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Autobiographical experience and classical aesthetic are intertwined. Even children, according to Pavese, never experience directly, but always also through symbols and stories — i.

A Transgender and Treccani. The way an Italian encyclopedia sees me. – intersexioni

The autobiographical is not prior to the classical, nor indeed vice-versa. There are sudden revelations.

1500 Frasi Inglesi Brevi e Utili per la Conversazione (for Italian Speakers)

Greek attitudes towards the sacred are mentioned together with Anderson, An Ohio Pagan. She concludes that Pavese, like Anguilla, can no longer relate to myth. The collection, as a whole, suffers from a fault that characterises much current Italian academic writing and indeed other forms of writing too, including journalism : it seeks to inform those who already know.

This diminishes its value for international readers interested in classical reception, and indeed for Italian general readers and students. Contributors sometimes offer incompatible interpretations of the same passages: the lack of cross-references, indices, and explicit dialogue between contributors makes it hard for readers to find their bearings.

The volume might have investigated how the Italian left inherited and shaped the classical tradition, reacting against Fascist appropriations a topic Pavese addressed explicitly, and in order to answer those who criticised his own interest in the irrational, — on the grounds that Mussolini had spread enough irrationality already. Pavese, in short, had broader horizons than this collection does. Still, Cavallini has the great merit of having identified an important topic of investigation and, I hope, having paved the way for further study.


Classics was not a national project for Pavese, and his work deserves international readers. Bryn Mawr Classical Review Nemo, ISBN Table of Contents Introduzione, Eleonora Cavallini 1. Il mestiere di leggere i Greci. Pavese e le fonti antiche: una ricognizione sui postillati, Giovanni Barberi Squarotti 7. Parentele mostruose: la rete in ospitale di Talino e Polifemo, Lucilla Lijoi Un vivaio di simboli: dialogare con il mito greco, Bart Van den Bossche BMCR Reviewed by Barbara Graziosi , Durham University barbara. Read comments on this review or add a comment on the BMCR blog.

Now I wonder, why talk of the economic crisis while talking about the health of people who, by the way, effectively suffer because of the crisis, considering that the growing shortage of funds means longer waiting lists for operations : we transsexuals are not the same as restyling an expensive car or collecting fashion magazines.

In fact defamatory articles have appeared in newspapers, of special note the article in Il Giornale. By changing jobs, political party, their bank, the country? No, by changing sex. And here we get to the definition in the Treccani encyclopedia, which was brought to my attention by a transgender woman.

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Depending on their social and economic possibilities the transsexual tries to remedy with hormones and medicines, aesthetic surgery and eventually with the so called sex change operations. In reality if you ask the interested parties they will explain they feel like being born in a wrong world rather than being in a wrong body.

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What would the encyclopedic author say if they knew our psychologists are paid to help us through this complex transition, made more difficult even by the prejudice still preached by Treccani? They would maybe say the same as my mother, before her moment of illumination, when she screamed that my psychologist was madder than me and that she hated her because, instead of stopping me as she had hoped, she was helping me get rid of the anxiety that my situation was causing me. There is actually no real evidence of a biological cause for this disorder.

Those who propose hormonal and surgical therapies are aware of this, and they only try to reduce more or less stably the suffering of the patients on a symptomatic level.

Alberto Garutti

On the other hand, it is known that authentic carriers of chromosome alterations develop an identity more in line with the type of education in early years and not in relation to their chromosomal combination. Transsexual people should be helped to tolerate doubts, to endure the limits of reality, to find a less destructive compromise between their suffering and their defenses, to improve their psychophysical relationship with themselves and others.

Sito web by: Koris web agency. The way an Italian encyclopedia sees me.