but it made no difference, he avoided them nonetheless. A deluge of voices engulfed him in noise, and the unnatural grogginess he was bogged down by made it impossible to differentiate between them. A crow that had been roosting atop the Dispensary took flight with an indignant cry of its own.

The crow was fat. Stop trying to get them classified. Three agents, a driver, and himself. He quietly checked his equipment once more.

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It happened just as you told me: the messages, the pictures, seeing him around every corner afterwards. I was so young; who wouldn't have lost it? A few seconds later, Daniel, Rene's calico, came barreling down the stairs and settled quickly at Riven's feet with a purr. I told him as much on the last night I saw him. Do you really need to die in a way that will leave such a mess?

The yarn was Angora wool, pure white. He didn't usually do deliveries, but their regular driver had called in sick. Deep inside is a wide chamber that appears to have been used in ancient rituals. He brought his handkerchief up to his mouth and hacked until his weak lungs stopped trying to clear themselves. They were a good crew, rich with protein. For a moment, he steeled his nerves. This is it. He was given patrol duty, nothing dangerous, but he was still extremely nervous about the entire affair. You were expecting me? How ha- Ah. Quite right, I suppose.

May I sit? Thank you. I can only imagine what you must think of us by now. How many have come to you this month- Five? The true alchemy, artificial life. There was light. Lights blazing to bathe, bugle call. Ten minutes to the cafeteria. The usual. He slid his feet over the bedside and moved to his dresser. All was formless waste and empty void - The quiet nothing without time or place, the gentle sleep that has no waking. All was still. Everyone else is gone. He came up to tell me. William and Marie dug up Evan's body, took the life raft, and left.

We're alone. I realize that's not exactly elucidating, but hell. It's looking less and less like anyone is ever going to read this anyhow. My name is Stephen. Marjory found him hanging from the tire swing's rope, with a weird symbol drawn on his back. Those parts. Or … I didn't try to.

I mean… I didn't write that much, I don't think. For the past dozen months he had sat at the bottom of this gloomy hexagonal vault, as he was doing now. Everything changed. Prone in its oily pool, feelers extended, senses probing the surface, it searched. It waited. I was once a proud father of five boys, each with their own great ambitions and plans. Annette chose a school. Of course they chose a school. I'm just gullible that way. Fake, of course, but the duty boy didn't look at the details, phoning his senior officer as soon as he saw the last name.

They told me to write down anything interesting I remember, and anything weird that happens to me. Give it to them the next time they see me.

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Project Future Sight has been enacted and regarded as a success. Gears typed in a last sentence, clicked the "Send" button, then leaned back in his chair and allowed himself to feel a small amount of satisfaction at a job well done. Location's some nowhere town's edge in New York. We would vomit too much, and get Larry all dirty again. God forbid we have a dirty Larry. Glass said, nervously fingering the panic button under his clipboard. Please don't shoot me. Alto Clef waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were SCPs in the base. The droning sound that followed him grew into a roar.

Tools flew, doors slammed, the walls and floorboards rattled. Through it all, he loosed a stream of profanity so acid it threatened to peel the already faded paint…. Waiting for package. Cold out here. Where are they? Saw the following UFOs: Black sphere with long tail. An unmarked van that had been driven off the deserted road sported several new bullet holes.

The driver's door opened and a body slumped out. A dull "boom, boom" in the distance that echoed over the landscape. She was half-asleep when it happened, before her phone rang. This would have been a perplexing question for the Administrator who had conceived General Notice Alpha. Bad enough that his one off impulsive decision ended in disaster again, as usual , worse was the fact that everyone had to know about it.

And know about it with visual aids…. I've switched names around for privacy's sake, but I assure you that every bit of this is real. Only a small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible, but that does not mean that the rest of it is nonexistent…. I'm here to talk. You came all the way over to lord your superiority over me? It is recommended that you read the previous entry Victims, or start from the beginning At the Library.

Quiet d-" Officer Rance Roberts is interrupted mid-sentence by his coworker. He turns around, scowling. Are the clocks off again? Keep in mind, hush protocol seven means the investigation is still ongoing, so some of the stuff isn't released yet. Good luck. Mother fucking… Open fire!

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Open fire! It's still coming. Don't shoot it in the head. I… Kimura! Shoot the legs! Shoot the fucking legs! Shin, get the blast doors! I do not detect any significant changes in my processing speeds. Sariksen said, "and shoot D Directly in the head. Warren Large Level 3. Is this correct? RP-WL yes Thank you for signing in. Does the black moon howl? Shuffle them around. Delano Smascher pcs. He worked for the US government I reckon, on some very private matters to be sure.

There have been twenty-seven attempts on SCP's life in the past 6 months. All directed by the man who set him free, Dr. I'll send you a response when the dust has settled. I hope you have a plan B, because I'm honestly expecting this whole thing to crash and burn.

Monday, 26 December , hours local time This time, it was Harper waiting for Seven in the darkened conference room. Monday, 26 December , hours local time When Harper arrived at Command on Monday morning, the tension in the air was palpable. Monday, 26 December , hours local time Harper decided to take an early lunch to clear his head and consider what he knew. It never changes size.

It never changes. Uh… Right. My name is Lament. I work for a doctor, sometimes. Anyhow, they asked me to come and talk to you guys for a little bit today…. The light beeped from red to green, and the steel door in front of him slid aside to let him through. All the paperwork was in order. It had all the right signatures except for his. This is not a request. This is an order," the woman in the mint-green pantsuit said. It fuels their every action, driving them to do impossible things for the purpose of gaining it. It was Autumn, and the trees were beginning to shed themselves of leaves.

Skinner dutifully jotted this note onto her pad. And from the taste…" Eastman took a bite…. One D-class, two agents, one junior researcher. The phenomenon must be contained. No, I didn't think so. For all the talk of you being a mad doctor, your record indicates you've been hesitant to get your hands dirty…. It was proving very difficult to incinerate. Ulysses Jackson bit at his thumbnail as he stared through the glass….

Brooks, chief of human resources at Site They always do, now days. It's my favorite time of year, one of the few days I can just go out and mingle with the normal people for an entire night without anyone being the wiser. Personnel are to be applied with Memetic Counter-Agent: "Buzhou" before proceeding. He jolted awake when he saw the blinking light on his digital alarm clock. Sure, it ain't the usual. The lightning always strikes warehouse five. The rain never really seems to hit'cha.

The feet. You never think about how many feet they have. How they grip at your skin and the hair on your body. How they hold onto you effortlessly. They almost tickle now…. Clementine Zairi-Lewitt. Rolls right off the tongue. People gone. Can move.

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I happy. Trapped for years. Kept by men for "research". Left alone in room, left to scratch at walls. Left to rot and die unless needed. Specimen for "research"…. Oh and by Crunchy I mean The MTF team assigned to this breach, upon watching the recordings of the event, were confused at the happenings. Priscilla allowed her escort to guide her again between the tents that housed them that last night.

A confused frown played across her face. She reached for the intercom. I think it's the middle of the night. Their faces are scared, and I wonder if the Russians have finally started bombing. I'm ready, I say. I'm ready…. As she rapidly blinked, her eyes adjusting to the low light of her environment, she took the time to look around. If you would all just turn your attention… Okay, settle down now, I need to… If I could just have your-quiet!

I said quiet! My name is Lucy Campbell and I am 8 years old. When I grow up I want to be an actress like Emma Watson because she is very pretty! Certainly, my eyesight hasn't been strong enough for a long time to distinguish those loathsome features. A routine - up, work, home, maybe unwind. A step above a recluse - not a hermit, or a miser. But somebody who found contentment in solitary…. It's nothing relatively uncommon. Of late, my urine is black and I have excreted strips of paper. It is the time that creatures of the night walk in the day, and the legends of the world dance.

Marcus Austerion walked the halls as a hero. AWCY as a latent phenomenon. Gears looked up from the files on his desk, fixing his gaze on the young security guard. That's all I can have. I'm an all powerful demigod, locked in the chamber of little boy. Do you know where the power goes? Daylight come, and me wan' go home. Day, me say day, me say day, me say day, me say day, me say day-ay-o.