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My turn for a big O: He pins one arm back and licks my breasts while I rub my vibrator against my clit, fantasizing about being spanked. Goddamn it. The showing for A Dangerous Method is all sold out. Michael Fassbender spanking Keira Knightley would be the perfect way to end this perfect day. Walk home to his apartment. We stop inside a Walgreens and pick out a dark red Essie nail polish. Boyfriend says he wants to paint my toenails some time. A quickie in the morning, missionary style.

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We spent way too much time in bed this morning. We both have to shower. Roommate texts me about paying the bills. Am thinking about Boyfriend and our fight on Friday night. Feel totally, completely, utterly overwhelmed. I start sobbing. I think my period is coming, maybe?

The Kinky Blogger Who Gets ‘Maintenance Spankings’

Then we spend the day walking around the Union Square holiday market before coming home and watching Bridesmaids. At one point I tease him playfully, and he goes to mark a demerit on the fridge. I tell him I am really not in this mood for that today.

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Another quickie before work. I love sitting at my desk at work and thinking about who else got laid that morning. We kiss good-bye as we part for work and he pats me on the butt. It gives me a hot little shiver up my spine every time Boyfriend shows his dominance in public. Back in my own bed tonight. Damn, I miss him. I feel ashamed. Showering and shaving my legs. Not sure what to do about the Brazilian. Damn, I wish I could Google in the shower. I like the way it feels when my fingers run over the lips of my labia.

Call Boyfriend over FaceTime on iPhone 4s. Twist open the body butter. Treat him to a little show as I rub lotion into my skin, over my boobs, over my butt, and up and down my thighs. The black-and-white pics are retro, feminine, and hot.

A Wicked Little Spanking Story Pt. 02

Feel wetness between my legs. E-mail the pics to Boyfriend. Maybe it will give him ideas for my Christmas present? This goes on for maybe ten or fifteen minutes; I can take it pretty long without it being painful. After the spanking, I snuggle into his arms and we cuddle for a long time. Talking to my therapist about argument with Boyfriend last weekend, my sobbing breakdown, general feelings of being overwhelmed, and other assorted crap. At one point during the session, I feel like I might have a panic attack. She seems surprised that I am surprised that Boyfriend and I fit together in this way.

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  • I tell her of course not. This punishment is generally used when the privilege is being misused or abused, but it can also be a punishment for specific behaviors. It can be used as motivation as well. For example, "Before I left for work you said you'd get all the laundry done, but it sounds like you've watched TV all day instead. No more TV until the laundry is finished. It's up to you as to when you get your TV privilege back. These are fairly typical "time outs," the sort of punishment a parent administers to a child in elementary school.

    Corner time is considered to be a reasonable and appropriate punishment to address behaviors such as a poor attitude, failure to listen, nagging, light back talking, or any other minor behavior deemed immature, annoying, or completely uncalled for and unnecessary by the head of the household. This is, predictably, the longest section of the packet — it constantly reaffirms that the head of household "MUST be under control when administering a spanking," which is administered when "a mistake is made, or poor judgment is exhibited by the submissive partner. Rubbing or providing a soothing pain reliever essentially defeats the purpose of a spanking.

    The spanking must be painful to act as a strong deterrent to repeating the unwanted, dangerous, or detrimental behavior in the future. However, Alsdurf characterizes CDD as "an act of distorted sexual arousal" that's all-too-often done "in a controlling, mildly abusive way. The submissive partner isn't expected to obey the dominant partner's wishes in every aspect of life. The dominant partner doesn't control the submissive partner's finances or leisure activities, and the dominant partner doesn't dictate completely when punishments should occur.

    Even if CDD is a displaced form of sexual arousal, it's one that reflects and severely intensifies an abusive power dynamic under the guise of a completely consenting relationship. Although it dates back to , it's filled with entries from women who no longer enjoy the practice because it's transformed into a method of intimidation and control. In one post , an anonymous woman wrote that "spanking [has] worked too well. So, when his bad mood stretches on with no end in sight, he decides to ask Katie to spank him.

    Secret Desires - Cara Bristol Morgan is perpetually late, but when she keeps him waiting one time too many he promises to spank her the next time she's late. When she shows up late to her own birthday party Jack decides it's time to follow through on his promise. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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    Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 25, Felicity Brandon rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anyone who likes to deliver - or receive - a good spanking! Shelves: erotica , spanking. This anthology includes four short stories - all including a good spanking! You get what you pay for in this respect, but for me this is not a bad thing I really enjoyed Richard Savage's erotic tale of domestic discipline.

    Dinner for Schmucks (2010) - I Need to Be Spanked Scene (3/10) - Movieclips

    I believed in the dynamic between the married characters, and as the plot developed, understood and enjoyed the arousal and catharsis they experienced. A truly satisfying erotic short! The final Cara Bristol short is also excellent; involving a very hot m-m-f menage. The cha This anthology includes four short stories - all including a good spanking!

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    The characters are well developed and likeable, but the sex is still scorching and ticks all of the boxes I took this collection on holiday for some pool-side reading, and it was worth every penny! Feb 06, Gabby-Lily Raines rated it liked it Shelves: lily-s-reviews , print. But will this bring them closer or drive them apart? What developed is a relationship between them. Reese is a man who is used to being in control and wants full submission from Ja 3. Reese is a man who is used to being in control and wants full submission from Jamie. While Jamie is happy to submit to Reese in most things, there is one act she has denied him.

    What will happen when Reese issues an ultimatum? When Katie, his wife, is in such a mood, he spanks her. The question is: Will he be able to return the favor to see if it would bring him out of his bad mood? When Morgan, who is habitually late, is so late to her own birthday party that only Jack and a couple of his friends remain, what will Jack do? Will a spanking bring down a few of both of their walls and what if Jack's friend, Matt, also wants to play? Overall, I found the anthology to be an interesting read with "Trusting Her" my favorite due to the twist on the theme.

    While I wouldn't say that this type of theme is a favorite of mine and I am not sure I would care to revisit it, the vignettes shown in the anthology are well presented and well written.