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Retail Price:. Overview A joyous romp through the back pages of Canadian quirkiness, Canadian Folk provides a fresh look at the saints, sinners, oddballs, and outright nutbars who have populated the Canadian landscape. Product Details Series:. Orders that do not qualify for free shipping will be verified prior to order processing.

Estimated Delivery: business days, unless specified for Rush Shipping Important Note: Books ship from various warehouses and third-party suppliers. Order with multiple titles may receive several packages to fill the entire order. Check and wire-transfer payments are available offline through Customer Service. One of the most enduring and popular Native American performers, her music has touched millions of people around the world. That perspective has led to nominations for the Polaris Prize and the Juno Awards. The sweeping and heart-piercing Keep the Fire is packed full of thoughts like this, wise and poignant, empathetic and understanding, open to interpretation.

The songs pulse with strings and drama, keys, and evocative percussion. So stay open, interpret. Sing out, dance slow. Hold the spark, keep the fire. Dave Gunning and J.


Two guitars, two voices. Two of the most exceptional singer-songwriters to ever rise from the East Coast. Audiences across Canada are overjoyed as something magical is happening with the two of them on stage. The two witty songwriters play off each other live, often leaving the audience howling with laughter with their between-song-banter. In addition to their beautiful harmonies, the two are skilled multi-instrumental musicians. Founding members Moody and Mehta along with New York-based Masse continue to create some of the most exciting music on the folk-roots scene, stepping up their musical game with each critically lauded recording and thrilling audiences with their renowned live performances.

Grand tintamarre! Chansons et comptines acadiennes. What began as a class project at Queens University has led to the release of 11 CDs, 3 DVDs, national television show, and a tour schedule that travels all across Canada. JUNO-nominated and multi-award winning folk singer Jeremy Fisher brings his catchy songwriting to circle time with his very first collection of music aimed at young listeners, Jeremy Fisher Junior — Highway To Spell.

This show is all about getting kids and parents out to have a dance and enjoy some swing country and jazz…kid style. The show is packed with music, interactive storytelling and dancing…lots of dancing! Their voices, guitars and banjos move as one, leading the listener through a wooded landscape of original and early music. Old songs, rural life, and archaic banjo tunings are the undercurrents, the desires for love, connection and community flow in the music and stories of life in their tiny town of Horsefly, BC. On tour with two young kids when not at home building custom banjos, the Juno award winning duo has traveled Canada, the USA and Europe to play concert halls and festivals.

Toronto-based composer, vocalist, arranger, producer, ethnomusicologist and band leader. Her 7 solo albums tap into her Czech and Jewish roots for inspiration. Lenka has toured in 26 countries on four continents, especially in Europe and the Czech Republic. She was also the co-founder of the group Sisters of Sheynville. On his seventh album, acclaimed Canadian songwriter Rob Lutes does what he has done for years: kicks up a little dust, wades into some deep waters and tackles the realities of the world with depth, humour and a unique musical style.

Dana has carved a uniquely wandering path through music; she cut her teeth in jug bands, bluegrass bands and cover bands in Taiwan, toured steadfastly with her own band in the UK, released three critically-praised albums, then landed back in Canada to pursue a Masters in musicology. Her brilliant and emotive third album, Benefit of the Doubt was released on December 2nd, Most impressively, she has chosen to carve out her career path without trading on her family name.

Portraits of Remarkable Lives

Over twenty-five years, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jean-Francois Belanger has refined his own personal and poetic vision of traditional music. His finely-honed compositions and exceptional mastery of numerous instruments have led critics to underscore his depth, originality and versatility. In recent years, his work has centred primarily on Scandinavian traditional music and its star instrument, the nyckelharpa. Playing keys without bowing, hammered strings and overtones: these are just some of the unique ways he finds to create the perfect sound to convey his rich melodies.

His latest recordings push musical boundaries, giving listeners new frontiers to discover. Guitarist Holly Blazina creates an immersive world of beauty and sound that draws in music lovers and Flamenco aficionados alike. The notes emanating from her instrument disarm unsuspecting listeners as they are ushered into an ethereal experience that is exotic, evocative, buoyant and deeply nourishing. This quickly led to a lifelong commitment to the arform. In , Gray designed and co-created the bass veena, a multi-stringed instrument, which combines the fretless bass with elements inspired by various Indian stringed instruments.

Justin is the first artist to perform on this instrument worldwide. Dan MacDonald began playing the fiddle at a young age, under the instruction of his father, Lloyd MacDonald, himself a well-known and respected Cape Breton fiddler.

The Island informs his now diverse musical voice, which has grown in strength and scope as he has travelled the globe and worked with a myriad of musicians. Andrea Bettger has experience playing classical, jazz and bluegrass styles, and experiments in the electric world of sounds on her instrument. She has become heavily involved in the Northern-fiddling scene.

She has performed and recorded with countless artists including The Rheostatics and the Jerry Cans, and has shared the stage with Jimmy Rankin and Buffy St. The fusion of these approaches results in an exciting blend of toe-tapping material, complemented with meditative and heart-warming melodies.

Each of the members is an experienced performer in their own right, having performed at festivals, competitions, and ceilidhs around the world. Since the release of their debut album in , West of Mabou has performed at numerous festivals in Canada and the U. So Long Seven performs richly textured acoustic music that brings their diverse influences into a distinctly Canadian voice. Influenced by bands such as Punch Brothers, Shakti, Oregon and many others this band is breaking new ground. At once spirited and meditative So Long Seven is creating a seamless blend using the tabla Ravi Naimpally , banjo Tim Posgate , violin William Lamoureux and acoustic guitar Neil Hendry to make their original music.

Joining them in this project, Zakk Cormier is a talented multi-instrumentalist with deep roots in the Acadian community of Prince Edward Island. Few recording artists are as creative and prolific as Bruce Cockburn. Since his self-titled debut in , the Canadian singer-songwriter has issued a steady stream of acclaimed albums every couple of years.

But that output suddenly ran dry in following the release of Small Source of Comfort. There were good reasons for the drought. For one thing, Cockburn became a father again with the birth of his daughter Iona. Then there was the publication of his memoir Rumours of Glory. This prolific Acadian singer-songwriter has toured Europe, Africa, Canada and United States enthralling audiences with his rich voice and well-crafted songs. With his 9 albums, Danny is playing everything from folk to country, all with a touch of the traditional. Kristine St-Pierre is a bilingual folk singer-songwriter with soul-searching ballads and a rollicking bluesy charm.

In his new self-titled project he brings together his French and English roots.

Contemporary Album of the Year

Accompanied by his guitarist Sean McCannell and drummer Gaelan Malloy, he creates a high energy show with genres ranging from rock, folk, pop and dance. The project strives for each show to bring variety, connection and memorable experiences. Combining throat singing, haunting melodies and traditional legends, the JUNO award winning pair are excited to present a mix of flavours from across the North. As Ayalik charismatically embodies her stories, Gritt infuses it with a soulful blues to create an experience that consumes the senses.

The pair tailor their music to examine colonialism, while offering ways to empower marginalized groups. Sandra Sutter is a Calgary-based singer songwriter who has performed at many different venues across western Canada.

100 Canadian Heroines: Famous and Forgotten Faces

She sings, writes and plays in a variety of styles including folk, country, jazz and rock. Sandra is inspired by her Indigenous heritage and has been active in the arts, particularly music, for many years. Dena Zagi was created in by Jenny and Dennis. Dena Zagi is a traditional contemporary duo and their music is written in the Kaska language and the lyrics are about the land, animals, respect, ancestors and traditions. Over the course of their decade-plus career, Kerri Ough, Sue Passmore, and Caroline Brooks have covered plenty of stylistic ground, adding tinges of pop, roots, jazz, even hip-hop to their country folk core.

Through it all, the unmistakable sound of their intertwined voices has been the sonic anchor. That remains true as the Good Lovelies push further into the mainstream with their most accessible and pop-influenced output to date. Performance highlights include major folk festivals across Canada, headlining slots in overseas Americana festivals, and a recently sold out run across the UK.

Their sophomore album, What We Leave Behind, released September 29, , reflects on the traditions of Canadian Celtic music, where it comes from, and what it means to the people, but also strides in new directions. With a captivating balance between their traditional-sounding instrumental tunes, and catchy radio-ready songs, The East Pointers reach out with open arms to a wide range of listeners, inviting them to discover a new love of folk music. Born in Ayrshire, Scotland to parents who were factory workers, he moved to Canada when he was twelve.

For decades, he worked across Canada in rail yards, construction sites, and in the Yukon bush, all the while writing poetry, setting it to melodies in his head and singing it to himself as he worked.

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Little Miss Higgins struts and serenades her way onto any stage playing music brewed up in early country blues, jazz and folk. Now, along with motherhood, Higgins has the newest addition to her list of accomplishments, My Home, My Heart.