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Arnica gel has been my friend lately and helps a bit.

Agile for Your Team's Well-Being? It's Not All Roses

Want to know when all this started? Dip netting for salmon back in July! That second time out when I caught the 13 fish wrecked my shoulder for which I have yet to recover. I love fishing, but man, did it do a whallop to my already torn Rotator Cuff.

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Not wallowing in self pity, but doing actionable steps to get back to baseline. I get asked all the time about why in the hell am I bartending and not writing?

It's Not All Roses

You know, talking to real people in the flesh. This simple fact is why I chose to bartend at 49th State Brewery over the summer. Being behind a keyboard for 10 hours a day and not saying a word to another human soul can get to you. There has to be a reason why I have been diverted from writing this year.

And let me tell you, trying to get my blog going again and writing like I used to, is hard. VERY hard. I have met a lot of people who live in Alaska year round that will make this winter be a little easier thank you 49th State!

Learn English: Idioms and phrases with roses

The last time I was here I was just getting to know people and I was very lonely. I also love to talk about Alaska beer with locals and tourists alike at the brewery and I love that! One of my good friends moved to Alaska in July with her daughter. It has been stressful, but also very nice having a good friend here. We color together, talk about the things we love in Alaska, and generally have a good time hanging out. Kids are hard though! Trying really hard to help them find their way in this state I love so much.

I think this will be the next coloring book in my collection.

NOT ALL ROSES | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Financially things are tough, but I am working hard every day to make things easier for us. Basically, there have been very few days over the last few months that I have taken completely off. I work in the morning for my clients and then bartend at night. When I have to choose whether to write on my blog or sell content to other writers and publications, I choose to write to sell. I like where I am at now, it is a beautiful home and I like it here.

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If I could just pick up this house and put it in Anchorage, I would be so much happier. The daily commute of an hour each way is killing me, especially late at night. Those of you who have read me for awhile might remember that I worked on my temper for years. So when I notice I am short with people or bitchy, then I know there is a larger problem that I need to address.

Every morning when I wake up I meditate. And I mean it. I love the woman I have become. I also list out three things I want to accomplish that day and three things I am grateful for. I do this again at the end of the day before I go to sleep. This simple meditation practice helps to ground me and center me. I need more nature time… but when I do get out there, I come back with pics like this!!

It’s Not All Roses: The Reality of Long-Term Relationships

I want to make sure I am writing not only for me, but for you too. Forums English Only English Only. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter redgiant Start date Jul 23, I find this usage in this context to be fine. This has waited for a couple of hours, so I will give it a try. Personally, I would reserve not all roses for situations where pleasure was involved. Your examples as you say are about policy and technology.

I would try for a phrase to match - possibly something like: Not all positive for technology, and: It has its down-side for policy.

Meanings of "It's not all sunshine and..."

Not all roses could certainly be used in reference to almost anything and be understood by native speakers - perhaps not by learners , but it just seems a bit jarring to me in the "hard" situations you mentioned. EDIT: Dreamlike, you may wish to repost. A great deal of the useful information at WR is opinion.